Abortion after cesarean — why not to have an abortion

Part of moms committed solely to give birth naturally, while others believe a cesarean easier way to resolve the pregnancy. The operation is performed only on the testimony that can be identified as the baby and the birth process. Thanks to the professionalism of surgeons and modern technology, the new mother is recovering rather quickly and can then again be pregnant and give birth, in some cases, even their own. But sometimes an abortion after cesarean becomes necessary.

Life after KS

Caesarean section (CS) is an abdominal operation, after which the first clock is under medical observation in the intensive care unit. A month or two spent on healing of the uterine suture, and in this period it is important to avoid any load (sudden movements, lifting heavy weights), to comply with the rules care to prevent infection of the joint. With proper care the skin is thin almost invisible scar.

Sex life is allowed through the month 1,5 – 2. In many ways, the healing time depends on the quality of the weld and on the ability of tissues to recover. But in any case, doctors warn the patient of another pregnancy at least for two or three years.

What is the danger?

The probability of conception after COP is markedly reduced due to the violation of the integrity of the uterine wall, to which should be attached fertilized egg. But sometimes pregnancy comes rather quickly – within a year. No matter whether it was planned or accidental, the doctors unanimously considered it dangerous for the life or health of both the fetus and mother:

  1. The scar on the uterus a year after C-section still does not heal until the end, and when you increase the body begins to thin, which can lead to uterine rupture and severe bleeding.
  2. High risk of spontaneous abortion and heavy bleeding.
  3. There is a high risk of premature birth.
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Usually recommended abortion, but the abortion may be granted only after three-dimensional ultrasound. The study will show whether it is possible to have an abortion after cesarean section. The patient has the right to refuse an abortion (for moral or religious reasons), and in rare cases, the pregnancy is with a fresh scar on the uterus ends with the birth of a healthy child. But it’s a very big risk, which the doctor is obliged to warn.

You should know that abortion, especially in such a situation is also dangerous because the doctor doing it blindly. It threatens to infertility, damage to the walls of the uterus, bleeding. For a decision a woman should not be limited to the recommendations of one doctor, and visit a few. Some assess the condition of the scar, ready to pursue a pregnancy.

How to do an abortion?

If the abortion is done, its appearance will depend on the term:

  1. Medical abortion after cesarean section performed for obstetric up to 6 weeks. Under the supervision of a gynecologist, a woman takes the pill, and after a few hours the fertilized egg, separated from the mucous membrane, together with the blood clots out of the uterus. The process resembles a miscarriage in early pregnancy or period cramps. The doctor must make sure that the uterus was completely clear. If not, appoint additional drugs to stimulate contractions of the uterus. This is the preferred method of terminating the pregnancy.
  2. Within 5 weeks often used vacuum, or mini-abortion. It is an alternative medication, if the woman is contraindicated bartiroma pills. The germ with a special instrument is withdrawn from the uterus, after which there is often a need curettage. This method can damage the lining of the uterus and leads to severe hormonal issues.
  3. In the period of more than 6 weeks used only surgical abortion. In most cases, after childbirth the woman finds out about the pregnancy only after weeks or even months for lack of menstruation. This abortion involves the excision of the foetus in the uterus and removing it piece by piece. Increases the risk of injury of the rumen and the wall of the uterus and other complications in the near future and in the future.
  4. Sometimes abortion is resorted to on a big date, when the rumen is greatly thinned, and the womb is about to burst. Here we are talking about artificial birth.
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The consequences of abortion

You should not consider abortion to be a solution to all problems. This is a significant intervention in the functioning of the female body that should not be underestimated. Abortion can cause:

  • hormonal failure, which disappear monthly, there is a weight gain and experience unexplained weakness;
  • infertility;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • the deterioration of the scar;
  • moral depression, regret, stress, which affects the already born child;
  • diseases of the uterus as a result of inflammation, endometriosis.

There are women who easily related to the termination of pregnancy. They don’t care about contraception, especially if breast-feeding, considering that it is easy to have an abortion after cesarean. But it itself is dangerous, but for the uterine scar increases the risk of negative effects. That’s why after delivery with the help of the COP need to take seriously the protection. Especially opponents of abortion.

If the seam is badly healed, the body is severely weakened by a previous pregnancy, there were complications to the COP, abortion is the most sensible decision, as hard as it was for him to do. Potential risk to life and health it is less, than the continuation of pregnancy. Moral side of the issue not taken into account, when it comes to saving lives.

When everything according to plan?

Pregnancy planning helps to avoid many problems. Obsledovanii and restoring your body, a woman greatly increases the chances of a smooth pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby. When the couple again, there is the desire to become parents, it makes sense not to wait 3 years, and to visit specialists. Perhaps the body is already ready for bearing.

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The more advanced operating methods promote rapid healing of scar: the wound edges are not sutured, and connect the special medical adhesive. But we should not take the risk and get pregnant lightly. Abortion, done after caesarean, does not solve the problem, but merely creates new ones, which can occur in the future.