Breast pain during menopause — the norm or pathology

Menopause is accompanied by a number of unpleasant sensations that cause the woman discomfort, sometimes the pain. Soreness in the Breasts is celebrated almost all women who entered into menopause. Chest pain caused by hormonal imbalance. This problem must consult a doctor because of pain in the glands can be serious diseases including cancer

The menopause or disease: chest pain after forty

The onset of menopause, early onset which is sometimes delayed by 5 – 10 years is a difficult time for many women in emotional and physiological aspects. In addition to the tendency to depression, lower self-esteem, changing moods in the negative side, a woman in menopause feels a lot of unpleasant symptoms: sweating, hot flashes, discomfort in sexual life. Often, menopause sore Breasts, feeling often frightening, inducing thinking about the dangerous diseases.

Sore Breasts begin due to changes occurring during menopause in the body of every woman. It’s a natural reaction, not always evidences of disease.

Hormonal changes

Any soreness in the breast, changes of the structure of tissues is called mastodynia. These symptoms appear when certain changes in the hormonal background. Frequent breast pain during ovulation, in anticipation of menstruation; soreness and breast augmentation is on the background of gestation, while milk production during breastfeeding. All of these changes, and menopausal breast pain due to the hormonal surges in a woman’s body.

The question of whether aching Breasts during menopause because of hormones or is it a dangerous symptom of a pathology, visiting many older women who realize that their reproductive ability, moving downwards and damping. It is the reduction of estrogen in the body triggers the chest pain: starts to decrease mammary glands are like to shrink, thus there is swelling in the tissues. It becomes the reason why sore Breasts during menopause.

Breast tenderness during menopause can occur due to a strong imbalance in the contents of some hormones in relation to others. So the woman in the first stage of menopause is unwell, it suffers discomfort, including sore breast. Occurs pronounced discomfort in the chest, there is a burning or tingling. Can occur and this reaction of the body to menopausal imbalances, as the swelling of the glands due to a failure in the balance of fatty acids. For this reason, women sometimes notice that very sore nipples during menopause.

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Diseases of the mammary glands

But there are other causes of breast changes: increase or decrease the breast, they may begin to grow, fixed tingling sensation. If it’s not hormones, that’s why during menopause, there are such startling changes?

During the beginning of menopause in a woman’s body runs a number of different processes that can be the impetus for the progression of already existing diseases, and this is a good reason for concern.

In light of the emergence of such symptoms frequently are diagnosed:

  1. Heart disease, which are accompanied by pressure in the chest, tingling, tachycardia, difficulty breathing, burning in the chest. These symptoms have no relation to pain in the Breasts due to menopause. Such signs should force a woman to go to the doctor
  2. Osteoporosis and low back pain. Menopause causes lack of bone hormones, increases the speed of its destruction. With the progression of these diseases starts to hurt his chest.
  3. Breast, expressed in the wrong tissue growth. It occurs during menopause or out of that period.
  4. Mastitis inflammation of the mammary gland. Accompanied by an increase in body temperature.

Pain menopausal: symptoms

To distinguish chest pain during menopause from other similar conditions of pain in the Breasts is easy, because menopausal pain mild, are expressed softly.

During menopause the Breasts may:

  • to increase, to swell and swell;
  • become more sensitive, especially around the nipples;
  • felt heavy, like swells;
  • whining and even burn for a long time;
  • painful during motion, in the dream, to feel tingly.

When the cyst or tumor of the breast behaves differently during menopause, and these symptoms are not all women cause discomfort because last a small amount of time. Of course, sometimes that hormonal balance is so fragile, the woman suffers similar symptoms of menopause even from simple movements or touches. It can disrupt sexual life and significantly disrupt emotional state of a woman.

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Danger signals of pathology

Cheerleaders woman should not diffuse throughout the breast pain and localized in some specific place, as a kind of pain is often a symptom of cancer. But still with pain in the Breasts is impossible to rely only on own sensations.

Therefore, despite the intensity of painful sensations in the breast, the woman have during menopause to consult a specialist and undergo his examination to rule out possible pathology, not associated with menopause. This is done by mammography. The study will show whether there is in the Breasts any change in tissue, such as tumors or cysts.

Upon reaching the age of forty, women are recommended a breast exam every year in order to diagnose tumors. In addition to pain, disease show:

  1. External changes breast: the skin reddens, darkens, shrinks.
  2. Change the shape of one breast one breast can increase or decrease, to look deformed.
  3. Deformation of the nipple: color, appearance.
  4. The appearance of any discharge from the nipples.

These disturbing symptoms are often accompanied by fever, frequent chills. About the cancer on the background of pain his chest is clearly evidenced by such signs as dizziness, anemia, nausea, shortness of breath, lack of appetite, weakness, vomiting. These are symptoms of intoxication, which appears on the background of oncological diseases of breast. The same symptoms accompanied by preinfarction angina, so you should immediately call the emergency assistance.

In menopause breast disease often go together with other disorders (fibroids of the uterus, hyperplastic process of the endometrium). In this situation it is necessary to consult a gynecologist.

There is a solution: a few tips

If, however, the reason why sore breast, called menopause, the woman is prescribed a course of therapy to alleviate this condition and relieve the discomfort. Often hormonal drugs that reduce pain but have a negative impact on the body damage.

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The treatment of hormones there are alternative, less detrimental to the health of the weaker sex. If you periodic that cause the discomfort of pain of the breast should try a few simple solutions to ease the condition:

  • use of contrast, short, shower;
  • spacious to wear underwear, and only natural textiles;
  • replace possible bra tops or tight tops;
  • to review diet: useful herbs, legumes, avocado, raspberries;
  • to eat less fat and salt, alcohol and coffee;
  • to abandon the bitter and spicy in your daily diet;
  • to do self-breast massage or visit a professional massage therapist;
  • the use of acupuncture, homeopathy;
  • to limit their fluid intake should not drink more than necessary in the rules;
  • to enter into the diet of decoctions of nettle, burdock, oregano;
  • adjust mode, lifestyle by adding daily walks.

To take medication on the advice of a doctor should be at an intense, severe pain that you can’t remove in other ways. It can be:

  • Ibuprofen, Diclofenac (nonsteroidal drugs);
  • Mastodinon (phytoestrogens);
  • oral contraceptives.

Hormone therapy doctor will prescribed only if you have other symptoms of menopause, with pain in the chest severely affect the condition of women. But this is quite rare, and soreness in the Breasts during menopause the proper attitude to this issue will not be a hindrance active interesting life.