Ginger for cough and cold: recipe how to cook milk with ginger

How to cook ginger root cough?

Ginger root is a unique treatment with a broad therapeutic effect. Axial plant organ has a beneficial effect on virtually all systems of the human body, both for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

The most popular with viral and bacterial infections of the respiratory tract, so consider how to use ginger for colds and cough, possible contraindications and secure your daily norm.

Does ginger cough?

Due to the unique composition of ginger root is important not only for reflex cough reflex, but in General, the human immune system, allowing you to enhance the protective function of immunity and deal with colds.

Treatment of cough ginger began to practice Indian healers thousands of years ago. The use of this product in the forced exhalations of different types caused by a wide list of pharmacological properties, including:

  • the pathological stimulation of expectoration of sputum;
  • the inhibition of enzymes that trigger inflammation;
  • effect on cell walls of infectious pathogens, leading to the death of the latter;
  • reduction/elimination of the pain;
  • stress relief, normalization of sleep;
  • normalization of body temperature in a feverish condition.

In most cases, ginger root is included in a comprehensive treatment regimen, as an independent remedy rarely used. Proven the effectiveness of therapy for bronchitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, when agents of the disease are infectious agents.

Daily use of ginger drink will significantly reduce the risk of colds during the autumn-winter period. With the disease effectively cope with symptomatic manifestations in the form of cough syndrome, colds and fever.

For reference! In the composition of the ginger root contains penelopedevine substances, amino acids (lysine, threonine, phenylalanine, tryptophan), micro and macro elements, fatty acids omega -3, omega -6, vitamin complex (PP, A,C,E), b vitamins.

Starting to use in the treatment of ginger for cough, recipes for root should be agreed with your health care professional. The product can impact both on productive and non-productive cough, and the effect of medicinal drink for a certain type of cough reflex is enhanced by additions of prescription auxiliary components.

Despite its usefulness, the ginger shown is not all. To avoid palliative care costs patients with a history of being present:

  • ulcers and sores in the mouth;
  • peptic ulcer;
  • hemorrhoids, ulcer of the duodenum;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • cardiovascular disease (CHD, stroke, myocardial infarction);
  • disorders of the liver.
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Also a cough, ginger is not granted to children under three years of age when idiosyncrasies (congenital hypersensitivity to specific substances), and complications during pregnancy. Lactation requires consultation with the attending physician.

Important! The most useful properties have only fresh root of the plant. The highest concentration of nutrients is maintained for 60 minutes after cleansing of the root from the skin. When stored in the fridge more than five days, the healing properties of ginger are lost.

Misuse of product may lead to undesirable consequences (nausea, vomiting, heartburn, etc.) to avoid that possible with the daily requirement. Set measure is calculated as follows: 2 gr. axial plant organ multiplied by each pound of body weight.

Ways to prepare ginger medication

There are many recipes how to cook ginger root cough. In a therapeutic drink, add lemon balm, clove, anise and many other spices.

Consider the more traditional recipes that are not complicated to cook:

  1. Combining honey, lemon, ginger, cough will be able to get rid of in a short time. To prepare the medication you need are in the same ratio to combine the above ingredients. The tool will be more effective if the root is juiced, pre-chopped it in the blender or rubbed on a fine grater. The product is concentrated, so dilute with water (1 tbsp drugs 125 ml. of hot water). To avoid loss of nutrients of honey, bee product is added last, after the mixture has cooled slightly. Throughout the day, at intervals of 30 minutes take 1 tsp of the mixture before swallowing – dissolve in your mouth. This method is ideal for the treatment of unproductive (dry) cough. Eliminates the sore throat, the forced exhalations soften, relieve tension and increase body tone.
  2. Milk with ginger cough will help get rid of wet cough, promoting expectoration. For this recipe, it is better to use the ginger hammer in the dry state. 250 ml. warm milk need 0.5 tsp of product. Daily drink 2-3 cups. To enhance the therapeutic properties of medicinal mixture, you can add 1 tsp of honey. After drinking should rest for 30-40 minutes, wrapped in a warm blanket. The latter technique means better to exercise before going to bed.
  3. Tea for cough with ginger with the addition of spices and lemon juice will eliminate the cough reflex and relieve sore throat. To start to brew tea (the proportion of 500 ml water 1/3 tsp. of tea). Doesn’t matter black or green, based on their taste in accessories. Pre-peeled and chopped ginger 1 tsp pour tea, add cardamom and cloves and then on slow heat for about 20 minutes. Add 1 tsp lemon juice, drain.

Important! Among the features of ginger – thins the blood, so avoid simultaneous treatment with drugs that promote thinning of the fluid circulating in the circulatory system (e.g., aspirin).

Types of use

Drinks are not the only variation in the treatment of axial plant organ – you can make compresses and inhalation. This is the perfect treatment methods for patients who are not adherents of the taste of ginger.

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The use of the compress will help to clear the Airways, facilitating expectoration of mucus. Grind the root to a pulp, heat in a water bath, place them on a cloth or gauze. Put a compress on his back and chest, avoiding the heart area. Manipulation is done before bed.
Inhalation procedure is quite simple and effective method. The grated product is filled with water brought to a boil. Allow to cool to a temperature of 50-60 degrees, proceed to the inhalation of medicinal steam after covering your head with a towel.

When expressed pain in the throat, caused by non-productive cough, gargle with a special solution: 200 ml water, brought to the boil, add 0.5 tsp. ground ginger, cool. To enhance the properties of the treatment liquid by adding a few drops of tincture of propolis.

The most primitive use of drugs, not requiring any time-consuming to chew on a peeled piece of a few minutes.

Prepare a tasty medicine for children

To achieve three years of age, ginger can be included in the treatment regimen of children. Spicy spicy taste, you can soften the sweet ingredients, prepared medicine in the form of Goodies:

  1. Lemon ginger candy. For the preparation you must squeeze the juice of 50 grams. finely grated root. To connect with the juice obtained from half of a citrus fruit, add 250 gr. sugar. Cook on low heat for 1.5-2 hours to obtain a viscous consistency. To fill a special form prepared by the mixture to cool. To use as prevention once a day during the autumn-winter period, when you cough, take 2-3 drops per day.
  2. Ginger chewable. 20 gr.gelatin pour 30 ml. of water, let stand. Of 50 grams. finely grated root of the maximum squeeze the juice, add 70 ml of warm, boiled water and 100 gr. sugar. Boil for five minutes on a slow fire, without boiling. To connect with the gelatin mixture, stir thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency. Pour into silicone molds, wait 7-8 hours to harden chocolate.
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During the onset of cold weather, the ginger is a wonderful remedy for the prevention of colds by pronounced antiviral, antiseptic and immunomodulating effect. The use of the product as a treatment requires adherence to the recommended doses and the prior consultation of a specialist.