After selection of candles Hexicon

For the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, the drug is used Hexicon. In gynecology it is used quite often, as almost harmless and can be use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. These candles normalize the vaginal flora and does not negatively impact on the digestive system. However, when using Hexicon, can receive the different discharges. This is due to the side effects or if you have gynecological diseases.

Indications for use, side effects

The main component of this drug is chlorhexidine. It is considered a good antiseptic and cope with protozoa and gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Hexicon appointed in the diagnosis of the following diseases:

  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • Gardnerellosis
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Genital herpes
  • Ureaplasmosis.

The drug is prescribed to pregnant women before birth to reduce the risk of inflammatory processes. Like all medicines, Hexicon has contraindications and side effects; therefore it is impossible to take it without medical supervision, especially it concerns pregnant women.

Contraindications to this drug are:

  • Allergy to the components
  • Intolerance substances included in the composition
  • Dermatitis

Side effects when using Hexicon appear very rarely, they include the following itching and redness, dermatitis, dryness and burning in the vagina. After the end of treatment all the negative reactions will go away.

Allocation after taking

Often patients who were prescribed candles Hexicon, complained about the appearance of discharge from the vagina is the norm, colorless, watery. If they are bloody or cheesy, it could be a signal for seeking medical attention. With a very abundant blood discharge you should immediately stop taking the drug.

Selection can begin for the following reasons:

  • Disease, for treatment which was given the drug. Diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, stimulate the production of mucus, which irritates the walls of the vagina and may cause injury of blood vessels. This may cause the appearance of blood. If cervical erosion, there is the same reaction.
  • Incorrect dosage of the drug. Use of candles must be no more than 2 pieces per day at treatment and 1 candle for the prevention of diseases. When exceeding the daily dose may begin as inflammation that lead to injury of the vessels.
  • The start of menstruation. The Hexicon is not able to move the cycle, but the disease which he treats, can. So if after starting starts stuff, this can be a new menstrual cycle.
  • Individual intolerance to the components. In the instructions for drug selection is not indicated as a side effect. However, if there is discomfort, itching in the vagina and burning sensation, accompanied by the release of content from the genital tract, it is a sign that the drug is not suitable to the patient.
  • Mechanical damages. The cause of pink discharge after taking Hexicon is very common. When using candles for the prevention introduces them necessary after intercourse or after 2 hours. During sex can cause microtrauma, in consequence of which there will be a small amount of blood. Suppositories in the vagina turn into a liquid, which then enters the blood. Therefore, you may feel that pink highlight associated with the medication, but in reality it is not.
  • Poor quality examination. Another reason may be the disease, not discovered at the initial examination. Various pathologies often cause discharge. These include fibroids, polyps and even cancer. In such situations, the candles will trigger the ingress of blood oozing from the genital tract fluid.

In addition to bleeding often patients are observed and cheesy. In the instructions for use indicated that the drug has no negative effect on the vaginal flora, but in certain diseases it is possible. This files most often occur cheesy discharge with a yeast infection that occurs on the background of a weakened immune system of the patient.

Allocation during pregnancy

Pregnancy after candles Hexicon spotting are the result of side effects or disorders dosage drug. In women with elevated white blood cells often have pink and then brown discharge. In this situation is the norm. Of bleeding can be a signal that a pregnant woman has occurred detachment of the placenta, what is the likelihood of miscarriage. For this reason, in all secretions should immediately stop taking the medication and consult your doctor.

Whether to stop treatment at the onset of discharge?

If you receive your candle, there was a minor allocation and other side effects are not observed, then the treatment can continue. After completing the course it is better to consult a doctor and pass the necessary tests to rule out other comorbidities.

With abundant secretions, especially pregnant women, to consult a specialist as soon as possible. In pregnant women the appearance of fluid blood from the genital tract may be the cause of an impending miscarriage, so a visit in any case can not be tightened. The drug until the consultation has to stop.

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