Green snot in children: what and how to heal quickly, causes

How to treat green snot.

Child because of age and the anatomical structure of the nasopharynx, is exposed to various viral and infectious more often than an adult. This is because the child’s immune system is still weak and different malicious trace elements enter the body much easier, causing the appearance of rhinitis and other processes in the upper respiratory tract. Therefore, abundant green snot from a child can occur at any time.

How to treat green snot in children every parent should know, but self-treatment of illness is unacceptable. You first need to identify the causes of disease and to establish all concerns baby symptoms. For this you need to go to the doctor as soon as possible. After examination of the child and the nature of the disease, the color and consistency of mucous secretions, and other symptoms, the doctor will prescribe further therapy.

Causes of green mucus

The common cold in children occurs quite often. This symptom may be accompanied by increased body temperature, nasal congestion, pain in the head and even a sense of pressure in the eye sockets or the nose. Such features bring the baby very uncomfortable, so the child begins to cry and act up.

Parents at this time can not be nervous and any way to abuse the child. On the contrary, reassure your baby and the reasons for such behavior.

If the runny nose child has a clear hue and loose texture, nothing to worry about.

Typically, such rhinitis takes place by means of cleansing the nasal passages by rinsing and the introduction of vasoconstrictor drops. But in the case of a pronounced yellow or green and thick mucus, it is important to take immediate action.

Such symptoms may indicate the beginning of a serious pathological process in the Airways, which cause the sinusitis, sinusitis or otitis. If treatment is not received on time, the baby can be formed even meningitis. So treat
lingering green snot with all seriousness.

The appearance of yellow-green snot should be a signal to parents.


The main reason for the formation of snot yellow color – SARS.

With this ailment, the patient feels very unwell, a fever which may reach 39 degrees Celsius.

SARS often accompanied by body aches and muscle pain. In addition, patients complain of an abundance of mucous secretion, nasal congestion, pain when swallowing, which causes refusal of food.

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By the end for the child usually greatly exhausted, but when he’s not sleeping well, cranky and crying. Increased pain in the head, swelling of the mucosa, increased nasal congestion. Other symptoms of the disease include:

  • sore throat;
  • watery eyes;
  • profuse rhinitis;
  • feeling pains in the eyes;
  • cough and dry mucous membranes;
  • lethargy and fatigue;
  • the sore throat.

SARS often accompanied by loss of smell and other more personal characteristics. The treatment of children in this case should be held under the supervision of a pediatrician.

The physiological runny nose

If the runny nose appeared just infant toddler, probably at the crumbs diagnose physiological rhinitis.

Such a process is natural and does not require a particular treatment.

The reasons for the formation of this type of rhinitis is rooted in adaptation to new conditions of life.

While inside the crumb is changing the body and the perception of normal flora accompanied by copious secretions.

For self-moistening of the mucosa of the nose is the disruption of respiratory functions. At this time, the mucous portion produces a greater amount of secretions than you need. Therefore, such a process is considered to be a protective function to changing environmental conditions.

To remove highlighting, you can use cotton swabs.

Purulent rhinitis

In some cases yellow or green snot from the baby indicate the formation of purulent rhinitis. Usually this type of rhinitis is accompanied by severe headache, General malaise, severe changes in body temperature.

Snot unnatural shade only perform as one of the symptoms.

Purulent rhinitis is formed as a result goes untreated cold or flu. At the beginning of the inflammation, the patient observes the formation of mucous secretion in large quantities.

The reason for this education lies in the rhinoviruses and the enteroviruses. After breeding of these organisms is bacterial lesions of the nasal cavity, which causes the formation of purulent rhinitis.

Cure bacterial shape and to get rid of streptococci, pneumococci, Mycoplasma, Haemophilus influenzae and other species is possible only with the help of antibiotics.


Another common reason for the formation of snot unusual shade is etmoidit. This inflammation is characterized as acute or chronic disease of the mucous part in the cavity of a trellised labyrinth.

This part is located in the cavity of the paranasal sinuses and is connected to the lattice bone. Therefore, the disease in this region is painful. Often, this disease occurs in conjunction with sinusitis, otitis media, sinusitis or sphenoiditis.

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Most often this type of sinusitis affects children four to six years, but can be diagnosed in infants.

Etmoidit often occurs as a complication after rhinitis and is quite painful. The disease is accompanied by increased body temperature and unpleasant sensations in the nose.


Green snot is often be an accompanying symptom of sinusitis. This inflammation occurs in the region of the paranasal sinuses. Sinusitis nearly always occurs in the background of the common cold or catarrhal inflammation of the that was goes untreated or were subjected to inappropriate treatment.

Another reason of sinusitis is considered a dental problem, especially at the top.

To understand that the child has sinusitis can be formed from the characteristic symptoms:

  • dysfunction of sense of smell;
  • heaviness in the head and the temples;
  • pain when turning the head or sudden movement.
  • high temperature;
  • memory impairment;
  • hearing impairment;
  • decreased performance;
  • fatigue.

Snot green hue be one of the symptoms.

If you do not start the treatment of sinusitis in the initial stage, the child may form a chronic process.

Note the photo, showing the location of the paranasal sinuses:


One of the complications of rhinitis that occurs with a pronounced color change of the secretions from the nasal cavity – frontal sinusitis. This inflammation is concentrated in the region of the frontal sinus. The disease has different degrees. Green snot accompany the patient throughout the illness .

It is known that this disease is much more complicated than other types of sinusitis and requires a particular treatment.

The main reason for the formation of sinusitis, in addition goes untreated rhinitis is a deviated septum or hypertrophy of the middle turbinate.

The disease often occurs with pain in the head and throat, discomfort when swallowing.

Treatment green discharge

Installing causes and treatment of green mucus in the child, it is necessary to verify correct actions. Therefore, check with your doctor dosage of each drug, and follow the designated rules.

Nasal lavage

Primary treatment for green blobs is washing child’s nose with specialized solutions.

Among the best medicines for these purposes is the Phrase, These, Humer, Dolfin, Aqua Maris.

But in the case of treatment at home you can prepare the solution yourself. To do this, dilute in one glass of water one teaspoon of salt and stir.

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Lavage is necessary to five times a day, strictly observing the safety regulations. If you are not sure, seek medical help. To rinse necessary as long as the allocation does not acquire a lighter shade, without pus.


Treatment of bacterial rhinitis is impossible without the use of antibiotic therapy. So the doctors prescribed a course of treatment with antibiotics. It is best to use local agents, which are considered the most gentle in the treatment of children: Bioparox, Polideksa, Izofra.

They should be used in accordance with the age of the baby.

If these medications proved ineffective, the doctor prescribes more powerful drugs broad-spectrum: Augmentin, Zinnat, Amoxiclav, the resorption of Solutab, Sumamed, Ceftriaxone, Avelox, Zinacef, Suprax and others.

Antibiotic treatment should not exceed seven days.

Systemic antibiotics for treatment of children should be selected with the help of a physician as it is important to consider the individual characteristics of the baby, his height, weight and age.

Vasoconstrictor drops

The third step in the treatment of the child will be the use of vasoconstrictor drops. Treatment these medicines should not exceed three days, as they are dangerous with their side effects. Commonly doctors prescribe Nazol, Tizin, Netopen, Naphazoline, Linestop and others.


Treatment of green mucus mixed with pus should take place only after consultation with your doctor. Any self-medication in this area can be dangerous, since ignorance causes you can cause the formation of more heavy process.

If after receiving treatment, the child did not pass green snot seek medical help again.