Birth control pills are not fattening

Overweight is a real problem for many women. Despite the fact that obesity is the result of a mismatch of the ratio of consumption and calorie consumption, some women perceive birth control pills that don’t make you fat, as a panacea. Can we really lose a few pounds, taking hormonal birth control pills? To answer this question, we need to understand the mechanism of their effects on the body.

The specificity of action of contraceptives

Hormonal contraceptives are designed to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The combination of hormones included in the pills, with prolonged use changes the ovaries.

To make the right choice in favor of a good birth control pill, you need to consider several criteria:

  • age;
  • previous childbirth (or lack thereof);
  • the presence of systemic diseases (gynecological, endocrine, and others);
  • natural hormonal;
  • the General condition of the body.

The search for effective tools with contraceptive effect – the task of the doctor. The appointment of hormonal agents should be preceded by consultation of gynecologist (gynecologist-endocrinologist) with a full examination of the body. Examining the data of anamnesis, the doctor makes a choice in favor of a specific preparation.

Contraceptives are of two types:

  • combined oral contraceptives (COCs);
  • mini – pill, based on one hormone (progestogen).

The combined funds can be monophasic, when the level of synthetic analogues of female hormones change throughout the drug, and three-phase (the change occurs during the menstrual cycle).

The number of hormonal substances contained in combined oral contraceptives determines their subspecies.

  1. Micro-dose oral contraceptives contain the minimum amount of hormones. Most comfortably tolerated by patients compared to other types, which explains their widespread use by young girls.
  2. Low-dose – contain a low dose of hormones. It also demanded KOK used by patients of different age groups, including nulliparous.
  3. High-dose, highly KOK take to the doctor with a medical purpose in the apparent violations of hormonal background.
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These tools contain both progestin and estrogen. The ovulation process is accompanied by release of large amounts of female sex hormones, and accept the COC allow you to adjust the ratio to prevent the process of fertilization. If for any reason the doctor advises to take COC, it can be restricted to products containing only progestogen (minipill). This pill form is prescribed in the lactation period.

Is there a slimming effect?

Inserting into a search engine the question “birth control pills”, a young girl hoping to find the miracle drug with immediate effect. Perhaps the following facts impel them to such thoughts:

  • hormonal changes in some cases accompanied by lack of appetite, nausea, which affects the amount of food consumed;
  • in women in the blood which contains a high amount of male sex hormones, see fast metabolism;
  • hormonal contraceptives, which contain drospirenone, promote the excretion of fluids from the body, eliminate edema.

In fact, these facts do not affect the change in body weight. It is rather a temporary phenomenon. Every body reacts differently to the changing balance of hormones. Moreover, the change in the natural hormonal levels can play havoc with the opposite effect.

Contraceptives for systemic effects should be used for its intended purpose. If a hormonal background in norm and the absence of any pathological processes, the use of contraceptives in most cases has no negative impact on the female body. Question what birth control pill lose weight, becomes irrelevant.

  • permanent control over the number of calories consumed;
  • limiting the consumption of sweet and starchy dishes;
  • the preference for protein-rich foods;
  • sufficient drinking regime (to drink at least 2 litres of water a day);
  • active exercise;
  • lack of stress;
  • the predominant use of contraceptives of new generation with the least amount of hormones.
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Contraceptives of new generation

Despite the large variety of hormonal contraceptives on the modern pharmaceutical market the choice of effective contraceptive drug with the fewest side effects for many women is always relevant.

Advances in modern biochemistry allow to abandon the use of monophasic contraceptives containing a high concentration of synthetic hormones that can adversely affect the body: weight gain, rashes, impaired General condition.

Three-phase contraceptives recognized as the most effective means. The amount of hormones contained in the pills, reduced to 20 times. They not only secure health but do not allow to recover.

Birth control pills systemic effect with the fewest side effects and are not fattening, should be administered only by a doctor (gynecologist, endocrinologist). Medications prescribed on the basis of medical history and contraindications, will have a positive purposeful action.

Judging by the numerous reviews, a list of the most effective drugs, allowing to gain weight, consists of the following contraceptives:

  • Triquilar (Three Regolith);
  • Three Mercy;
  • Trisiston;
  • Femoden;
  • Non-Dark;
  • Regulon;
  • Minisiston;
  • Rigevidon.

Rational use of hormonal contraceptives for systemic effects including contraindications, individual characteristics and General state of the organism on the background of a balanced diet and sufficient physical activity will not have a negative impact. Means prescribed by a competent specialist will allow you to achieve the desired result and to maintain weight.