Got water in my ear when washing the nose: what to do if laid and it hurts

What to do if, after washing the nose is stuffed up or ear ache?

The penetration of the liquid in ears for hygienic procedures, nasal discomfort, pain, obstruction of the pneumatic cavities, and a number of unpleasant symptoms. Adherence to the algorithm and recommendations for the implementation of therapeutic and preventive procedures, purification of the paranasal sinuses, to avoid side effects.

What if after washing the nose ear ache? In the normal situation tends to resolution, the water needs to flow independently. If not, the problem is addressed by integrated actions of pharmaceutical drugs.

The technology and features of nasal lavage

Therapeutic manipulations prescribed for lesions in the upper respiratory tract pathogenic agents and antigens, to prevent respiratory diseases.

Mechanical cleansing of the paranasal sinuses is aimed at the removal of mucus, dust, pathogenic strains and their metabolic products.

Irrigation channels contributes to the systematic hydration of the epithelium, preventing the formation of crusts, the restoration of the mucociliary apparatus, the drainage of the sinuses, the relief of symptoms of pathological changes.

For purification of pneumatic cavities often use salt or saline solution. The first variant is prepared at home, at the rate of a tablespoon of salt to 1 Cup of water. With a syringe, medical pear or aspirator fluid is alternately injected into each nostril.

Among the pharmaceutical products in widespread mineral-Botanical complex «Dolphin». The consistency of the medicinal fluid is identical with the physiological characteristics of a fluid inside the body.

The composition of the drug unites of eukaryotic cells and chemical elements, which provides antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Drug exhibits immunomodulatory activity, accelerates the regeneration of soft tissues, reduces swelling and inflammation of the inner lining.

For reference! «Dolphin» is produced in pediatric formulations and adult 120 ml, with a volume of 240 ml.

With proper maintenance the solution washes the nose, flows through the free nostril. During the procedure, the water can enter the ear. This fact explain the features of the anatomical structure.

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The hearing aid communicates with the nasal cavity via the Eustachian tube. The main purpose of the channel regulation of the internal pressure, removal of fluid. Under strong pressure of the medicinal fluid channel is disclosed, the water flows into the projection of the middle ear.

The situation, when after washing the nose laid the ear, arise for the following reasons:

  • blockage of the nasal canals, nasal congestion;
  • excessive pressure of the feed solution;
  • incorrect body position, angle of head tilt.

Special care requires a procedure for violation of the anatomical structure of bone and cartilage structures of the facial skeleton. Deformation of the nasal septum and the auricle is a frequent cause, when the flushing of the nose, the water got into the ear.

How to help if you washed the nose and ear ache

To prevent the concentration of moisture in the cavity of the organ of hearing during the purification of the nasal passages is possible with the technology procedure.

Manipulations are carried out in a standing position (or sitting over a sink/bowl), with horizontal head tilt 90°, purposeful glance at the floor. Squeeze bottle with the solution is measured to adjust the strength and volume of water flow.

A dosage of 250 ml. is provided for one procedure over 4 enter.

Fluid in the middle ear cavity provokes pain, creates a feeling of rushing water, the presence of external noise. Ignoring the signs of pathology are fraught with complications – otitis media, Eustachian, myringotomy, attic disease.

Nuance! Contraindicated thermal effect of the Hairdryer. Attempts can dry the epithelium of the auditory canal, caused an increased flow of air that only activates the inflammatory process.

Due to the presence in the composition of saline or of saline crystals of white matter, it is impossible to prevent the concentration of fluid in the ear. Prolonged irritation of the inner shell is manifested by the inflammatory process, creates favorable conditions for development of pathogenic microflora.

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How to get rid of water in ear

To remove water from the ear canal tissue strips impossible. An integrated approach is necessary:

  1. To cause a natural flushing liquid. For the complete emptying of the projection of the ear from water, the head should be tilted forward and jump up and down. Cavity dip a cotton pad to gently continue the care or therapy of the nose.
  2. To simulate swallowing. Inhale deeply, hold breath for 2-3 minutes, repeat the manipulation. Actions help to create the opposite cycle, water returns to the auditory tube and flows through the subordinate nasal passages. The same result provides a chewing gum.
  3. To remove the moisture extractor. The tip of the Electromechanical device gently and shallowly enter the nasal passage, with the problematic side of the ear, closing the second nostril with the index finger. You can use medical bag, an empty bottle of medication.
  4. Drip in a nose vasoconstrictive drugs. Eye drops restore the drainage cavity, prevent inflammation, relieve swelling, which helps to improve patency of the canal of the middle ear.
  5. Enter antihistamines. Actively struggling with swelling of the auditory tube, which arose as a result of exposure to antigens. After the restoration of the functions of the Eustachian connections echo the recommendations of paragraph 1-2.
  6. To seek medical help.

If a sore ear effective ear drops «Otinum», «Otipaks». Drugs exhibiting anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, local anesthetic effect. In the external auditory meatus instill 2-3 drops every 4 hours.

It is not recommended to use pharmaceutical products in case of hypersensitivity to individual components, when violations of the integrity of the eardrum. To stop the pain will help analgesics on the basis of ibuprofen – «Nurofen», «Effective», «Ibufen», «Next», «MiG-200».

For reference! To remove moisture from the outside of the hearing body tightly pressed his hand to the protruding part of the ear as long as the inner side of the hand not caught up with the auricle, sharply withdrawn, and so a few

If all else fails

If the ineffectiveness of action, a solution to the problem requires a doctor’s involvement. With the complaints when the water got in my ear when washing the nose, you must contact your audiologist. The removal of moisture is performed in an outpatient setting by perforation of the tympanic membrane.

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The recovery period after surgery takes 2 weeks.

Contraindications to the nasal lavage is the inflammation of the ear. In all other clinical cases, therapeutic manipulations require accuracy, compliance, natural drainage of the nasal cavities. Therefore, if a stuffy nose before cleansing the sinuses buried drugs of the group of sympathomimetics.