Acute mastitis: symptoms, forms, treatment, prevention

Mastitis – an inflammatory process in the mammary glands caused by Staphylococcus or Streptococcus. Do not think that this is an exclusively female disease. Men and children it can also be found. Women have lactational mastitis happens and relaksatsionnye, the rest only not lactation.

Acute mastitis can occur not only in women but also in men

Causes and symptoms of mastitis in women

Causes of mastitis:

  • a violation of hormonal background;
  • immunosuppression;
  • the decreased production of female sex hormones;
  • getting into the mammary gland infection.

Alarm bells, «talking» about mastitis:

  • high body temperature;
  • headache;
  • weakness and «fatigue» of the body;
  • the increase in the volume of the breast;
  • pain and redness of the breast;
  • the stagnation of milk in the breast (if a woman is nursing).

Острый мастит: симптомы, формы, лечение, профилактика

If pain redness in your chest you need to conduct a medical examination

Causes and symptoms of mastitis in men

In men mastitis is rare. The main causes of the disease:

  • a metabolic process;
  • disruption of the endocrine system;
  • hormonal disturbances;
  • some of the consequences of urological diseases;
  • getting into the mammary gland infection.

The above leads to the fact that men have reduced production of male hormones and begin to occur changes in the mammary glands. Main symptoms:

  • redness of the breast;
  • the areola becomes darker;
  • the nipple increases in size/volume;
  • when you touch the chest pain occur;
  • under fingers felt the seal;
  • the body shakes;
  • lymph nodes in the axilla enlarged;
  • the increase in temperature.

Острый мастит: симптомы, формы, лечение, профилактика

Mastitis in men can be caused of urological diseases

Causes and symptoms of mastitis in children

  • getting into the breast infection;
  • contamination failure to comply with hygiene;
  • low immunity.

The major alarming bells should be:

  • deterioration of health of the baby;
  • a decrease or lack of appetite;
  • temperature rise;
  • redness of the breast;
  • the increase in one or both Breasts in volume.

Children, unlike adults, can’t tell what they have hurts. Self babies, especially newborns, may lead to irreparable consequences. It is therefore not necessary to engage in self-treatment. It is best when the first symptoms consult a doctor.

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Острый мастит: симптомы, формы, лечение, профилактика

Mastitis in babies should be treated only by a qualified doctor

Classification of acute mastitis

There are many classifications of acute mastitis, which differ from each other in minor details. Next, we will focus on the simple say so of the classic classification of acute mastitis.

As we wrote above, mastitis is divided into lactational and relaksatsionnye (postpartum).

The nature of the inflammatory process it can be non-purulent and purulent. Non-purulent character of the inflammation is serous and infiltrative. Purulent mastitis for the same characteristic is abscessed, infiltrative abscessing, abscess and gangrenous. In addition to the above acute mastitis are classified by the location of the abscess on:

  • subareolar;
  • subcutaneous;
  • intramammary;
  • retromammary,

but at the place of distribution of inflammatory process:

  • limited (the affected one fourth of the breast);
  • diffuse (hit two or three quarters of the breast);
  • total (fully affected breast).

Острый мастит: симптомы, формы, лечение, профилактика

The scheme of spreading of infection during mastitis

Forms of acute mastitis, diagnosis and treatment

Mastitis is divided into two categories: purulent and non-purulent. Every woman has either experienced, or heard, or read about mastitis. Unfortunately, it is not enough the effect on the reduction of cases. At the first symptoms, indicating that this is mastitis, few people go to the doctor. Only after unsuccessful attempts to recover at home, already «running» the disease, many go on reception to the expert. Often women come to the doctor, having mastitis.

Acute mastitis is a fast growing disease, flowing in a relatively short period of time of non-purulent purulent in form.

Modern medicine allows us to accurately diagnose mastitis. This would be sufficient in order to conduct primary simple and complex medical interventions, namely:

  • inspection;
  • palpation (manual examination of the mammary glands);
  • percussion (tapping of the breast and analysis of sound phenomena occurring at the same time);
  • auscultation (listening to sounds).
  • There will then be a collection of tests, an ultrasound, thermography and computer diagnostics. After going through all the stages of examination will be possible reliably to diagnose and competently to appoint treatment of acute mastitis, which must necessarily take place under the supervision of the doctor. It was a timely appeal to the doctor will help to avoid surgical intervention and to cope with illness, medical treatment. Only a doctor can professionally poberech for each patient a complete, personalized method of treatment. Most likely will be recommended bed rest, limitation and even exclusion strenuous exercise. If a woman is nursing, you will be assigned activities to reduce lactation. Will run the blockade of the local anestetikam.

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    Острый мастит: симптомы, формы, лечение, профилактика

    In the case of lactational mastitis should limit breast-feeding

    The slightest delay can cause purulent mastitis go into purulent. In this case to cure the disease with medication will not work and will need surgery. Depending on the size of the lesion is selected the cut and shape. Doctors with awe approach this issue. You have to consider not only the medical, but the aesthetic side of the issue.

    The patient’s chest is cut, the pus is removed and the diseased tissue of the breast, place a drainage-washing system (DPS) and the chest is sewn up.

    Drainage and flushing system is a system of special medical tubes, through which the output of pus. Through these tubes are injected drugs, including antibiotics. With this DPS after surgery are within five to ten days. Then it withdraw. The sutures are removed on the eighth-tenth day.

    Complications purulent mastitis

    Complications purulent mastitis may be a consequence of the disease itself and postoperative. Complications of the disease itself – acute purulent inflammation of the cellular spaces in the breast, as well as gangrene, which can lead to blood poisoning.

    Postoperative complication very often leads to a milk fistula, which is contracted within one month after the operation. If a woman is undergoing surgery, is nursing mother, the milk fistula will not be a contraindication to feeding. With all the doctor’s instructions suppuration must not be repeated.

    It should be remembered that the surgical wound is very sensitive, open and very susceptible to getting infections.

    To prevent recurrence of nagnoenia in the chest should be most carefully monitor the health. Also note that the operated breast is not only deformed, but also predisposes the body to re-mastitis disease during subsequent pregnancies and breastfeeding.

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    Острый мастит: симптомы, формы, лечение, профилактика

    When re-pregnancy mastitis can occur again

    Prevention of purulent mastitis

    Mastitis can not only cure but also prevent its occurrence. Prevention of mastitis consists of a set of events:

    № p/p The event The way to achieve
    1. The increased resistance of the body Correct way diet, rich in proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates.
    2. Personal hygiene Twice a day to do water therapy (bath or shower). Put on clean underwear. Nursing mothers after feeding, you should wash the breast to remove milk residues. The chest is impossible to squeeze.
    3. Treatment of cracks on the nipples If the nipple is cracked you must quickly heal the wound. If a woman is lactating and feeding is painful, then you should feed healthy breast, and the second just to Express milk and be sure to treat it.
    4. Nursing mothers to Express the remaining milk Try to Express milk by hand, to avoid stagnation of milk, thereby massaging the mammary glands. You can also pick up a breast pump, which by its structure and functionality will achieve the desired result.