Got water in my ear and laid — what to do and how to get rid of congestion

What to do if laid his ear to the water?

Inflammation in the outer, middle or inner ear in humans occur frequently. Causes of ear diseases of the body may be the penetration of viruses and infections, the formation of cerumen or getting a large amount of dirty water.

In the case of possible serious complications, as if the fluid stagnates, it causes the viruses and bacteria that cause otitis media. This is especially true in the summer when the pool is open What to do when water got in his ear and laid for a long time, we learn in this material.

The dangerous ingress of water

While most ear diseases the patient experiences unpleasant symptoms and pain. So experts recommend to seek medical help at the first symptoms. Thus, you will avoid serious complications and worsening of inflammation.

It is important to follow this rule in otitis media and other ear diseases. In particular, this rule applies to entertainment lovers in the water, as most cases of ingress of liquid into the middle part of the ear causes serious diseases.

If you experience unpleasant symptoms after bathing and after bathing in the lake, pond or pool, take immediate action.

It is important not to self-treatment, and to consult with an experienced doctor.

Otherwise, you can harm your health.

If the water laid the ear, and to consult with a specialist is not possible, learn the techniques of first aid.

Keep in mind if water gets in the ears occasionally, it provokes not only the formation of the blockage, cerumen, and inflammation of the external ear area.

Therefore, if your activity is connected with water, follow the methods of security which will help prevent otitis externa. So, while swimming, use a special hat, ear plugs or a pellet soaked in olive oil.

If water got in the ear is necessary to take urgent measures, as the fluid in the ear causes dysfunction of many elements. This leads to disruption of the structure of the human ear, hearing loss or even complete loss of ability to hear.

Why a person feels a sense of stuffiness

If after bathing in the pond or the sea in the ear canal becomes wet, take measures to protect your ears. Otherwise the liquid will penetrate into the outer region, where the Eustachian tube will flow into the middle part of the organ of hearing.

It is known that the liquid in this region trudnosmyvaemye. In addition, the water will cause dysfunction of the auditory ossicles that provoke strong shooting pains and a feeling of stuffiness.

So if you feel in the ear is a fluid, swipe on the outer ear with a gauze disc, and then enter into the ear canal turundas soaked in vaseline, thirty minutes.

Thus, the flagellum gauze will quickly absorb water, eliminating unpleasant symptoms.

If this procedure is not held immediately after the sea or lake, water flows into the middle part of the ear, where for a short time will breed bacteria and viruses.

Read the symptoms that occurs after the water treatment in case of contact with water in the ear. If you notice one sign, you should immediately visit the office ear doctor:

  1. Feeling of stuffiness in both or only one ear.
  2. Complete or partial loss of hearing.
  3. The resonance of his own voice.
  4. Dizziness.
  5. A sense of audience in the organ of hearing.
  6. Nausea and vomiting.
  7. The increased body temperature.

If water in the body, the person experiences severe shooting pains. Do not delay going to the specialist, as in the ears possible onset of the disease.

What to do if your ear has filled with water

In case of congestion in the organ of hearing, as well as sharp and acute pain in the ears and head after every shower, should be examined by a specialist.

In most situations, the patient in this case, it is diagnosed the hardened cerumen. If sera found a brown and solid ENT doctor will do the washing and further treatment, which you should strictly adhere to.

If the cause of the pain and congestion was the water trapped in the ears when bathing, it can be removed from the ear canal house. For this you need to stand on one leg. The head of the hold perpendicular to the floor. Jump up and down twenty times and then repeat with the other ear.

Another way to eliminate liquids from the hearing is to breath.

Take a deep breath and hold the air in the lungs. Then close your mouth and nose with your fingers and try to breathe out.

Your mouth open you should not. With this method, there is a change in the Eustachian tube.

Thus, fluid will flow in the outer region.

It is important to remember that after each contact with water, whether in sea, lake, or soul, in the ears, you must enter turundy soaked in cream or oil.

If these methods are not effective, and the ear is exposed to water and laid, lie on a clean towel to the injured part down. Lying on your side make five movements, imitating a SIP. Described exercise will lead to the movement of the working muscle, and as a result, the ear. Thus, water can flow along the walls of the auditory canal to the outside.

Causes of congestion can be many signs. So, the most common is the swelling of the cerumen.

In this case, the patient should wash the ear. This can be done at home or to go to the doctor-the otolaryngologist.

If you go to an ear specialist is not possible, should conduct the following procedure.

First we need to soften sulfuric stopper by using hydrogen peroxide:

  1. RUB the bottle with the drug in hand in order to warm the fluid.
  2. Gently pull the earlobe of the patient down.
  3. Enter the five ear drops medication.

In the first minute the patient may experience itching and burning sensation, but two minutes later these symptoms will resolve spontaneously. After this operation the patient should remain lying down for fifteen minutes. Further, the organ of hearing should be wiped with a dry cotton swab.

After the implementation of the described simple procedures, the ear of the patient ready for lavage from cerumen. Advance purchase drugs such as «Remo-Vaks», «HHonors», «cerumen And» or solutions furatsilina or rivanola.

  1. Fill a syringe of any of the above funds, and then remove the needle.
  2. The patient should stand over the sink.
  3. Medicines enter ear canal not sharp movements one milliliter each ear.

The whole procedure takes about ten minutes. During this time, you will notice the removal of sulfur yellow.

If the tube has acquired a brown color and zatverdevaet kind of self-extracting are prohibited. To do this, contact a qualified technician.

After flushing the ear is forbidden to go out in a few hours.

Ensure that the room was drafty and the air temperature was at least twenty degrees.

In deriving the traffic is forbidden to use cotton swabs or sharp objects.

Thus, you can push the tube further along the auditory passage, causing a violation of the integrity of the eardrum.

If your professional activity is connected with accumulation of large amounts of dust and dirt, need washing ears once a month for prevention.

If you have spent all the exercises, but the desired result is not achieved, it is urgently necessary to go to a medical facility, as under the influence of water in the ear can swell sulfur, to form a favorable environment for bacterial growth, form otitis.


If you are fond of swimming in the pool or ponds and rivers, in the process of adoption of water treatments protect the organ of hearing and wear a swimming cap and enter into the ears of turundy. With this approach, the water will not get into the ear canal, and you will avoid serious inflammation. In addition, try to avoid jumping or diving into the water.

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