Bad smell in private parts: causes and treatment

Physiologically a woman’s body is designed so that every month is refreshed blood. This condition is called menstrual cycle. During it occurs the presence of blood. The time duration normally takes from three days to a week. Allocation in women, almost devoid of any unpleasant odor, but in some cases you may receive a rotten smell from your intimate areas.

In this case a woman should pay her as close attention as it can be connected with the accession of any pathology.

Odor is the deviation?

Odor privates every woman perceives in his own way. Some refer to this quite easily, others almost panic, throwing everything, literally ran to the reception to the dermatologist. Is it so terrible really? And always if such situations are associated with pathology?

The restructuring of the genitalia in the adult female occurs under the influence of hormones. In this period, the body increases estrogen level. This leads to the fact that the mucosa of the endometrium, the cells are subjected to flaking. All this, of course, accompanied by bleeding. Endometrial cells in a kind of secretions out through the vulva. This condition is called menstruation. Because uterine cells and other organs in the body, have the ability to regenerate, after some time, they are replaced by new cells, which will close the bleeding capillaries and hemorrhaging will stop. The blood oozing from the vagina, mixed with the natural secretions that causes the odor. Much discomfort to a woman (especially to others), he does not deliver, why she sees him only when changing clothes.

The allocation of women can have a different smell and a different intensity. This is due to the stage of the cycle.

  • In the beginning, the intensity of the discharge is very scanty. They have the appearance of whiter spotting, deprived of smell. This can be seen in the first 10 – 15 days before making ovulation.
  • And the beginning of advent is the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Normally, they can smell iron. It is not a coincidence. As for the build of the blood protein hemoglobin this element is absolutely necessary. Without his presence the protein synthesized can not be. This does not should be alerted woman. The smell is quite normal. Once all this is complete, and the menstrual cycle will end, will disappear, and the smell. Sometimes a woman determines the nature of the smell associated with meat. It also smells like iron.
  • In the middle of a cycle of selection becoming intensive and marked yellowish tint. If fertilization has not taken place, the endometrial cells exposed to the exfoliation and blood appears. The nature of the intensity of its presence is different and depends on the individual characteristics of the female body. Come as soon as the critical days, such allocation are profuse and have an odor of iron. The smell during menstruation is quite typical.
  • As soon as my period ends, the amount of discharge is sharply on the decline, and they have no peculiar smell. While there is a complete cessation of the discharge from the vulva.
  • The epithelial nature of the minor mucus discharge can occur in women during pregnancy or of her absence. This is due to the microflora that is present in the vagina. It is always there.
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So female intimate area, the way of nature. For example, the presence of microflora of lactic acid bacteria expression causes a buildup of lactic acid that performs a protective function, preventing the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms, since the nature of the environment at the same acidic, which is detrimental to many microorganisms. Bacterial flora is exposed to constant self-cleaning. So physiologically’s a woman’s body.


If to speak about the reasons of an unpleasant smell during menstruation, they can be very different.

All the causes can be divided into two large groups:

  1. causes due to the action of agents of an infectious nature;
  2. reasons not related to the action of an infectious factor.

The first group is extensive and can be due to the presence of:

    • Candidiasis, pathology occurs under the action of a fungus of the genus Candida. Place of life and his development in this case is the mucosa, which lined the vagina. Subjectively the patients complain of a feeling of itching, discharge from the perineum cheesy character with their inherent acidic odor. Most often this is associated with the smell after menstruation.

    • Vaginosis, is caused by the action of bacterial flora. The normal microflora of the vagina changes. Joined by various anaerobic bacteria, due to which the allocation of the purchase fishy smell. Their livelihoods associated with the appearance of watery discharge that have an odor. It is very unpleasant and similar to the aroma of rotten fish.

    • Obesity, appearance due to Trichomonas. The process develops in the mucous membrane of the vagina. Patients inherent in itching and a burning sensation in the projection of the genital organs. We have the selection, which are green in colour and frothy in nature. Such allocation is very smelly. They have a very unpleasant. Characteristic for them is the smell of rot. Their peculiarity is that they literally are able to just stink.
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  • Inflammation of the lining of the uterus, this condition is called endometritis. This pathology can be due to the presence of sexually transmitted diseases plan. Often this can occur after surgery for abortion. In addition to the subjective symptoms associated with pain of different nature and intensity in the abdomen and lumbosacral, objectively there may be bloody discharge with odor. The smell after your period there is almost always.

Much less frequently, the cause is not infection. It’s much more difficult, can be observed in cancer of the uterus.

Selection may wear a dark bloody character. This occurs in cases where fetal development takes place outside the uterine cavity. Conception occurs when fertilization of the egg. Then his way is associated with the passage through the oviduct into the uterus. There are times when the fallopian tubes become impassable. Such an obstacle can arise due to congenital abnormalities or inflammatory process, leading to the formation of adhesions. Place of fetus development is the oviduct. The fetus grows in size, and fallopian tube, not withstanding such loads, just torn. Such States are classified as urgent because it is fraught with the development of peritonitis with all the ensuing consequences.

There are cases in which the pregnancy is not able to flow normally. It happens in situations where the fetus is in the fallopian tube or the uterus, dies. It can decompose and such leads to the inflammatory process that leads to that allocation are fetid character.

How to eliminate bad odor?

To get rid of unpleasant smell during menstruation. The visit to the gynecologist will be not only desirable but also necessary. Critical days can not only be accompanied by the odor associated with discharge, but also be associated with other different symptoms. If this is not observed, the woman more attention should be paid to personal hygiene.

  • For cleaning during menstruation, you should use warm water. It is advisable not to use any cosmetics. The following procedure is advantageously carried out in the morning and evening. If bleeding is severe, then you should do it more often.
  • We propose a more frequent change of pads. Even if the pads have good absorbency, more than 5 hours to write one. The tampon should be changed every 2 hours.
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If all attempts to eliminate the smell by strengthening measures aimed at the observance of the rules of a hygienic nature, are vain and unpleasant smell does not disappear, in this case, without consultation (and in some cases of venereal diseases) can not do. Experts will help to establish the cause of the odor and to develop actions aimed at their elimination.

So, the cause of unpleasant odors in the intimate places can become infection caused by the vital activity of different microorganisms. It may occur during menstruation, before menstruation or after them. In such cases, the diagnosis of such conditions and their treatment do not delay. In some cases, such a need is dictated by the fact that States of this nature can harm not only the body of the woman but also her partner. Expert advice, correct and timely initiation of treatment will help solve the problem. Of course, in any frame does not fit self-medication using “grandma’s” recipes.