Allocation during menopause: what are the possible watery, pink, smell

All have heard many times an expression like «biological clock». The female body is very dependent on this phenomenon. Throughout his life, a woman goes through certain stages of development. They are not every girl in the same age, and depend on the condition of the body. Therefore, it is called biological clock. Among the major life stages in a woman’s life can be called the time of menopause.

Menopause is one of the stages of a woman’s life

Menopause and its characteristics

In this article we’ll talk about discharge during menopause. Read more face it, whether normal this phenomenon is, what it signaled was it worth just afraid of what the symptoms of that indicate? And yet talk a little bit about the menopause.

This is one step in reshaping the woman’s body. The main function of the body female reproductive. During menopause the function of the female body fades away and ceases to function. Each woman individually experiences that stage. Different feelings and emotions. Some premenopausal women (pre-menopause) pass easily and without special effects, and some tolerate it quite hard. Hot flushes, fever, feeling cold after the hot flashes, headaches, depression, hysteria, the small number of women even fainting.

Time premenopausal involves the transition to menopause. At this time, disturbed menstrual cycle, loses his regime. Delays can last up to six months. The climax comes after the delay lasts more than 12 months. During this period disappear any uterine discharge, completely stops the menstrual cycle. But a large number of women faced with the fact that during menopause they have some strokes, and they ponder whether it is dangerous, whether normal this phenomenon? Where to go? And what in this situation do the modern women? Ladies immediately for advice and assistance, Internet web. But just have these questions:

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  • Can you trust information on the Internet, because it can have unreliable sources?
  • Which of the views to stick, because there are many contradicting answers for the same question, is it normal to highlight with menopause.
  • Выделения при климаксе: какие возможны - водянистые, розовые, запах

    There are women who carry relatively easy menopause

    The nature of any discharge

    The breeding selection is very important for the female body, they moisturize the internal environment, protecting the body from various infectious diseases. The level of such discharge is individual for each of the fair sex.

    During menopause, the number of such allocations is greatly reduced, dried environment of the womb that gives women the most uncomfortable, unpleasant and painful feeling, the fabric is dried and thinned, this causes a much increased risk of damage to the internal tissues of the uterus, cervix and vagina. But the discharge remains invisible to the women, because their number is too small and inadequate for that woman they found on the personal hygiene or linen.

    So do not ignore these signals your body. If you have any selection, it is better to consult your doctor, do not waste your precious time.

    Even if it turns out to be something harmless and normal, it is better to know about it immediately and live in peace. A visit to the doctor will protect you from future serious and dangerous consequences.

    We’re not talking you to become alarmist. This is perfectly normal – just go and consult a gynecologist who will tell you about the nature of the discharge does not threaten your health, whether it is dangerous. Another point, all women think that a pelvic exam is not performed during the discharge, all waiting for their end, but it’s in the roots is wrong, the doctor should go in this period. So the gynecologist to correctly understand the nature of the secretions and their character.

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    Выделения при климаксе: какие возможны - водянистые, розовые, запах

    Only the doctor can properly evaluate the symptoms that accompanied by secretions

    The types of discharge and what do they indicate

    And now let’s talk about some of the types of emissions and what they indicate:

  • If it is spotting during menopause, which you may discover after intercourse, they may indicate the development of cervical cancer. Initially, this disease develops without much prominent symptoms, so you may not suspect. But when there are pain in the lower abdomen, the waist, the disease is already harder to cure. Therefore, it is better consult a doctor after discovery of such symptoms.
  • Watery discharge in menopause with blood, the amount of which increases with time, accompanying pain during intercourse, urination can be a pointer to whether you have uterine cancer.
  • Pain in the pelvis and watery discharge nature, have a sharp odor, can indicate a sarcoma.
  • Allocation of white color, the consistency resembling cottage cheese, or creamy, may be a sign that you have a familiar thrush. Possible discomfort during intercourse, itching and burning sensation.
  • For cervicitis can specify purulent discharge is white with a greenish or yellowish tinge, has an unpleasant smell.
  • Sticky mucus of a purulent character during menopause could signal the development in your body of vaginitis. Possible swelling of the external genitals, itching and burning.
  • A thick discharge with a sharp «flavour», pain when urinating, possible pain in the abdomen, nausea that indicate inflammation of the pelvic organs.
  • Discomfort, pain, discharge creamy structure can indicate the presence of a foreign object in the penis.
  • Watery, white paint strokes that have an unpleasant smell, is a sign of trichomoniasis. Labia becoming pink in color, urination and sexual intercourse present pain.
  • Chlamydia can be accompanied by discharge of blood clots during sexual intercourse, white discharge, itching, pain in the lower abdomen.
  • Purulent, smell can be a sign of gonorrhea, accompanied by itching, pain.
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    Dear women, I would like to draw your attention to the important fact: it is better to immediately consult the gynecologist for advice as soon as the first selection in menopause. It’s your health and only you are responsible for it.

    Time of menopause your body and thus it becomes fragile and vulnerable, does not deteriorate the situation. Take care of yourself and your health, take care of your health.

    Any discharge can be both normal and signs of a dangerous disease, be sure to make an appointment to see a doctor. Undergoing regular examination by a gynecologist at least twice a year, most of the diseases can be identied by simple inspection on the gynecological chair, it will save you from future negative impacts.