Before menstruation want sex

The problem of increasing libido in ahead of the monthly encountered more than one woman. Someone’s the experience of his youth, and someone begins to notice a similar expression of feelings closer to the menopausal period. It is clear that the desire, at times insatiable, sexual relations with a partner can visit at the most inopportune moment: at work, during classes at the University, on the road, etc.

That is why such a vivid manifestation of sexual desire becomes the fair sex is not a joy and a burden. But if the woman has no partner or husband for a long time missing home, increased libido, it may seem is definitely an obsession. Face it: whether to record yourself in nymphomaniac, or is it natural from the point of view of physiology, the feeling? As you can do it if the desire continues to pursue a woman even when you begun menstruation?

The culprit – hormonal

Not everyone will be able to list all the hormones that are produced in the body glands of internal secretion. When the woman menstruation soon, in a certain way triggered the ovaries are responsible for the cycle, and other glands. Doctors have found that the cycle duration is also in the group of paired glands – the adrenal glands. Included and parathyroid glands and the thyroid. Often even the composition of blood changes so that it causes electrolyte imbalance, manifested in the appearance of edema, headaches, cramps and aggressive mood. So begins PMS – premenstrual syndrome.

In common parlance it is believed that its manifestation is either aggressiveness or tearfulness, but in reality it may turn out to be unwell. Often it is caused by an overabundance in your blood of sodium ions. This electrolyte displaces other ions of calcium, magnesium and potassium, so it can change not only the mood. Women who have problems with musculoskeletal disorders, you may experience pain in the spine or joints from lack of calcium. But the deficit of magnesium and potassium affects the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

When the fairer sex increases the number of hormone, called male, that is testosterone, it leads to increased libido.

A woman changes places with the man and becomes the initiator of intercourse. At the same time there is an increase in oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for contraction of muscles of the uterus, so the natural increase in the period when the menstrual cycle ends. This hormone is a typical female, because a huge amount of it is normally produced by the after birth, helping to restore the size of the uterus and lessen the bleeding.

Breastfeeding triggers the production of oxytocin, and sometimes during a heavy discharge nursing mom feels almost unbearable abdominal pain. The same pain can not prosecute pregnant women, and those women whose periods start. The uterus twists and squeezes painfully, and in such periods it is unlikely that the woman will think about sex.

Intolerable desire to be intimate with before menstruation is not the ugly, that is able to provoke the raging hormones. When oxytocin is increased not as much as testosterone is, there is a strong sex desire.

You will be able to cope with libido willpower or need to take medication

If before menstruation has more interest in sex than in other periods, the situation can change:

  • having daily intimacy that the body was producing adequate hormones;
  • taking hormonal drugs;
  • trying to hold back.

The first method is good for family, women whose husbands are home every night, ready to fulfill your marital duties. And if the husband works a day or three? Then you can resort to tricks like phone sex but with your own pious. Women of substance with a vibrant imagination, and it should definitely help.

When the body produces hormones: endorphins, serotonin, in addition to rough attraction to the partner, the woman feels elated and happy. With this combination it will be ready to move mountains, and it may increase creativity.

It is the world of fantasy helps to overcome it is, in fact, an animal feels when it is unrealistic to have sex physically. Just have to ask and how to deal with the tedious work, when you need to think, focus on the subject of the study? Do take hormones? Often they are afraid to use because of the risk of overweight, and rightly so.

But there are hormones, which a person may, on the contrary, a terrible thing to lose weight. The volume and shape of the body are important parameters, but not the main. You need to be afraid of hormonal imbalance and lifelong dependence on drugs. To accept them blindly – not a good idea. This is a reason to consult with a sex therapist, gynecologist, endocrinologist.

Should I go to doctors when you want sex before menstruation

Here each lady is free to decide on their own. If this desire is possible with varying degrees of success to resist, then the reason for medical care not. Much worse when a woman attends PMS “in all its glory”, causing migraines, pain in the abdomen and mammary glands, severe swelling. During this period, you need to eat less salt, and eat foods that are high in magnesium, potassium and calcium. If diet does not help, you can go to the doctor.

On the other hand, the swelling is unlikely to facilitate the emergence of sexual inclination, but is another “Sputnik” women in this period, itching of the vaginal area. He could once again provoke libido. But in reality is a reaction to the change of a hormonal background, and sometimes a weakening of the immune system that may lead to changes in the composition of microflora in the vaginal mucosa, causing itching and.

A weakened immune system allows to proliferate those microorganisms that were previously suppressed, and a profuse discharge – create of this microflora in the nutrient medium. If the itching is very strong, still need to visit a gynecologist to have it checked out at the smear was not possible to develop a yeast infection, also called candidiasis.

And there still remains the question: what to do if your libido doesn’t let go, and my period has already started? After all, leaking fluid in the vagina only adds to the desire, but from the point of view of physicians in the critical days sex is contraindicated.

Still allowed to have sex during menses or not

Even doctors do not render a clear verdict on the topic. Some argue that during intercourse during menstruation, relieve spasms of muscles, and at the same time – and blood vessels. Pain is reduced or disappear altogether. For women it is manifested by withdrawal of the General tone and stiffness, which can be the body during this period.

The great significance and carries the emotional component of sexual relations, if a couple is in true harmony – not just the sexual act itself, but foreplay, accompanied by caresses. If you step back from a purely emotional contact, this process can be regarded as a relaxing massage, but its effect is great precisely because it “holds the procedure” to dear people.

The second group of physicians tend to see in sex during critical days, the risk of infection, though both partners. Because blood is a protein substance, where can I find a nutrient medium and bacteria to proliferate.

On the causes of inflammation of the endometrium has not been studied carefully, and the treatment of the disease difficult. In severe cases, necessary to resort to removal of the uterus.

That’s why doctors are so afraid of the infection of this organ due to the fact that a person is not able to endure a week and made a sexual act.

Hygiene problem to solve actually using the condom. Especially if the man is squeamish, and the initiator of intimacy is a woman. The use of the subject of contraception – the real way out.

Slightly worse, when sexual intercourse interfere with severe pain from a partner. When the aching pain a woman will not get rid of cramps, and entered into a hasty sexual encounter, to provoke their gain, so to act recklessly is not: it is better to listen to your body.

Sexual desire before menstruation is not a pathology more dangerous moments connected with hormones and as described in this article. Their appearance is the criterion, indicating that it is time to see a doctor.

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