Can I drink alcohol during menses

Alcohol when menstruation may provoke painful menstruation (algomenorrhea). The most popular use of alcoholic beverages in the period of menstrual flow. Perhaps wanting to ease the pain, but the effect is quite different.

The main symptoms of dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is a atypical reaction of the body during menstruation. There are some inconveniences during the first days of menstruation or a few hours before this event. Of the most common should be noted:

  • swelling of the breast;
  • pain of a different nature in the abdomen and lower back;
  • nausea;
  • General malaise;
  • frequent urination;
  • chills;
  • depression;
  • intolerance to different smells;
  • loss or increase of appetite;
  • sleeplessness or drowsiness;
  • aggressive condition;
  • irritability;
  • the increase in body temperature.

This is just a small list of “side effects” in the period of menstrual bleeding. Given the characteristics of each organism, you can watch and other atypical reactions.

The solution to this problem is individual. Often the girls themselves choose the means of dealing with the discomfort. Last but not least are spirits.

Effect of alcoholic beverages

Alcohol, because of its characteristics, provides a good mood and is often the main beverage of any meal. It should be noted also that when ingested, it has the ability to dilate the blood vessels. This allows you to remove muscle spasms and reduce pain.

Indeed, it has an impact on the physical condition of the body, and emotional background. Some ladies practiced this property of strong drink to “treat” menstrual ailments. Women don’t even think about whether you can drink alcohol when manifestations of dysmenorrhea during menstruation. They believe that the use of strong drinks to reduce the pain when bleeding is admissible.

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After a while the “positive effect” is over, the pain manifests itself brighter and several times stronger. This also explains why you cannot drink alcoholic beverages, especially painful menstruation.

The negative impact of alcohol during menses

A categorical prohibition to drink alcohol during the month. In this case, it should be noted the adverse impact of spirits on the body during menstruation:

  1. Increasing bleeding. The ability of alcoholic products to expand the blood vessels has its consequences. This is an additional burden on the weakened body and heart. Heavy bleeding during menstruation can lead to the need for urgent hospitalization. During this period, it is crucial to provide medical assistance. Drunkenness does not allow it as a medication incompatible with alcohol and can lead to serious consequences.
  2. Intoxication. Amid General weakness during menstruation, the body is more exposed to the effects of alcohol on the functioning of internal organs. Primarily increases the load on the urinary system that may lead to kidney failure. This leads to edema, which contributes to the stagnation of toxins and contributes to women’s health. Against the use of alcohol beverages can worsen chronic kidney disease and urinary tract.
  3. Worsening of emotional symptoms. Menstruation has a great influence on the psychological state of female nature. There are often mood swings. It is often accompanied by tantrums and nervous breakdown. Drinking alcohol during this period may exacerbate emotional responses.


Every woman decides itself whether to drink alcohol during menstruation. If you can not abandon the use of alcoholic beverages, it is important to at least follow some recommendations:

  • If you want to pivate alcohol during the critical days, it is considered a safe glass of red wine. It is better to take it at night. The singing diva of you it will not work, but the mood will improve.
  • Can’t drink spirits and cocktails, have a negative impact on the weakened body of the woman. Alcohol alters the quality of oocytes, which significantly reduces the ability to bear children.
  • It is advisable to stop Smoking during the period of alcoholic intoxication, since nicotine adversely affects the heart muscle and blood vessels. The load on the body increases, causing serious harm to the cardiovascular system.
  • Being in alcohol intoxication, it is important to limit physical activity that is associated with dancing and outdoor games. It is advisable to abandon physical exercise during this period.
  • The psychological and physical condition during menstruation also depends on nutrition. Spicy and fatty meals lead to deterioration of General condition. It is important to diversify the menu with fresh vegetables and fruits, abstaining from eating heavy meals. From drinks you can drink green tea, juices, fruit drinks.

If it is possible to avoid the use of alcoholic beverages during the menstrual bleeding, it is best to use it.