Can I do sports during menstruation

Menstruation often brings the woman a feeling of discomfort: her pains in the abdomen and mood swings. In the critical days there is a desire for something to distract you from unpleasant feelings, and some girls prefer to relieve stress with a workout in the gym. Can I do sports during menstruation? Is it safe to visit the gym during menstruation? Today the question of whether to continue to exercise during menstruation, are quite relevant.

Menses is not a disease, but pleasant in the critical days is not enough. During menstruation a woman’s body undergoes a natural physiological process that cannot be avoided, and you need to understand that at this time aggravated all the feelings and emotions of women, spent a lot of energy. The level of hemoglobin and red blood cells falls. All this has an impact on the endurance of women during training; it can no longer easily perform regular exercises.

The hardest a woman has in the beginning of the month, so on the first day to visit the fitness room is not recommended. The body needs time to bounce back. If in other days the woman feels bad, from lessons we should refrain.

What you can and cannot do

To go to the gym during menstruation or not is a personal choice of every woman. In good health and no pain sports activities are a little limited and secure. Before you send in the gym, you need to consider in advance what kind of exercise is allowed to do during menstruation:

  • Training should take place very carefully. The load should be reduced, you need to engage with moderate speed. Active sports need to be replaced more calm. Safe for the body are the workout, physical activity is reduced by at least 30 % in the first days of menstruation.
  • It is best during menstruation for women fit running. During the critical days of Jogging will help to get rid of pain in the abdomen. Harm to the body is without water aerobics. Eliminates the pain and stretching to stretch the muscles. These exercises do not require heavy expenditure of energy, but because the body can easily tolerate them.
  • No harm to the health and sports such as yoga and Pilates. Swimming in the pool does not require a strong load reduction and is not dangerous for women during menstruation.

Experts recommend doing aerobic exercises, but with minimal stress on the body, as due to the small number of red blood cells there is a feeling of discomfort.


  1. In order not to experience discomfort during the sessions, a woman can use a tampon. In contrast to strip it protects against leaks during sports exercises. Additionally, the tampon does not hinder movement and allows the woman to move easily and without difficulty, performing any movement. You can use a tampon and the strip at the same time.
  2. To avoid heavy bleeding caused by sports during menstruation, you should use tampons, on the package will indicate that they have a high ability to absorb moisture.
  3. When you exercise, do not require heavy loads, bleeding will not be profuse.
  4. To refrain from the sport is and in case of injury or in the period of intoxication. A clear contraindication thrush and other diseases of the genital organs characterized by inflammatory process.

    When the menstrual cycle in women is fickle and bleeding profusely and painfully, from sports should be abandoned. In addition, there are other contraindications related to the health of women, but these pathologies occur more frequently.

    Sport harms a young girl in puberty. You need to take a break, because the physical load can cause disturbances in the formation of the body of the girl.

    For women who are seriously involved in sports, menstruation does not always serve as a reason to cancel training. Their body is trained enough in order to withstand the physical stress in the critical days.

    Playing sports is strictly contraindicated a woman after undergoing an abortion up until the next month.

    Menstruation and sport compatible

    To give a precise answer to the question of whether to allow sports exercise during menstruation, can only be a gynecologist. Most experts agree that, in compliance with the rules of the sport during menstruation safe:

    1. You need to soberly assess their strength and not to overexert yourself.
    2. You must correctly select clothes.
    3. The conditions in the room should not cause the woman discomfort.
    4. A woman’s hand must be clean fresh water, as dehydration in the critical days is contraindicated.
    5. Exercises should start with stretching.

    With all the recommendations, exercise with a monthly pass for women painless and safe. Performing any load movement should perform smoothly, without sudden and rapid jerks.

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