At menopause sweating what to do and the reasons for sweating

In the life of every woman one of the periods, which cannot be avoided is the climax. When sexual functionality stops, it is inevitable. For the body is stress, during menopause can severely sweating hands. Dramatic changes are taking place not only health, but also affects the lifestyle.

The effects of menopause

One of the most unpleasant feature of this period is the sweating during menopause. For the fair half of mankind so it carries a lot of unpleasant moments. If the smell of sweat, without any problems can be removed at home, while at work or surrounded by many people, where there is no possibility to use the sink, or at least wet wipes, make it much harder.

At the time of occurrence there are three variants of menopause:

  1. early;
  2. timely;
  3. late.

The first can occur even up to forty years, the second – from forty-five to fifty-five, the latter after 55. Duration of menopause was observed to several years. But when that didn’t happen, there are always reasons, adversely affecting the health of women.

Menopause is always accompanied by several problems:

  • physiological nature – sexual functionality is significantly reduced, disturbed sleep, pain occur in joints, epidermis is more susceptible to aging, which is accompanied by the appearance of wrinkles;
  • psychological problems – increased fatigue, frequent depression, a drastic change not only in nature but in the mood, regular bouts of irritability, nervousness, irrational resentment, weakness throughout the body;
  • hormonal nature – spikes pressure and pulse, sudden hot flashes and sweating.

Increased sweating in menopause occurs when menopause occurs. During aging of the female body, significantly reduced the secretion of this estrogen. It can result in very unpredictable consequences, from irritability and fatigue abrupt ending. At this time, the mood swings are very complicate understanding with others.

Excessive sweating is a violation of thermoregulation center. The reasons for its slightest violations are as follows – in the brain receives the false information that the body hot. Then, the vessels begin to expand, and the glands responsible for perspiration are starting to produce it harder than necessary. The aim of cooling the body.

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Measures to help

When you begin menopause and concerned about hyperhidrosis, for every female becoming a pressing issue – how to get rid of sweating during menopause?

Independently apply any of the measures is not desirable, because the wrong treatment can harm your body than help you Need to go to the gynecologist, and that after a complete examination, prescribe appropriate treatment and will recommend the right medicines.

Although cure menopause impossible, but to reduce its unpleasant symptoms, including sweating, are used such methods:

  • herbal medicine – ingestion of extracts and preparations based on medicinal plants;
  • vitamin therapy;
  • aromatherapy – use oils.

From hot flashes and sweating can be assigned to such remedies for menopause:

  • Cliff is a tincture of herbs. Its calming effects it helps to normalize sleep, reduce the frequency of hot flashes, eliminate dizziness;
  • Laviron – effective and safe antidepressant. One should only by the doctor, because each organism requires a certain dose;
  • Novo-Passit – as tablets and a solution. This drug has a positive effect on the hormonal background of women. Under its action are shortness of breath, headache, normal heartbeat and sweating;
  • Persen. The medication consists of herbal extracts – Valerian, lemon balm, mint. A positive effect on the nervous system. Opposed to the excessive sweating, normalizes sleep and heart rate.

The positive side these funds – they can safely be taken with other pharmaceuticals.

At menopause from the tides are mainly used three kinds of homeopathic medicines:

  1. Remains;
  2. Sepia;
  3. Climact-Hel.

Remains, can be used as tablets and drops. Application is permitted at any stage of the menopause. Its impact is aimed at restoring the functionality of the endocrine glands, which leads to the normalization of a disturbed hormonal background. Symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating, pain in the region of the heart gradually disappear.

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Sepia, drops should be taken for two months, 65 milliliters of water, about 10 drops to drink twice a day, or 30 minutes before meals or an hour after food. After a course of such therapy sweating is significantly reduced, and the frequency of tides is reduced, as well as sweating during them.

Pills Climact-Hel aims to eliminate excess nervous reactions and a decrease in the number of tides.

Women prefer resolving most of the problems with traditional methods, the question arises – what to do in this situation? To use in some recipe or some kind of conspiracy?

By the popularly known tools are:

  • Steaming feet in the tub before bed. The water should be very hot, nearly forty degrees. Limbs to hold for half an hour. Then, immediately wipe dry the legs and go to bed.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the bath will help the use of contrast water – hot and room temperature. In one foot hold for about five minutes, cold 30 seconds.
  • The occurrence of the sweating during menopause can not be considered as a manifestation of a disease. It is a natural protective reaction of the body when to start hot flashes.This phenomenon although it is unpleasant, but you can make small efforts and greatly reduce perspiration:
    • try to avoid areas with too high temperature, also in hot weather it’s to keep the shadows and not be under the scorching sun;
    • do not expose the body to stressful situations;
    • refrain from drinking hot beverages and alcoholic drinks;
    • not abuse tobacco products;
    • avoid spicy, fatty and salty foods, because in women, it affects not only the frequency of the tides, and by weight;
    • in the daily diet to greatly reduce consumption of sugar, coffee and black tea – they provoke more sweating during menopause;
    • to exclude from the wardrobe of all the things made of synthetic fabric, preferably linen made of such a material be replaced by a more natural, as they have a negative impact on thermoregulation in the body;
    • avoid wearing too thick and warm clothes – the fabric should be natural and easy outfit;
    • keep trying to the night stay was in a ventilated room;
    • to start exercise in the fresh air or replace long Hiking.

    At menopause, when sweating is increased more than usual, you should follow some simple recommendations to preserve the freshness of the skin:

      • Morning and evening, take a shower, as the sweat has an odor, especially a very old one. To pamper yourself with baths with the addition of sage or mint.

    • Don’t ignore washing your hair. Dirty hair not only looks ugly, but is a great place for the growth of harmful microflora.
    • Because of the unpleasant sweaty smell there is a reason to frequently change bed linen, as it is in this period provides an ideal environment for microbes.

    When women have menopause occurs, do not be nervous and panic. A healthy lifestyle and a positive mood can help you get through this period without much inconvenience to themselves.

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