Grunts and stuffy nose infants without snot, what to do, than to treat

How to treat nasal congestion in infants without snot?

If a baby’s stuffy nose he grunts and is restless – this is a real problem. In this situation, the child is very hard to breathe normally, because he can’t breathe through your mouth consciously.

The child has problems with sleep and nutrition. As a result he loses weight, though I have on the contrary consistently score. This situation is dangerous because the brain does not receive necessary quantity of oxygen, which leads to asthma attacks in my sleep. That is why, as soon as possible to begin treatment.

Is it the flu?

Many parents do not understand why a baby’s stuffy nose but no snot. And breathing it can. The problem may lie not in the disease, and due to the narrow nasal passages. In children under 1 year, is very common.

In addition, it can manifest and in the presence of certain environmental factors, such as dry air. In the winter, at the beginning of the heating season when the air is particularly dry, the child can noisy breathing.

Ways to recognize the physiological rhinitis described in this article.


This problem does not require any additional treatment and resolves on its own as the child will grow and his body, respectively, too. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between the common cold and the body’s response to dry air.

Nasal congestion in chronic stage

What to do if nasal breathing is not restored within 1-2 months? This speaks to the chronic stage. Naturally, parents that are concerned about the health of your child, hardly it will bring to this state and begin to take action, however, the situation may be different.

This condition often occurs due to improper treatment or not fully cured of the infection. However, there are other reasons for this. Chronic nasal congestion can be determined only after visits to several specialists, including an allergist-immunologist.

And the allergist-immunologist have to be on the notification list of experts, if it was noted that the nasal congestion is most evident in the fall or spring. In addition, as the allergen can be dust, Pets or even cold.

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The problem with nasal congestion in young children of preschool age, is often more about adenoids. Especially if there was inflammation. In this case, without a trip to the audiologist can not do. In most cases, medical therapy only and in some cases required surgical removal of the tonsils.

If the cause of nasal congestion turned out to be polyps, in the absence of any contraindications, 9 times out of 10 is assigned to the operation.

Possible causes of nasal congestion

When the baby stuffy nose, he grunts and coughs, the reasons can be many, including allergic rhinitis, which will continue until, until you find and eliminate the allergen. Often causes of allergic rhinitis are the following allergens:

  • Household chemicals.
  • Dust.
  • Pollen.
  • Flowering of the plants.
  • Pets.

Often there are cases congestion as a result of entering into the nasal passage of a foreign object. If the self is not able to solve this problem, it is necessary to use vasoconstrictive drops. You need to close the other nostril and blow in the mouth. If it did not bring results, you need to go to the doctor.

Do I need to start treatment?

In the first month of life, nasal congestion quite an ordinary phenomenon. The child at this stage, only adapts to the world. Even a small sneeze is also not recommended to treat with medications.

Parents need to be excited in the case when a child from 1 month does not pass the congestion for 1 week. And on this background the child worsens sleep, appetite and body temperature rises. This often indicates the presence of any disease.
If there is nasal congestion, you need to follow certain rules:

  • Needs to be daily cleaning of the room.
  • No places with a large crowd of people.
  • Frequent walks in the fresh air.
  • It is possible to eliminate all contact, especially with sick people.

Methods of treating congestion

Before you learn how to treat nasal congestion in infants without snot, we need to dispel one myth. Instillation of breast milk not only will help in getting rid of this problem, but only make it worse because of the extra clogging, because of its fat and create the perfect environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria.

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To remove nasal congestion by using a special vasoconstrictor drugs, which must be at hand:

  1. Nazivin of 0.01 %.
  2. Otrivin Baby.
  3. Nazol Baby.
  4. Dlyanos Children.

Can also be used and other physiotherapeutic measures.

Thanks to these tools, you can quickly restore normal nasal breathing. But along with that, you need to be very careful and follow some rules of use:

  • you need to follow very closely the prescription in the package insert;
  • in any case, it is impossible to increase the course of treatment or a dosage;
  • vasoconstrictor drops, do not use longer than 3-5 days.

Before you begin to eliminate the congestion, first you need to check the temperature and humidity in a child’s bedroom or in the place where the child spends a lot of time.

Treatment of folk remedies

Not uncommon stuffy nose in a newborn without nozzle, can be treated effectively using traditional methods. Moreover, parents often resort to them, as it is considered the most safe and harmless treatments based on natural components.

  1. To restore nasal breathing and eliminate the blockage, you need to squeeze the juice from 1 of the bulb and plant it with the same amount of boiled water. You can now dig this folk remedy 1 drop in each nostril. This recipe is good for children from 2 years.
  2. You can also try nasal lavage. This is done with a solution of half a tablespoon of sea salt and 200 ml of warm water. Flushing is done 4-5 times a day.

Naturally, before starting treatment, be sure to obtain the advice of a pediatrician, ENT and an allergist. In no case should not self-initiate treatment of the child, regardless of folk’s recipes or bought in the drugstore medications.

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The recommendation of the pediatrician E. O. Komarovsky

Famous doctor of the highest category Komorowski, argues that the reason for the congestion in a newborn can be a physiological state of the mucosa, allergic reaction or viral infection. Based on the causes must be picked up in the treatment program.

From birth, the mucosa is formed over the entire 10 weeks. This period can be intense mucus or on the contrary insufficient. It is very important to monitor the humidity in the room, which should be at 60% and temperatures above 20 degrees.

It is very important to conduct daily cleaning procedure, with a mild salt solutions. Need instilled into each nostril 2 drops and after 10 minutes, proceed to the cleansing of crusts.

Read how you can treat by the method of Komarovsky.

It is not uncommon, and allergic swelling, which can develop from almost anything, anything at all: bedding, washing detergent or even from the spirits mom. In any case, you need to contact Laura and allergist.


As has been said many times, all the principles of treatment of the child, must be administered only by a specialist pediatrician.

Approximately half of the cases, there’s no reason to worry, but you need to be confident about it.