Good cough medicine for adults: inexpensive but effective tools and drugs

What means cough better help adults?

Most forms of catarrhal inflammation is accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the throat. Dryness, irritation and itch causes a reflex cough, which is hard enough to get rid of. For the treatment should be selected with the help of a qualified physician and taking into account the root causes of the formation of inflammation. This specialist must determine the type of cough and put a clear diagnosis. Only after conducting some research, the patient is assigned a cheap but efficient tablets for cough.

A combination of drugs cough can have a different therapeutic effect. Some medicines aimed at the treatment of the respiratory tract and improve the outflow of the accumulated phlegm. These drugs are prescribed with a wet cough. If the patient tormented by prolonged dry cough, you should drink a course of specialized equipment that differs from the first medicines. Today the pharmaceutical market offers a lot of strong cough, so the patient will not have problems to find the right drug.

Types of cough and its treatment

Treatment of dryness, irritation and other unpleasant symptoms in the throat begins by establishing the reasons for the formation of such a process. The nature of inflammation should be determined together with your doctor. Specialist will conduct a survey of the upper airway and determine productive cough in a patient or he is suffering from dry reflex process.

In the case of a productive cough, the patient the necessary tools that can bring the phlegm and improve the health of the patient. Usually these medicines prevent cough reflex and improve the outflow of mucus.

For odergivaniya and providing mucolytic actions are assigned to the patient an effective cough. Below we present a list of the most popular remedies to treat all types of inflammations.


To get rid of a painful process in the throat and to restore normal breathing, the patient can assign effervescent tablets that dissolve in water or chewable medicines.

To choose the medications the best remedy for the inflammatory process independently, but the best cough medicine can only be used after consultation with your doctor. You may not know about the side effects of the drug and its contraindications. While uncontrolled intake of drugs, the formation of overdose, and strong deterioration of health.


For the treatment of cough, the patient may appoint a sparkling tool «Prospan». This medication has a natural origin, so it is safe for most patients. The tool affects the Airways, improving their function, cough viral and infectious nature.

Dosing «Spilled» should be considered individually. Before drinking effervescent tablet is dissolved in a small amount of water. The treatment usually lasts up to ten days.

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Cough due to laryngitis, bronchitis or acute and chronic sinusitis patients are prescribed effervescent tablets, «ACC long». Medication included in a group of strong antitussive funds and reduces bouts of irritation within a few days.

«ACC-long» is available in the form of effervescent tablets. The drug is not recommended for use during gestation of the fetus, in case of feeding the baby breast, and hypersensitivity to the active components.


When disease of the respiratory system and a strong cough that is not accompanied by the outflow of a sputum, is assigned to the sparkling tool «Fluimucil». Effective for the treatment of cough caused by inflammation of tracheitis, laryngitis, bronchitis or pneumonia.

If you violate the dosage or course of treatment, the remedy causes diarrhea, vomiting, feeling of fullness of the stomach. In addition, it is possible the formation of the allergic reaction and itching.


For the treatment of cough due to acute or chronic inflammation of the Airways can assign chewable tablets «Mukaltin». The composition of this product contains marshmallow, so when a special sensitivity to the active component, the tool use is not worth it.

For reference! «Mukaltin» is one of the most effective antitussives cough tablets of Russian production.

Contraindications of the drug:

  • inflammation of the mucosa with disturbed outflow of a sputum;
  • bronchospastic syndrome;
  • asthma.

If you violate the rules of treatment, the drug can cause the formation of itching and irritation in the throat. The manifestation of side effects is not a ban for further treatment.


To provide expectorant and antitussive actions, the patient is assigned to «Remens». It comes in several forms, but usually doctors advise to use chewable tablets.

In violation of the dosing chewable tablets cause cramping, nausea and diarrhea. If any of these symptoms, treatment should be suspended.


In the treatment of cough, the patient can assign complex treatment with the use of syrups. Choose a drug from this group should only be using a skilled physician, as it is important to determine the required amount of the drug individually.

The cheap drugs from this group are the following medications:

  1. «Linkas». This medication is considered to be natural, so it is not contraindicated to treat patients even a small age. Syrup «Linkas» reduces the amount of viscous secretion and removes phlegm from the respiratory tract within a few days. If treatment has not only mucolytic, but also anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. In the group of herbal medicines includes the drug «Doctor». The remedy reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract and reduces cough. Do not use this medication with a special sensitivity to ginger, licorice, aloe, or menthol. Otherwise may be a manifestation of severe allergic reactions.
  3. To provide expectorant actions are assigned a «Bronchicum». Syrup natural composition of anti-inflammatory and liquefies sputum. Completely cure process with this drug is possible in ten days. However, keep in mind that the tool has certain contraindications. These include pregnancy, disorders of the kidney or liver, as well as the children’s age. Therefore, before applying the «Bronchicum» read the abstract.
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If the patient expressed allergic reactions, the doctors prescribe lozenges dry cough. In most cases, they are safe for the treatment of irritation in the throat and have a rapid effect even in acute inflammation.

The most successful funds in this category are:

  1. «Alex-Plus». The drug is different from analogues otkryvayuschii quick action. In addition, the tool has an antispasmodic effect. Due to the composition of the medication, it helps to eliminate any manifestations of cough. It is important to note that «Alex-Plus» does not cause drowsiness and addiction. You should not use this remedy in the treatment of children up to three years, and also during gestation.
  2. «Unfortunately Labels». The medication reduces the coughing and relieves spasms in the throat. «Unfortunately Labels» is indicated for the treatment of cough is viral in nature or a complication of flu and colds. In addition, effective for inflammation of the larynx or the bronchial mucosa. Be careful when treating pregnant women, since the drug is a small amount of alcohol.
  3. «Strepsils». This antibacterial agent appoints coughing, which appeared due to the inflammation of the lungs, of the bronchial mucosa or tonsils. «Strepsils» can be used in tonsillitis and stomatitis.

Combination medicines

For the treatment of severe coughing often prescribers of combined action. They are necessary if the seizures have a strong severity and cause asthma attacks.

  1. «Pour». This is one of the most popular medicines for treating cough. The tool reduces anxiety in the cough centre and has a fast effect on the respiratory tract. Providing a soft impact on the bronchi, and mucosa, «Pour» anti-inflammatory and bronchodilatory effect. This medication can be applied only after 12 years. Other contraindications include pregnancy and a special sensitivity to the components.
  2. For the treatment of severe dry cough can assign a «Sedotussin». The drug is effective for cough due to pneumonia, bronchitis or tracheitis. The tool provides not only anti-inflammatory effect. «Sedotussin» reduces the viscosity of sputum and removes it from the respiratory tract, thus normalizing the patient’s condition. The remedy is not indicated for the treatment of pregnant women, children under six years of age and in inflammation of the lungs in the elderly.
  3. Another combination drug for the treatment of dry cough «Peuvent». Another name for tablets «Glaucine». «Glauvent» has a strong antitussive effect, but other than that, medicine is recognized as one of the best mucolytic and secretolytic funds. «Glauvent» should be used in acute or chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract, in the course of development which indicated the formation of viscous secretions.
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The most effective drugs

Choosing from these drugs, many people wonder which is better pills or cough syrup. The answer depends on the shape and type of cough, as well as characteristics of the organism. However, usually the doctors prescribe the pills, because they quickly affect the cough center. Syrups are prescribed to children, as they are pleasant to the taste and does not cause irritation.

Analyze what pills help adults better:

  1. «Remens». It stimulates motor function in the respiratory tract and improves health in acute respiratory inflammation and a strong cough of an infectious nature.
  2. «ACC-long». It is produced from cysteine. This active substance has a strong mucolytic action, as well as facilitating the outflow of mucus. The tool should be used not only in the case of viscous secretions, but also in the presence of purulent sputum.
  3. «Fluimucil». The drug included in the group of mucolytics and is used to thin mucus. Increasing its volume and facilitating the removal of their respiratory remedy stimulates the work of the bronchi. In addition, «Fluimucil» repairs damaged cells and improves the overall health of the patient.

However, to select the desired and cheap drug should doctor. In the treatment of cough to make independent decisions is prohibited.


Irritation and itching in the throat difficult to cure. Besides the fact that such a process greatly exhausts the patient, it is dangerous for the entire body. Over time the patient is deprived of sleep experiences irritation and inflammation of the Airways. Describes the cough medicine for adults recognized to facilitate health of the patient and to improve his condition for one course of treatment.