As menopause starts in women: symptoms and signs

A woman’s life is a series of events, good and bad. But with the advent of 50 years of age, the woman begins to notice symptoms that begin to be disturbed daily. What’s wrong with me? is the question a woman asks herself and the doctor in charge at the reception. One response to the doctor plunges into horror, others accept the verdict. The beginning of menopause is not a verdict, it is another stage of life. How to start menopause? How to recognize the first symptoms of menopause? What symptoms accompanied?

Menopause has a number of unpleasant symptoms

Menopause or something else?

The age at which the woman notices the deterioration of health associated with the manifestations of menopause is 50 years. But it is worth noting the fact that the first symptoms can disturb a woman from 45 to 50 years, and some 30(the symptoms of early menopause). Let’s look at the symptoms of this life-span in females and talk on menopause.

  • Irregular periods. This symptom is not always the first bell beginning of menopause, but pay attention to it is worth. Contact your doctor if you are concerned about irregular menstrual cycle. Even in the age to 50 years a woman can become staracademy mom or the survey may show the disease.
  • Tides. From time to time a woman feels the heat in certain parts of the body, usually this symptom causes discomfort and lasts more than one minute. Heart’s going to pop out. If you notice that your heart is not behaving calmly, pounding, whether it’s just you were overcome by a sprint, then it’s time to find out why, it may be climax.
  • Scales show more. Noticing the increase in body weight more than 5 pounds, ask for help to a nutritionist, cardiologist and other specialists, this symptom says about the improper operation of your body systems, and the onset of menopause.
  • Insomnia. Insomnia often brings discomfort in the lives of women. The reason may be menopause, or other diseases. If sleeping pills and other drugs do not help, then the consequences of prolonged insomnia can lead to other more serious diseases.

Some women whose age more than 50 years of age often troubled by these symptoms, but they know that come the climax.

If you noticed symptoms one of these symptoms or all at once, you do not need to engage in self-diagnosis and panic. You need to remember when the symptoms started to bother you, and how often and accept the fact that you are standing on the threshold of aging. This realization should not be accompanied by depressive and panic States. Take this period as to what inevitably occurs with any woman.

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The fairer sex need to know more about some of the points associated with menopause. This physiological condition, there are signs. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Как начинается климакса у женщин: симптомы и признаки

Weight gain often accompanies entry into menopause

Menstruation, ie, none: the symptom is No. 1

Menopause is the time period which affects the glands that produce sex hormones. From the production of sex hormones depends on the fertility of women and the menstrual cycle. With the onset of menopause in women, periods start to go periodically and some are lost. Fully menopause makes itself known women older than 50 years.

Perimenopause is a symptom of a complete overhaul of the body that affect the ability to produce offspring. The term «perimenopause» to understand the beginning of the extinction of the functioning of the ovaries until the end of the menstrual cycle. In some women, this period lasts for two years, others for eight years.

The next phase of the menopausal period in women is menopause. Last menstrual cycle is typical of this phase . After the organism invades the menopause.

Postmenopausal – period from the last menstrual cycle to stop the functioning of the ovaries. After menopause, a woman feels the aging. The duration of this period six to eight years. The main symptom of menopause is irregular uterine bleeding that every month to become long, then short. If the woman noticed that the periods of time between «things» become more or less, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist – endocrinologist, to determine the causes and .purpose of examination and further treatment.

Remember, if you are under 45 years of age, you drink alcohol, smoke, eat poorly or incorrectly, I live in an area with poor environmental situation, the risk of early menopause is great. If you were prescribed hormonal drugs for the treatment of diseases, the menopause can «visit» you at a later age. So the hormones you used drugs, do not give the climax to occur.

Menopausal syndrome is the first harbinger of the coming climax, with his appearance of health and well-being of women is deteriorating. Doctors see a direct correlation of this characteristic with the production of female hormones.

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Как начинается климакса у женщин: симптомы и признаки

Alcohol can trigger early menopause

Symptom No. 2: The Tides

Hot flashes – a symptom indicates a valid approximation, or early menopausal changes in the body women. A feeling of intense heat, so describe their patients. Often hot flashes accompanied by severe sweating. The normal condition of the skin can change in a matter of seconds, and when the thermal background of the organism is not changed.

Often such conditions lead women to panic and stress. At the end of the tide, the woman feels weakness of the heart muscle is stronger, a level of endurance and work capacity is falling, panic and other unpleasant symptoms. Duration of about 60 seconds, but it can cause severe stress in women.

Some experience hot flushes often up to 60 times within 24 hours, others rarely. When the tide is very much a woman sweats, and after it you need to change the whole set of clothes. It is recommended to wear several layers of clothing so you can remove the soaked layer. This symptom appears at any time and operates on a woman’s body is grueling.

At such moments the woman may briefly lose consciousness. Hot flashes can cause insomnia, characterized by sleep deprivation and a constant feeling of fatigue. When manifested this symptom occurs the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Statistics: More than 50% of the female population experience discomfort from hot flashes. Slim ladies are more likely to experience hot flashes than overweight.

Как начинается климакса у женщин: симптомы и признаки

Tides can cause loss of consciousness

Lack of sleep: symptom No. 3

Insomnia is observed in this period, the tides, and stress. Contact your doctor if insomnia bothers you for a few nights in a row, he will prescribe you the necessary medications to remedy this symptom.

Constant migraines and headaches: symptom No. 4

The first symptom that appears during menopause – migraines and headaches. This reaction of the body to symptoms of menopause and depression. Pain stress differently referred to this phenomenon. Negative emotions contribute to the occurrence of migraines and headaches. If you do not know how to relax, you will not escape pain in the head. They can be monotone and dull.

The woman may feel a sharp headache, which is characterized by severe pain in the forehead and breaking at the temples . The attack is characterized by appearance of tremor and chills in the upper limbs, is accompanied by suffocation, a «ringing» in Shah, toxemia, and gag reflex.

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Как начинается климакса у женщин: симптомы и признаки

At constant stress and tension headache

Symptom No. 5. Heart pain

Menopause causes pain in the cardiac region. This symptom can cause serious heart problems.

Symptom No. 6. The higher blood pressure

Menopause is due to a sharp deterioration in the health of women. Increase in blood pressure is a sign of ill health, which causes the feeling of «weightlessness» and other unpleasant sensations. A sharp rise in blood pressure due to the adaptability of the organism to different influences. These are fiznagruzki, during which the pressure increases. Sudden increases of pressure require immediate medical intervention.

Как начинается климакса у женщин: симптомы и признаки

During menopause you should control blood pressure

Other signs

There are minor signs, they are so unpleasant and cause discomfort.

  • The numbness and tingling. Observed this sign in the night can cause numbness in certain fingers. After waking up a woman experiences pain when attempting to move brush.
  • The change of mood. The woman is in constant emotional stress, which is why there is depression, irritability, physical and nervous exhaustion.
  • Lump in my throat. Many women complain of unpleasant sensations lump in the throat, which is hard to get rid of. This symptom is observed only at menopause.
  • Depression. Menopause is caused by depressive States. At such moments a woman is experiencing dissatisfaction with life, irritability, depression. What causes depression? Hot flashes, anxiety and other factors contribute to the onset of depression.
  • Pain and vaginal dryness. This symptom is manifested in the second phase of menopause, and is caused by low production of sex hormones, the vaginal mucosa becomes thinner, and loses its normal lubrication and become dry.


Women who have reached 50 years of age, to recognize the approach of menopause can symptoms described earlier in the review. No need to wait when these signs and symptoms will bring chaos into your life, see your doctor to time were prescribed treatment.