Burst ovarian cyst — consequences and treatment

Ovarian cyst is considered a benign form, though, and can lead to disastrous consequences, including infertility. It is important to consult a doctor to prevent complications of the disease. Women in this case should know: what to do if burst ovarian cyst and what it will lead to consequences.

What is a cyst and why does it occur?

A cyst is a rounded education, filled with liquid. Literally from Greek cyst means “bladder”. In most cases women do not even realize its presence in your body. Unpleasant symptoms may occur only in case when the tumor rapid development begins to push on nearby organs.


  • hormonal disorders;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • frequent stress;
  • unprotected sex or frequent changing of partners;
  • childbirth, abortion.

Prevention of cyst rupture

Not all cysts are prone to rupture. As the practice of medicine, some may disappear within 2 – 3 months. The presence of such disease does not always cause symptoms, most women only feel mild discomfort. In order to identify the cyst and prevent its development, it is necessary to undergo regular examination by a gynecologist.

Experts in medicine recommend that a set of rules that help to avoid unpleasant complications:

  1. Regular medical check-up.
  2. Compliance with the treatment prescribed by your doctor.
  3. Minimizing physical exertion and sudden movements.
  4. The absence of stressful situations.
  5. The restriction of sexual relations.


So how is it to understand that a burst ovarian cyst? For this you need to listen carefully to your body, and if the symptoms characteristic of this diagnosis are present, you should immediately consult a doctor.

  • Sharp pain in the abdomen.
  • Severe fatigue, loss of consciousness.
  • Nausea and sometimes vomiting.
  • High body temperature
  • Rapid heartbeat and pulse.
  • Bleeding from the vagina.
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When you see these symptoms should immediately consult a doctor! Only timely hospitalization guarantees a positive outcome.


Accurate diagnosis can put only a doctor, for this it is necessary to assign the patient following manipulation:

  1. Gynecological examination.
  2. Ultrasound.

Additionally performed:

  1. Clinical blood and urine tests.
  2. Tests for infections.
  3. CT.

In doubtful cases diagnostic laparoscopy.

The consequences of the rupture of the cyst

If you let the disease go, the probability of developing complications:

  • cyst rupture and bleeding;
  • menstrual cycle;
  • infection of the cysts;
  • the degeneration into a malignant tumor;
  • infertility.

The cyst does not tolerate self-medication. Such an approach can only exacerbate the situation. As the practice of medicine, in many cases, when surgical intervention could be avoided, women wrong behaviour provoked serious complications.

Treatment and prevention

To treat a ruptured ovarian cyst in two ways:

  1. Medication.
  2. Surgical.

In the first case, the gynecologist will prescribe different hormonal and anti-inflammatory drugs. This type of therapy lasts 3 to 6 months. Conservative treatment is absolutely contraindicated in cases of suspected malignant tumors.

The options of surgical treatment:

  • Laparoscopy the cyst is removed through small punctures in the abdomen using special instruments.
  • Laparotomy – surgical procedure through a classic incision.

During the operation, the doctor may remove the cyst, resection of the ovary or completely remove the affected organ. The extent of surgery will depend on the size and type of the cyst, and the presence of complications.

Appropriate treatment can only be a doctor after careful diagnosis.

After any surgery, the doctor determines the recovery period. The patient is prescribed vitamins or other special drugs, which will contribute to the improvement of the body. Often people who are faced with a similar problem, the clinic prescribed a course of physical therapy.

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There are factors that can affect a woman self:

  1. To try to protect themselves from the stress to create a calm environment.
  2. To limit their sexual relationship.
  3. Regularly undergo a full inspection at the gynecologist.

Cyst rupture – an ordeal for the female body. To facilitate the recovery period, it is necessary at the outset to make the right decisions. The first thing to contact the experts, then undergo a full inspection and identify the cause of pathology. After unconditionally to comply with the treatment and rehabilitation prescribed by your doctor.