Green snot in pregnancy how to treat yellow snot

How to treat green snot during pregnancy?

With the onset of pregnancy reduced the integrated protective reaction of an organism to exposure to alien antigens of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. Weakened immune system – a favorable environment for reproduction pathogenic infections.

Special vigilance to health, it is expedient to exercise for the 1st trimester of pregnancy, when the formation of the organ systems of the baby. In this period, it is crucial to arrest the first symptoms of respiratory disease. What is the nature of the emergence of the green aconselho secretions (snot) and how to treat them?

Varieties mucosal secretions

Hormonal changes in the body are manifested by the increase in the mucosa of the sinuses that causes the development of edema and vasomotor rhinitis. Transparent, milk allocation are a natural reaction of the body do not require therapeutic measures.

Thick snot in pregnancy indicate inflammation of the mucosa of bacterial origin. To counter pathogenic agents the body releases an increased amount of white blood cells, which perish in the destruction of bacteria.

Mucus from the nose with blood clots, is a valid reaction when a weakened immune system, dryness of the mucosa or damage to the integrity of the vascular wall. If education aconselho secret of blood caused by vascular spasm, heightened blood pressure, then the patient needs skilled medical care.

Fact! Because of the concentration of purulent exudate, the nozzle can have a pronounced unpleasant odor.

Snot during pregnancy can be a reaction to the action of antigens. Allergic rhinitis is accompanied by a flow of liquid transparent secretion, spasmodic reverse action of ENT-organs to external stimuli.

Physiological rhinitis is not curable, mostly alone passes in the first 10 days after birth of the baby. Colds and allergic rhinitis in need of complex therapy.

Green snot during pregnancy: how to treat

A particular threat to the health of the baby present yellow or green snot in the early stages of gestation (from 1 to 16 week), more precisely, deviations in the body that caused the excessive formation and excretion of myconazole secret. In diseases of viral etiology, and increases the risk of exposure to pathogens in the region of the uterus, resulting in abortion.

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Diagnosis of respiratory disease in the 1st trimester, the time from 20 to 28 a week jeopardize the normal development of the fetus, the formation of organ systems. With proper and timely treatment of rhinitis, it is possible to avoid unpleasant situations if the requirements of the otolaryngologist, therapist.

Conservative methods of treatment

On the basis of the clinical picture, taking into account individual peculiarities of the patient, the doctor is the therapeutic scheme.

Important! Specialists focus on natural pharmacological products, including «Cold», «constant stress».

Traditional medicine includes use of the following drugs:

  • vasoconstrictor – a group of synthetic medicines in the treatment of ENT organs. When childbearing is appointed as an exception, a limited course (3-5 days). Nose drops do not have therapeutic effects, mainly used for the normalization of breathing, reduction of swelling;
  • antihistamine for relief of allergic reactions;
  • antimicrobial – chemotherapy products inhibit the activity of pathogenic bacteria;
  • decongestant – contribute to maintaining optimal consistency aconselho secret with a minimal amount of viscosity and density.

Selection of chemicals is carried out only by a qualified technician on the background history of the expectant mother.

Effective measure in the treatment of the maxillary sinuses is a daily toilet of the nose with the purpose of cleansing the cavity from foreign agents, reducing the concentration of the liquid. In the list of allowed medicines of the solution based on sea water «Akvamaris», «These», «saline».

Drugs do not cause addiction, so you do not have restrictions in use (the course can vary up to several months). The effect of active components is aimed at relieve swelling, constriction of blood vessels, normalization of breathing.

For reference! On the background of the development of rhinitis, increased body temperature, lethargy, General malaise, pain in the head and neck, sneezing, discomfort in the throat.

Positive dynamics in the treatment of green mucus show the following pharmaceutical products:

  • «Izofra» is a strong antibiotic, which is present neomycin. The medicinal product is effective in sinusitis, sinusitis, acute and chronic rhinitis. Weakened immunity, increase dose or course of treatment (over 10 days) increases the risk of developing thrush;
  • «Fugentin» — the main active ingredient gentamicin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream, it is absolutely safe for health of the mother and child, so the period of gestation and breastfeeding are not contraindications for use;
  • «Bioparox» — mild inflammation of ENT organs occurs under the action of the antibiotic fusafungine. Characterized by local action, the negative impact on the pathogenic microorganisms. The duration of treatment is limited to 3-4 days, otherwise, the drug contributes to the inhibition of the protective functions of the immune system.
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The effectiveness of traditional methods in green snot

When the means of modern pharmacology jeopardize the baby’s health, expectant moms think about non-traditional methods of treatment. They are characterized by a more gentle effect on the body, perform immunomodulatory and antiseptic function.

It is worth remembering that part of available funds refers to the powerful allergens, so rationally before treatment consult the doctor.

To combat the green snot during pregnancy effective are the following recommendations:

  • saline solution for washing, moistening the nasal cavities. In 2 cups of distilled water to mix 15 g. of the salt until complete dissolution of crystals. Willing suspension daily rinse of ENT-organs;
  • the beet juice. From the pulp of a vegetable derived liquid, which vozdeistviem to the mucous 1-2 drops several times a day. After instillation, the patient may feel a burning sensation if the discomfort is pronounced, before the irrigation, juice diluted with water in equal proportions. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action has carrot juice. It can be used alone or mixed with beet;
  • tincture of calendula. 150 ml. of boiling water will need a teaspoon with a slide dry matter of marigold and yarrow. Cover the container with the contents, insist about an hour. Ready solution washed sinuses 4 times a day;
  • nasal inhalation of herbal and pine infusions. To perform the procedure is recommended with caution, so as not to burn the mucosa of the nasopharynx. The optimum temperature of the treatment solution reaches 80 degrees. The procedure provides for the position of «sitting», the head is bent over a bowl, covered with a large towel. Nose inhale vapor, exhale through the mouth. The duration of the manipulation is 5 minutes. For best results it is recommended to perform the procedure twice a day;
  • honey washing, which is prepared in the following proportions: a tablespoon of bee products will need 2 tbsp of water. Pour the liquid into each nostril 2 ml 3 times a day;
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As soon as there was green discharge from the nose, you need to wear wool socks, warm nose with warm salt bag or boiled egg, brush whiskey «asterisk», to take hot baths for upper limbs.

Important! If the background of the nozzle develops a cough, high risk of developing bronchitis. The reason for the forced exhalation can be a draining mucous secretions along the back wall of the larynx.

Most often, a thick mucous discharge from the nose pregnant is due to the development of respiratory diseases.

Ignoring therapeutic procedures can lead to irreparable consequences, including termination of pregnancy. Treat the snot expectant mother definitely necessary, but the method of treatment determined by the doctor.