Bay leaf for abortion (recipes), how to speed up my period

Bay leaf is not only common spice, but also used for medicinal purposes. Laurel can cause menses with prolonged delay. What is the secret to the success of Bay leaf?

Some use Bay leaf for abortion, but to do so is strictly prohibited. This method is unreliable and may affect the development of pathologies in the fetus or in the worst case — the death of a woman due to the emergence of internal bleeding.

Useful properties

In folk medicine, Bay leaf make different infusions to increase appetite, improve digestion, in the treatment of arthritis and high blood pressure to lower it. Thus, the decoction of Bay leaf has the following properties:

  • tones;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • relieves stress;
  • stops bleeding;
  • restores a healthy sleep;
  • causes menstruation;
  • removes toxins;
  • relieves tension;
  • improves digestion;
  • removes stones from kidneys.

Not everyone heard about that Bay leaf is used to call monthly. But it’s actually been practiced for many years in folk medicine, and gives the desired result.

The reasons for the delay menstruation

Menstruation may not come in time for several reasons:

  1. A lot of stress. Changing emotional background can be the cause of most health problems, but also bring down the menstrual cycle.
  2. Hormonal failure. If there is a change in the hormonal background that leads to the restructuring of the whole organism, for example, in the time of the adoption of hormonal drugs, the advent of menstruation can also lose.
  3. Obesity. Sometimes this problem can become the main reason and the woman need to consult a dietitian.
  4. The presence of a tumor. In cases of malignant or benign tumors need treatment, and this in turn leads to delayed menstrual cycle.
  5. Weight reduction. During dieting the body is exposed to stress, the body begins to dwindle and as a consequence is the delay of menstruation.
  6. Climax. Stops production of hormones, menstruation and disappear.
  7. Heavy loads. During a visit to the gym of excessive stress adversely affect health and bring down the menstrual cycle.
  8. Exacerbation of chronic diseases is stress for the whole body, which also disturbs menstrual cycle.
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No matter what the reason for the failure, but if your period is delayed should visit a doctor. If you all want to make menstruation come faster, you should try to drink infusion Lavrushka, but only in small quantities.

How decoction affects the body?

Critical days occur as a result of the synthesis of certain hormones. In the second phase of the menstrual cycle (after ovulation) the endometrium is actively growing, in the event of conception, the pregnancy can be saved. If fertilization has not occurred, the endometrium is rejected in due time. From ovulation to menstruation is 12 to 14 days, and during this period, the body has happen all the changes necessary for the successful flow of a new cycle.

Hormonal failure can change the length of the menstrual cycle and to postpone menstruation. To solve this problem, there are a variety of drugs, however, many women prefer to be treated with folk remedies (including Bay leaf). It is believed that a Bay leaf for the monthly helps because it enhances the activity of the uterus and accelerates the arrival of menstruation. For reviews it means causing my period so effective that they are able to begin on the day following its adoption. The effect can only be expected in healthy women. Bay leaf can cause uterine contractions and cause bleeding, but are unlikely to be able to help with serious pathology in the reproductive sphere.

The broth after conception

How to speed up my period by using the decoction of Bay leaf and thus solve the problem with unwanted pregnancy? A decoction of Laurel and pregnancy is absolutely incompatible concepts. How to make a miscarriage? If the pregnancy test showed a positive result, then not later than 10 days after the start delay you need to brew Bay leaf and drink it.

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In the later stages of pregnancy from 6 weeks to several months abortion using medication is not safe, especially Bay leaf will not be able to help you. The only solution will be to visit a doctor.


Recipes, how to call a monthly folk remedies using Bay leaf:

  1. Call monthly at home in the following way: take 0.5 liters of water and put 10 grams Lavrushka. Boil for an hour on a slow fire, then drain. You should drink only one Cup of broth and not to repeat the procedure. In this way the detachment of the ovum and a miscarriage to happen quickly, so just one glass.
  2. To call critical days, can also in a glass of boiling water throw 3 Bay leaves. Let the infusion infusions, and then it should drink. During the day drink a glass three times.

Bay leaf for abortion, the recipe of which is presented below, should be used only if the pregnancy is actually undesirable.

  • How to cause miscarriage? Take 400 grams of water and add one package of Bay leaf. After the broth comes to a boil you must boil it for five minutes with the lid open. To brew the infusion should be in the thermos and let it infuse for 3 hours. The decoction to drink small SIPS all day. For the onset of a miscarriage might take several hours to brew began to act.


A decoction of Bay leaf to prepare very simple, as well as the decoction of chamomile and parsley, but it has its contraindications. Without a doubt Bay leaf can cause menstruation, but should avoid it if you have heart problems, liver or kidney. In addition, women suffering from constipation, is also not recommended to drink the broth, after all, Bay leaf binders are elements that provoke the formation of constipation.

The noble Laurel is a drug and has antiseptic and analgesic properties. But during use at home, you should know the measure, to avoid severe bleeding. Before applying the above recipes it is best to come to the specialist for a consultation to avoid unintended consequences.

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Many women have been able to test the effect of the Laurel myself. Naturally, any woman would be afraid to drink the broth, but after reading the reviews it will be able to make a decision.

When you consider all the feedback we can conclude that the broth Lavrushka helps with delayed menstruation and the next day after applying the critical days to come. But note one thing, that if you use broth you’ve decided to get rid of a fruit, but it did not work, the child may be born with different pathologies.

Lavrushka have many useful properties, but if not serious about treatment, it can lead to irreparable consequences.


If you delay menstruation to use Bay leaves you can only in small quantities. Not superfluous to visit the gynecologist to find the cause of the failure of the menstrual cycle. To solve problems with an unwanted pregnancy should also seek the assistance of a gynecologist. Trying to get rid of the fetus traditional methods can cause severe bleeding and, potentially, fatal. All things in moderation, and Bay leaf is no exception.