Acne after birth control what to do

Poor environment, poor diet, hormonal disorders, all contribute to the development of skin blemishes. For women, a very acute problem of getting rid of pimples after cancellation of hormonal therapy. Quite often, even in adult girls and women who have from nature the skin is clean, after taking the birth control the face becomes like a teenager in puberty.

An integrated approach to solving the problem

This problem must be fought comprehensively, because the cause is often not on the surface. If the advertised remedies for acne and hormonal pills the rest of your life is not possible, you can try a range of measures that will make the skin smooth and beautiful again.

Contraceptives adversely affect the stomach and intestines, which leads to dysbiosis. This in turn can cause acne. Therefore, to normalize the skin, to help the intestines to handle the problem. For this you need to follow a diet:

  • To abandon the sweet and starchy foods. If not sweet in a really difficult situation, it is possible (and useful) to add to the diet of dried fruits and honey.
  • Fried and oily must also be controlled in use.
  • Fruits are better to eat separately from the main dishes, because the co-administration can disrupt the bowels.

Healthy skin is just

  • Will help to cleanse the bowel and enrich the body with useful substances Flaxseed. Within one month need to eat 1 tsp of the seed in the morning half an hour before eating, carefully chewing and drinking a glass of warm water. Flaxseed is a source of many vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fiber. Therefore, together with the improvement of the skin will be healthy hair and stronger nails.
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  • Simultaneously with the cleansing of the body need to cleanse your face. To cope with this mask the pain. This mask is very effectively exfoliates the top layer of cells, renewing the skin, making it smooth and even. The recipe is as follows: badyagi powder (sold at any pharmacy) mixed with hydrogen peroxide to form a “slurry”. After a minute, when the mixture begins to foam, gently apply to the skin massage movements. To do better at night, keep 10 – 15 minutes. During the procedure and after the possible tingling and a slight burning sensation, which a day pass. The effect will be noticeable after the first procedure. For best effect, it is possible to do the course once a week for a month.

These tips will help significantly reduce or even get rid of the hated pimples on the face.