Can I get pregnant after medical abortion

It happens that the conception happened in a bad moment for a woman for social or physiological reasons. When health is less dangerous to be a waiver of childbearing?

There are girls who do not want to have children, some of the process of abortion has become almost a measure of contraception, and ten percent of girls are sexually active, abortions annually.

In a period of up to twelve weeks, an abortion is possible without the testimony of experts at the request of the woman. To 22 weeks, abortion is done for medical or social reasons. After 22 weeks, the process is considered to be artificial birth and is only possible when life is incompatible with the pathologies of the fetus and danger to the mother’s life.

Almost every girl is dared to it, worried about the possibility of having children in the future. How long will it take to get pregnant again, how to recover health, to be prepared in the future to give birth to a healthy baby?

When the abortion can occur pregnancy?

In the case where the rejection of childbearing caused by pathologies of the fetus incompatible with his life after childbirth, danger to the mother’s life, or other health problems of women, not a lack of wanting to have children, the first issue is the possibility of getting pregnant again after this medical intervention.

The period of recovery depends largely on the type of intervention. Rapid rehabilitation possible after a successful medical abortion. This method effects on the body quite gentle. Uterine mucosa is not damaged, the menstrual cycle is restored quickly, theoretically, the fertilized egg may already after 2 weeks of intervention.

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Recovery after surgical abortion takes more time. Theoretically, the pregnancy can occur in the first cycle after curettage of the uterine cavity and removal of the ovum. In practice, in the first months after an abortion a woman’s body is not ready to bear and give birth to a child. Fast pregnancy can lead to serious consequences. There are cases of death of the fetus, retarded development and other diseases, ectopic pregnancy. Despite the relative safety of the procedure, the reproductive system need time to recover. Re-intervention in the body or rapidly ensuing new conception will be a serious blow for health.

Planning a pregnancy after an abortion (medical or surgical) can be no earlier than 3 months. Many doctors recommend to wait a period of 6 months. During this period, the woman should use reliable contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies and all the negative consequences of this condition.

The recovery of the body after the procedure

How quickly the woman will recover, and how many months it is possible to safely conceive is largely dependent on its lifestyle.

Doctors recommend to follow these tips:

  • To prevent inflammation on a background of infections and injuries of the mucosa 14 days post-abortion a woman shows sexual rest.
  • Rest and proper sleep.
  • Avoiding harmful habits such as Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Proper and balanced diet.
  • The lack of moral and physical overload.
  • If the girl is mentally difficult to tolerate the incident, it is helpful to consult a psychologist and support of your family.
  • Often to restore hormonal doctors prescribe special medication to be used daily for several months.
  • To exclude the possibility of re-fertilization for 3 to 6 months – use of contraception.
  • Before making a decision about carrying a child after an abortion, it is advisable to be examined by a specialist.
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If, despite all measures, a situation that led to the conception until the expiration of the desired period, it is necessary to attend the clinic, pass all the necessary tests in order to avoid miscarriage or other problems during pregnancy.

The best option for the health of the female reproductive system, of course, do not deal with such procedures, but if there is a need, be sure to contact the clinic. Attitudes to abortion has always been negative, and many women are afraid of such publicity. The decision in favor of carrying the child or interrupt this process, exclusively the private affair of each woman.

If the period is small and it is possible to make the abortion drug, never purchase and take these drugs without the advice of a gynecologist.

Ssroc for medical abortion – up to 42 days of pregnancy (6 weeks from last menstrual period). If it is, this method will not give full result, abortion is not complete, the result will still need additional surgery and scraping the strips of the uterus. In eight cases out of a hundred even in a period of four weeks do not get the desired result.

Despite these side effects of the drug, which is referred to the rule after its adoption, if the condition after the first dose is deteriorating, you do not need to wait for the next visit to the clinic, call an ambulance.

After abortion medication technique, performed under medical supervision and when performing all subsequent recommendations for the recovery of the body after six months you can think about baby.

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