Balls for vagina: exercise to strengthen vaginal muscles

Balls to the vagina is one of the few massagers that are applied to strengthen the muscles of intimate area and pelvis. Since ancient times this device was used women who were sexually active. In Eastern countries it was commonplace. At the beginning of the last century gynecologist A. Kegel developed the theory, which justified the need for their use not only to improve the quality of sexual life, but also to preventive training of the muscles of the perineum, prevention of urogenital diseases.

What is the mechanism?

Ben WA balls (Kegel exerciser) are spheres made of purified silicon, latex, plastic or metal. They are produced in different models, the price of which varies depending on the manufacturer and quality of submitted product. This tool can be purchased at any online store that provide similar services.

Interest to the vaginal balls have noticeably increased in recent decades, despite the fact that in the domestic market they exist long enough. An increasing number of doctors (gynecologists, sexologists) assigns this device to their patients.

There are the following reasons for appointment of vaginal balls:

  • the variety of sexual life (sexual games, increase libido);
  • exercise the vaginal muscles for completeness of tactile sensations (the development of erogenous zones);
  • the decrease in the volume of the vagina by strengthening vaginal walls;
  • training of the pelvic floor in the antenatal period;
  • the increase of blood circulation in the tissues in the postpartum period;
  • treatment and prevention of diseases of the urogenital sphere (dropped uterus, bladder, vaginal walls, urinary incontinence);
  • stabilization of the organs of the pelvis and abdominal cavity.

Usage instructions

Vaginal areas used by the doctor. Specialist will talk in detail about the methods of introduction and rational use. If for any reason the woman refuses further consultation of the doctor, on the Internet you can find a video with a detailed description of the procedure. In any case, before using vaginal balls should be familiar with the existing contraindications.

Contraindications to the use of the device for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is the following:

  • pregnancy (especially first trimester) in the case of the high tone of the uterus;
  • infectious-inflammatory processes in the reproductive organs;
  • structural abnormalities of the epithelium, the presence of tumors in the vagina, cervix, cervical canal (condyloma, polyps, erosion, dysplasia);
  • the early postpartum period (up to 3 months);
  • painful sensations when using;
  • dryness of the intimate area (requires the use of lubricants).
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When Troubleshooting these symptoms, you can use the balls to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Balls, made of silicone, is used not only for vaginal. The introduction of silicone spheres into the anus stimulates the sensibility of erogenous zones, which increases the interest in their use for sex.

Instructions for use includes the following steps:

  1. Toilet intimate areas with the use of hygiene products. Additionally clean the balls with soap solution.
  2. Complete emptying of the bladder and rectum. Using vaginal balls, you can feel urination and bowel movement.
  3. Pretreatment of the vagina and the balls themselves gel lubricant to eliminate discomfort before injection. You can use intimate lubricant purchased in a drugstore or specialty store.
  4. The process of introducing can be vertical (lifting one leg for convenience) and horizontal (supine). This procedure is reminiscent of the introduction of a regular tampon during menstruation.
  5. With the introduction of the balls into the vagina the pelvic muscles should be fully relaxed, so as not to create additional resistance.
  6. Introduced one by one the balls need to feel. To do this, first strain the hip muscles and then intimate. The appearance of the characteristic sense of gravity, the procedure can be considered finished.

Applying balls to exercise the muscles for the first time, you should choose the smallest model of light materials. Some of them include a cord for easy retrieval. At later stages you can go to a larger model size and density of the material.

To foreign body sensation need to get used to. Sometimes balls can spontaneously leave the vaginal cavity, for example, when sneezing, coughing or exercise. Prolapsed areas should be treated in the same way and re-enter. The first procedure should not exceed 10 – 15 minutes. With every procedure, the time interval can be gradually increased.

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Kegel Exercises

Exercises with vaginal balls in compliance with the recommendations of the author will feel the effectiveness after 1 – 2 weeks from the start of the application. The first procedure should not exceed more than 60 minutes during the day. Every 30 minutes conduct training of vaginal muscles, clenching and unclenching them for 3 seconds for 1 – 2 minutes. Every day increase the interval to 3 seconds. To 10-day course of training the total duration of the procedure was 5.5 hours during the day.

The workout consists of two exercises:

  • simeuse-relaxing;
  • simeuse-pushing.

Simeuse-relaxation exercises carried out in several stages:

  1. The first 15 times muscles compress-release for 6 seconds. Then move on to a quick pace 10 times, resting every 3 to 4 seconds. Tense muscles are held in this condition for 90 minutes and then rest for 2 – 3 minutes. The procedure is repeated.
  2. Alternately clench-unclench my muscles at intervals up to 20 seconds. The procedure is repeated, reducing the time by 5-10 seconds. After a 15-second rest, the procedure was repeated several times.
  3. Compress-unclench my muscles are 1 – 2 minutes, alternately resting. Then the time increased to 6 minutes. The total duration of training is increased to 30 minutes. Enough 3 to 4 procedures in the course of the day.

Simeuse-pushing exercises are also carried out in stages:

  • 15 times hold tense for 5 seconds the muscle is alternately resting.
  • Moving to a more fast-paced, reflex motion repeating 10 times.
  • Attempts medium power voltage is repeated several times within 5 seconds.

To achieve the desired effect, such procedures should be carried out regularly for 3 – 6 months. Sessions are conducted lying down, relaxed, and comfortable environment. As an option you can choose while watching your favorite TV shows.

The device-analogues

Science does not stand still, and modern specialists are developing new improved models for carrying out a complex of special physical exercises to support tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (vumbilding). Intimate fitness includes use of the following simulators:

  • Airbee;
  • Pelvic Toner;
  • Magic kegel master.

These devices allow the vumbilding at home. Modern models are equipped with additional devices, allows you to control the process of exercise.

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Development of doctor A. Kegel and engineer L. V. Muranivsky was improved during the last decades. After reviewing the manual, it is possible to use them by adjusting the load and time of training. Which model is preferable, you can also see customer reviews and manufacturer’s recommendations. The cost of the simulator is higher, the more additional devices he has. Some craftsmen are trying to make such a device, reading the developments. No doctor will recommend this device because of alleged danger to health. To avoid unpleasant disappointments and financial losses it is better to spend time on the advice of a specialist.

Simulators equipped with impulse enable you to achieve fast result without much effort on the part of women. Just enough to put the required program. Light vibrating impulses stimulating effect on the vaginal muscles.

Not less effective recognized simulators with Pneumatics (chamber). The desired result can be achieved after 2 – 3 months of use. However, they are not very easy to operate because of the required permanent Assembly of component parts, limitation of freedom of action, time and venue of training.

The most easy to use is considered to be generic mechanical models, which can be adjusted independently.

To develop vaginal muscles you can also use vaginal beads, cones, jade eggs. Which option is most acceptable, of the woman. In any case, professional help will not hurt.

If the woman made the decision to use vaginal balls, then you need to tune in to a long course of lessons. Regularly performed exercises and additional advice of a doctor guarantee a positive result.