A herb for menopause: how to drink at the tides, treatment

Menopause a woman can deliver a lot of inconvenience. A condition during menopause varies from small tide, creating a slight discomfort to severe dizziness and loss of consciousness. Modern medicine offers ladies in old age a lot of drugs that help relieve the unpleasant symptoms, but they are not always effective and can harm other organs and body systems.

Herbal tea brings relief for menopause

Herbal remedies for menopause

Traditional treatment can improve the condition of women during menopause, and make the tides are not so aggressive. The intake of herbs suitable to each person, they practically do not cause allergies, and in addition, absolutely safe for overall health. Herbs in the treatment of hot flushes during menopause, prefer most women, especially effective charges of such herbal remedies.

Sometimes the treatment of the tides during menopause can include both methods. Herbs can improve the effectiveness of drugs without disturbing their actions and providing ancillary therapy.

Another advantage of plant fees, consider the length of treatment. Grass can take quite a long time, constantly repeating the course of treatment, without harming their own body.

There are several popular herbs that can improve the condition of women in menopause. Each lady can choose an acceptable variant of this plant collection. The taste of the decoctions and infusions of such herbs is pleasant, and they are calming that is required for the period of the tides.

List of herbs for menopause

  • hawthorn;
  • Melissa;
  • mint;
  • clover;
  • motherwort;
  • sage;
  • lime.

Treatment of tides in menopause depends on their intensity. In severe cases, the woman lifted a high pressure knock which is quite difficult. Drugs, lowering blood pressure, very effective, but have a negative impact on the internal organs. In pharmacies sell special fees is able to reduce the HELL.

Травы при климаксе: как пить при приливах, лечение

Herbal vs menopause is very pleasant to the taste


Hawthorn refers to the herbal remedies that can reduce blood pressure and fever, which are often the manifestations of menopause. Receiving the fruit of this plant, as well as fees where there is hawthorn has a good calming effect, reduces sweating and restores the nervous system.

The course fee may be quite long, and the risk of side effects is minimal. There are several ways of treatment with hawthorn, decoctions, tinctures, and charges with the presence of other herbs.

Травы при климаксе: как пить при приливах, лечение

Hawthorn reduces the intensity of the tides


Important aspect of menopause is insomnia. A woman can spin in bed all night not sleeping a wink. The treatment of this disease drugs are dangerous and addictive, and Melissa and charges on its basis, a great solution to this issue.

Another sign of menopause is constant nervousness. This ladies experience discomfort, not to mention the fact that these conditions are dangerous to overall health.

Melissa will help to calm nervous anxiety easily and efficiently. To drink a decoction of this plant even children, as it is harmless.


Mint have many useful properties. Drinking peppermint herbal tea indicated for women during menopause. Whatever strong was the tide, mint, is able to reduce them. A herb for menopause are very useful, but it is better to be in camp was present mint.

This plant will help the elderly lady to reduce emotional tension, it has a positive effect on the nervous system, and in addition, treats diseases of the digestive system, relieves from viruses and infections.

This plant is known since ancient times and has won the respect of all the inhabitants of the planet.

Травы при климаксе: как пить при приливах, лечение

Mint soothes and relieves hot flashes


In almost all herbs taken during menopause, but also clover. Its effect on a woman’s body is very favorable. Clover is able to exert an estrogen-like effect on the ovaries, reducing the frequency of hot flashes.

Drink infusions of this plant are shown and the young ladies, he restores women’s health, sometimes better than drugs.


Herbal with motherwort necessary for women in old age. Menopause very often leads to problems in the cardiovascular system. Motherwort has a calming effect, due to which hot flashes are not as intense.

In addition, this plant is taken in indigestion, stomach pain, thyroid disease, heart disease and strengthening the immune system.

Treatment with motherwort does not cause any harm to the body, and drink the broth on its basis is useful and necessary.

Травы при климаксе: как пить при приливах, лечение

Motherwort balances the stomach


Sage is particularly popular. Infusions and decoctions of this plant is often used topically, in compresses and rinses. But, few people know what the properties of this herb. It can greatly improve the life of women in menopause.

Drink decoction of sage leaves for a long time, it will reduce the sweating, fever, and nervousness will make the tides rare and lighter. Women also used the juice of this plant, taking inside.


Lime, in its effects on the female body, similar to clover. It affects the ovaries in such a way that the tides are becoming rare and weak. In the recipes of traditional medicine offers a lot of applications of this plant. Flowers, bark, leaves, all used to treat various diseases.

Women in menopause age often suffer from various disorders and diseases. Using lime to restore the work of many organs. It is able to exert a choleretic effect, have a positive impact on the functioning of the kidneys, can prevent some infections and more.

Травы при климаксе: как пить при приливах, лечение

Lime — delicious and very useful plant

Herbs in menopause — is an invaluable aid to ladies, it is a difficult time for them. Charges and extracts of plants have a huge number of useful properties. Drinking herbal teas is shown to many women suffering serious health problems associated with menopause. With the help of plants it is possible to alleviate the condition of women, and contribute to a better effectiveness of treatment drugs.

Ladies in their menopause should not forget about the correct day regimen and nutrition. Requires regular walks in the fresh air, but it is better to make them in the evening, before bedtime, before nightfall emotional state returned to normal.

Power in this period must be complete. The woman should eat lots of vegetables and fruits, saturating the body with vitamins and minerals. Meat and dairy products should also be included in the diet, without them the ladies will not have the power to transfer all the negative aspects.

The life of a woman at the time of menopause it becomes harder, but you need to ease this condition using natural cures.

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