Bleeding cervical erosion — what to do

Erosion of the cervix – pathology, threat to women’s health and reproductive function. The first time the patient does not feel discomfort, because the nature of the disease hidden. Of developing the disease unusual pain. But late stage – this is when bleeding cervical erosion. What to do in this situation? First and foremost, to urgently visit the doctor. The existing long-term erosion triggers malignant tumors of the cervix and threatened by the accession of infection.

Practice, pathology is often detected during preventive examination by a gynecologist. This happens, when bleeding the cervix and should be immediately taken for treatment.

At risk of the disease women of reproductive age 20 – 37 years. In this period it is advised to undergo regular checkups in the clinic.


The uterus is an important organ of the reproductive system, actively Sabaudia blood. There is a network of small diameter vessels, due to which there is an active flow of blood in ectocervix, the cervical canal. Why bleeding the cervix or the endometrium?

The reasons are the following:

  1. injuries of the mucous membrane;
  2. cervicitis;
  3. endometritis, which disrupted menstrual cycle;
  4. complications of pregnancy;
  5. cancer processes.

Pathology notice when bleeding from the uterus if gynecological examination, or while conducting an ultrasound. Noticeable spotting during sex and immediately after it. Bleeding provoke strong physical activity, sports activity, inflammatory processes. Often say that the side effects of treatment selected. Uterus bleeding if practised douching or necessary to introduce candles.

Cervical erosion

Pathology is diagnosed, there is the epithelium defect, when this composite plate is gradually replaced by cylindrical.

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Causes of erosion:

  1. chronic endocervicitis;
  2. injury of blood vessels at the time of abortion or childbirth;
  3. defect of the immune system.
  4. infectious diseases;
  5. the hormonal changes;
  6. damage caused by mechanical and chemical impact;
  7. deficiencies of the endocrine system;
  8. HPV and other infections.

It is important!

Bleeding is observed not only when visiting the gynecologist, but also in everyday life because of organ tissue affected.

Can bleeding cervix when infected with HPV? Yes, this is possible.

HPV bleeding is the first symptom of pathological process. If you do not cure the disease, in the near future will manifest dysplasia, often turning into cancer. Long illness cure will be possible only surgically.


Classic symptoms:

  • bleeding from the genital tract;
  • discomfort during sex.

What to do

If bleeding cervical erosion, women should know exactly what to do.

You first need to get on consultation to the doctor.

Pelvic examination allows to set a diagnosis, to appoint additional methods of examination to determine which treatment plan.

Diagnostics allows to detect the disease, similar to erosion:

  1. leukoplakia;
  2. cervical dysplasia;
  3. cancer.

After diagnosis we select the optimal scheme of therapy. Conservative treatment with medications indicated for small scale erosion in young nulliparous women. In the absence of effective application of other methods of treatment;

  • cryotherapy;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • radiowave therapy;
  • laser therapy.

The most effective are laser treatments and radiowave therapy.

Principles of treatment

What to do for bleeding? After consultations and tests, the doctor will formulate an accurate treatment plan. To cure the disease and to avert the risk of cancer, a woman must carefully follow the developed strategy.

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If the diagnostics identified a papilloma virus, prescribe antiviral therapy. The course lasts for several months. Remember that the transmission of the virus is sexually transmitted, therefore, must be treated not only the patient, but also her regular partner. Upon completion of the medical course is conducted additional testing and then the treatment of erosion.

If diagnostics showed colpitis, cervicitis, doctor will suggest a course of classical therapy, beginning with inflammation. Next, the woman undergoes gynecological examination and smears rents until the results of the analyses together with information obtained during the colposcopy, do not show that the infection is defeated. Then proceed to the treatment of erosion.

If the tests showed that infections and inflammation no, the probability of malignant processes is close to zero, you can immediately cauterize cervical erosion. Will fit all of the above types of surgery.

If a biopsy colposcopy showed high probability of cancer, surgical intervention is performed immediately

Summing up

Any bloody discharge from the vagina, uterus outside of menstruation is cause to pay attention to their health. Don’t wait, visit your gynecologist immediately. With this tightening, the woman increases the risk of cancer and may lose the opportunity to have a healthy baby.