Cabbage leaf when mastitis: how to do, where to apply

Inflammation of chest in medicine is called mastitis. It is associated with many factors – incorrect technique of breast feeding, cracked nipples and erosion, through which penetrate pathogenic microbes. When mastitis breast becomes firm to the touch, and when pressed, tangible pain. Against the background of deteriorating General condition, body temperature rises. At the first symptoms of the disease, you must consult a specialist, as mastitis is a serious health threat.

Cabbage leaves will help to reduce the pain

Cabbage leaf: action during mastitis

In the treatment of mastitis prescribe medication, which are directed to relieve inflammation and suppress the growth of bacteria. Also used drugs for pain relief, as pain in the Breasts is one of the main indicators of mastitis. Breast pain can be reduced with proven traditional medicine.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic therapy using cabbage leaves, time tested and effective. This is due to the presence of useful substances contained in the cabbage.

Vitamins U And C and improve metabolism at the cellular level. Polysaccharides enhance the immune system, resulting in restoration of cell membranes. Phytoncides have antibacterial effect.

Cabbage: recipes for pain relief

The simplest form of aid to relieve pain while mastitis is the use of cabbage leaves the following options.

  • Pre-cabbage leaf carefully washed. To enhance effective results of the treatment with the leaf you want to remove thick and coarse threads lived and lightly beat off. As a result of manipulation, the sheet will become slightly moistened on the surface appear cabbage juice. It should then attach to the breast, where there is inflammation and redness. Cover it with clean gauze or cloth, then gently fasten.
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Капустный лист при мастите: как делать, куда прикладывать

Butter is necessary for cooking the following medical prescription

  • Before the procedure, a piece of cabbage it is necessary to apply butter, room temperature and lightly sprinkle with sea salt. Must be attached to the patient’s chest and cover with a gauze bandage. To replace such a poultice should be every 3-4 hours. Depending on the severity of the disease, the period of duration of the course will vary .
  • The application of this method of treatment is possible in the absence of contraindications and allergies to bee products. A small amount of honey apply to a previously repulsed cabbage leaves. Apply according to the scheme in the second embodiment. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey 3 tablespoons grated beets, spread the mixture on a clean piece of cabbage. The poultice should be left on 4-5 hours. Producing procedure every day until improvement and normalization of state of health.
  • This variant is permissible after consultation and coordination of treatment with the specialist. It is important to understand and remember: when applying a compress, the chest should be maximally expressed and not have purulent inflammation. Cabbage leaf must be well steamed. To avoid receiving a burn you should cool slightly. Then apply a warm lotion to the patient’s chest.
  • This method is effective when clearly expressed pain. Using a mechanical or Electromechanical instruments, you need to chop a few leaves of cabbage. Add to the resulting mass 3 tablespoons of natural yoghurt, kefir or sour milk, then mix thoroughly. Apply the mixture on the wide bandage or clean cloth. To apply to the inflamed area of the breast. To replace the poultice should be as the drying of the mixture.
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It is important to understand that treatment of cabbage leaf, not a substitute for antibiotic therapy. The use of elements of traditional medicine are complementary and will not be able to cure a severe form of purulent mastitis.