Growths in the nose bulkhead in humans: photos, causes, what and how to treat

How to treat growths in the nose on the partition?

The integration of all systems and organs into a single whole allows the body to adapt and function in an unstable environment. A decrease in the activity of the respiratory center dangerous destabilization of transport function of blood, increased stress on the lungs, the development of immunosuppression.

There is a wide variety of factors which inhibit the work of the upper body. Deserved special attention, growths in the nose of the child and the adult. Morbid growths bring not only discomfort but also act as catalysts for the development of serious complications, including death.

Why do I have the growths?

In medical terminology, the term «outgrowth» refers to a defect in the form of the projection of an arbitrary shape is benign or malignant nature, formed from epithelial tissue.

Under this description come the following neoplasms:

  • bump;
  • thorn;
  • papilloma;
  • polyps;
  • hematoma;
  • white seal;
  • cancer.

In clinical practice often diagnose genital warts and polyps, so the attention will be drawn to the data increase.

The development of benign tumors of the nasal mucosa is preceded by an infection with human papilloma virus (HPV). The contagious infection is transmitted and aerogenic way. To be infected by the virus in public places (beauty salons, sports clubs, saunas, pools, beaches), subject to the rules of personal hygiene, sharing household items.

For reference! The variety of differencebut inverted papilloma on (grow into the bow plate) and exophytic forms (localized on the eve of the nasal passages and septum).

The presence in the body of the pathogen is not always evident hypertrophy of the soft tissues. The phase of active growth of papillomas is preceded by adverse conditions:

  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • promiscuity;
  • stressful situations, emotional outbursts;
  • harmful production or socio-living conditions.

The polyps do not appear suddenly. They undergo three stages of development, when from slight epithelial layers, which cause mild discomfort, there is a complete blocking of the nasal cavities of large formations.

Common causes growths in the nose of a person is represented by the following list:

  • inflammation;
  • infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract;
  • asthma;
  • cystic fibrosis;
  • allergic reactions;
  • the violation of the integrity of the nasal septum;
  • genetic predisposition.
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Specific symptoms peculiar only to the active growth of tumors, and manifests a slight burning sensation and itching in the nasal cavity. That formed a lump in the nose, indicate additional characteristics:

  • violation of the natural nasal breathing;
  • nasal bleeding;
  • reduction of hearing acuity, perception of taste and smell receptors;
  • headaches;
  • abundant formation of mucous fluid;
  • the feeling of presence in the nose foreign object.

In children and adults symptoms are identical. The difference lies in the fact that the child, by reason of unformed nasal passages is still a change in the tone of voice, twang.

It is important when there are deviations to seek qualified medical attention, because timely recovery can be less traumatic.

How and what to treat growths in the nose on the partition?

When handling a patient with a complaint that the nose appeared build-up, an audiologist conducts a visual inspection. Papillomas are easily diagnosed by their appearance.

To determine the etiology of the disease differential studies complement biopsy, polymerase chain reaction, acetic breakdown. To confirm the polyps, the doctor is guided by x-ray photo, data rhinoscopy, MRI, CT.

Conservative therapy

There is no universal method of how to get rid of build-up on the nasal septum. The recovery scheme for each clinical case determine the course of disease, physiology of the patient.

Tip! To enhance the nasal absorption of drugs before irrigation of the mucosa should be irrigation of the nasal cavity with saline.

The goal of medical treatment is to prevent recurrence of the disease, to reduce the growths in the nostrils, to strengthen the protective mechanism.

To achieve positive dynamics specialist assigns different drugs pharmacodynamics:

  • corticosteroids: «Natural», «Nasonex», «Triamcinolone», «Flixonase», «Beclomethasone Orion». Nasal sprays for local action exhibit anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic activity, have a vasoconstrictor action. Improve respiratory function by reducing the spasm in the smooth muscle muscle. The duration of treatment regulates the ENT doctor. The therapeutic effect develops in 5-7 days, if necessary extend, gradually reducing the dosage;
  • antihistamine: «Cetirizine», «loratadine», «Effective», «Aerius», «Core», «Zodak». Have antipruritic effect, reduce the intensity of allergic reactions to complete relief of symptoms. Blockers peripheral H-1 histamine receptors is not prescribed in case of hypersensitivity of the organism to individual components. Side effects are disorders of the Central nervous system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract.
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In addition to comprehensive procedure is carried out nasal rinses, inhalations, compresses.


Tumors respond well to pharmacotherapy, therefore, timely medical part and properly chosen methodology will provide the active regression of the pathology with minimal risk of their re-education.

Treatment of warts is aimed at eliminating the infectious agent and removal of build-up. With this purpose, appointed the following medications:

  • antiviral: «Vartek», «Kondinin», «Verrucose». Accelerate the process of leaf tissue becoming necrotic the affected tissues, reduce the inflammation, resist the penetration of pathogens in the tissue structure of the body;
  • keratolytic: «Lyapisny the pencil, Colomac» band-aid «Soliped», «Lekker Superchistotelo» cream «Collserola». Used for the destruction of epithelial tumors, corns, warts, hyperkeratosis treatment. The main effect of complement and antimicrobial mestnoanesteziruyuschey activity. The course of treatment does not exceed 7 days, with a daily frequency of hypertrophied plot twice a day;
  • immunomodulatory: «Oxolinic ointment». The main component of the oxoline has antiviral activity, promotes the formation of the barrier function of the immune system.
    In the absence of positive dynamics doctor is forced to carry out minimally invasive therapy.

Surgical treatment

Modern medicine offers many noninvasive methods for the excision of benign tumors of the nose, only in rare cases is carried out a traditional removal.

Important! Open surgical intervention is not recommended for children because of the infringement of the integrity of the skin, prolonged and difficult postoperative recovery.

There are several types of operations to eliminate papillomas and polyps:

  • Endoscopy. Through the natural nasal opening introduce special optical equipment for visual inspection. The image from the camera is transmitted to a monitor that allows to carry out the operation more delicately, eliminates the need for a large incision. The advantages of this method is the short in-hospital period (several hours), no postoperative pain, low invasiveness. Surgical procedure requires the use of expensive equipment, which is reflected in price range.
  • Cryosurgery. Surface treatment of papillomas with liquid nitrogen. By instant freezing of epithelial growths are destroyed. In otolaryngology this method is considered to be the most effective at minimum cost. The event is well tolerated by patients, most therapeutic result does not require repeated action.
  • Electrocoagulation. The essence of the method lies in the thermal lesion of tissue structures by an electric current. Are exposed to all layers of fabric, so the blood coagulates well, thereby preventing the risk of infection and nasal bleeding.
  • Laser removal. The latest non-contact technique. The procedure requires no special training and rehabilitation period. Elimination of tumors in the nasal cavity occurs due to coagulation of soft tissue and ablation (vaporization) of soft tissue. The duration of treatment varies up to 5 minutes. Manipulation refers to the number of one-off procedures, in rare cases, there are clinical indications for the examination in several stages.
  • Radiono. Contactless excision of growths in the nasal septum is carried out by high frequency waves, which cut and simultaneously sterilized cells, stop the bleeding. Use with the active growth of growths, and then benign defects do not tend to re-growth.

For reference! In the treatment of warts is effective and infusion drops on the celandine.

After the removal of polyps to restore natural breathing short course to 5 days prescribe decongestants local action («Nazivin», «Expra», «Xylometazoline») and glucocorticosteroids («Nasobek», «Flixonase»).

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The last group has anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antitoxic effect, improves resistance to antigens.


The formation of polyps and papillomas are easier to anticipate than to treat or remove. If the problem was diagnosed, you can limit the complex medical rate. With highly qualified staff and compliance with medical recommendations, clinical outcome is favourable.