Bleeding while taking birth control pills: what measures are needed

Bleeding while taking birth control pills normal may occur in the first months after the start of use of these drugs. If oral contraceptive (OC) is sized to fit a woman correctly, then after a while bloody spotting will stop, and will only occur menstrualnopodobnoe regular selection. In cases when the latter is stored for more than three months, the doctor will determine the reason and choose another contraceptive.

If in the middle of the cycle I had heavy bleeding, the doctor needs to apply soon. Allocation while taking birth control is different. They occur both in normal and indicate that the selected remedy is not suitable for a woman.

Adaptation bleeding

Maturation of oocytes, ovulation and rejection of the endometrium during menstruation regulated by hormones of the female reproductive system. In the first phase of the cycle is dominated by the action of estrogen, which stimulates maturation of the follicle. From the follicle in the middle of the cycle leaves the ripened egg, i.e. ovulation. In the second phase, increased levels of estrogen and progesterone that prepares the uterine wall for possible implantation of the embryo.

The concentration of sex hormones in contraceptive pills is always less than the content of these active substances in a woman’s body. So it takes time to adapt to the action of the medicine.

Normal for 2 — 3 months can be spotting while taking contraceptives. They self-terminated after habituation to low doses of hormones. If the bleeding is slight, and hygienic enough to use a few pantiliners, any further action is required. Brown discharge have a color due to the fact that a small amount of blood mixed with vaginal mucus.

Removal of the drug or replace it with another during this period is not required. Contraceptive efficacy is not reduced if taking the remedy on time.

When bleeding does not stop, become abundant and are accompanied by pain in the abdomen, should immediately contact the doctor.

Menstrualnopodobnoe selection

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It should be understood that with this method of contraception does not arise out of true menstruation, but withdrawal bleeding while taking the OK. They are also called menstrualnopodobnoe. Such allocations are normal when taking birth control pills.

A large part of the contraceptive take for 21 days and then required a seven-day break. For example, the reception mode of the Regulon. The appearance of menstruation the woman should wait 2 — 3 days after I was drunk last pill from the pack.

Sometimes during a break between the packs worried about the girl that went monthly. If a woman regularly took OK in the previous month and not delayed taking the pill compared to put a time more than 12 hours, then on day 8 you should start drinking the next pack of contraceptive. Start menstrualnopodobnoe discharge wait for not necessary.

When the girl’s on the pill irregularly and sexually active and my period has not started, you must have pregnancy excluded. To resume using OK not worth it.

Some OK drink for 28 days, then immediately start drinking the pills from a new package, without any interruption. Bleeding will occur when taking the pills do not contain hormones, i.e. represent a placebo.

If menstruation before taking OK were regular, they after the abolition of birth control remain stable. Sometimes my period is restored within 2 — 3 cycles. In those cases, when it happens, you must consult the doctor.

As evidenced by the presence of blood at the beginning and end of the appointment

If the time period of adaptation has passed, but brown discharge in the form of daub continues, it could mean that the chosen contraceptive is not suitable for a woman. In such a situation it is necessary to replace the used drug to another.

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When the girl takes the pills from the beginning or middle of the package, and spotting brown discharge there, that indicates a lack of concentration of estrogen in the drug. In such a situation the selection is OK with a higher content of the hormone. For example, if it finds such allocation when receiving micro-dose contraceptives Jess, prescribe a drug from the group of the low-dose COC (yasmin).

If there is bleeding in the middle of the cycle or when taking the last pill from the package, it may mean that women do not have enough content gestagennogo component. In such a case is assigned to the drug with any other progestogen.

Heavy bleeding

If the background of birth control pills appeared abundant blood discharge that is similar to menstrualnopodobnoe, indicates the occurrence of breakthrough bleeding. It is typical for the case when the influence of progesterone the endometrium begins to cut off, and the content of estrogen in taken OK not enough to stop the uterine bleeding arose.

In this case, it is necessary to consult a specialist. But there may be a situation when at once to go on reception to the gynecologist is not possible. Then the doctors recommended to take a double daily dose of contraceptive (1 tablet morning and evening). Drink the preparation in this mode, you must daily until the cessation of bleeding.

Later, it is important to visit a gynecologist to find out why such a situation has arisen. Then he can recommend another drug. For example, if there is bleeding when receiving micro-dose contraceptive Jess, the doctor will prescribe low-dose OK (tablets yasmin or any other substances of this group).

Also, breakthrough bleeding can start in cases where:

  • disturbed, the pattern of use of oral contraceptives, ie, the woman forgot to take another pill;
  • had any diarrhoea or vomiting that worsened the absorption of contraceptives;
  • the woman takes antibiotics or drugs that affect the functioning of the CNS;
  • apply remedies containing St. John’s wort;
  • diagram of oral contraceptives prolonged (in this case OK will be accepted for 63 days, followed by a break for 7 days, and then resumed taking the pills).
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Bleeding after emergency contraception

Such contraception aimed at preventing pregnancy after unprotected sexual contact or with inefficient use of other means. To preparations of this group are:

  • progestin drugs (Postinor, Escapel);
  • antigistaminnye funds (Genericon).

These funds must be used within 2 or 3 days after unprotected sexual contact. Drugs cause significant hormonal disturbances that prevents possible pregnancy.

The most common side effect of emergency contraception — bleeding, which may in a few days to start after taking the drug. Some girls have the use of such measures leads to violations of the cycle.

Selection in the admission of OK bloody nature occur both in norm and in various disorders. So if passed an adaptation period, and the allocation of are stored, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Urgent help is needed in those cases when the bleeding is abundant, regardless of the duration of use of the drug. During the examination, the doctor finds out what caused the bleeding, stop it, and then decide what contraceptives a woman can take on.