Can I swim with a tampon and take a bath during menses

Menstruation occurs regularly every month in a healthy woman’s body. This is a normal and natural process that helps to clean and refreshed body. During menstruation the entrance to the uterus, allowing for the exit of blood. Each month a matured egg, and if fertilization does not occur, under the influence of hormones are destroyed in the vessels connecting the uterus and endometrium. There is a partial output of the endometrium with the blood. After the menses, the process is terminated.

The blood secreted during menstruation, is a favorable environment for bacteria and infections. At this point increases the risk of germs in a woman’s body, and it is not recommended to swim in open water. But what about the bathroom? It is believed that taking a bath is possible and necessary during menstruation. To do this, use tampons, and they are considered excellent protection. But can you really swim with a tampon or is it impossible to take a bath during menses? Consider all indications and contraindications.

Reason: why can’t I take a bath during menses?

Although the risk of ingress of harmful substances is less in bath than in reservoirs, the water from the tap is not very clean. Even if before the procedure efficiently clean up the tub, there is no guarantee that all germs are gone and you have nothing to catch.

From the point of view of hygiene bathing is not good. In the menstrual period is discharge of blood. The cervical OS of the uterus opened, and bath water can get into the cervical canal. The process of purification while swimming does not stop, can only change the amount and appearance of discharge.

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During menstruation is not recommended to overheat the body with hot water, as it increases the speed of passage of blood in the body. This may open bleeding. Sun baths are also contraindicated.

Therapeutic baths and pools

Many girls and women use turpentine and radon baths for weight loss. But is it possible in the critical days, in order not to interrupt the course, to accept such a procedure? The answer is simple: if you cannot take an ordinary bath, then treatment is also not helpful. The more that radon bath cabin doing in public offices. Will be the right decision at that time of the month to give them.

And as is the case with the pools? Is it possible to use the pool in the critical days? To swim in the pool very useful for physical health. But during menstruation, when the body is vulnerable, there is great risk of infection in the vagina. This is a public place and call the voyage safe and rewarding experience in these days it is hardly possible.

Can I swim with a tampon in the pool? The swab has absorbed the water, put it in the vagina, along with bacteria. Also when swimming occurs the load on the legs and hips, which increases the amount of discharge and can increase pain. Therefore, swimming during menstruation (in pool or tub) is contraindicated.

Even if after swimming or bathing you do not have any discomfort, it does not mean that everything is in order. Some dangerous diseases immediately show symptoms, but always remind myself.

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Those who are trying to justify taking a bath during menstruation, the fact that it relieves tension and pain, people do not speak about the consequences. Every body reacts differently. One can cope with the infection and the other does not. Do I need to risk to find out how your body will react? Maybe we should wait a bit and eventually safely enjoy a bath outside of menstruation?

Is it possible to reduce the number of days of menses due to bathing? Not at all. Do not neglect your health and risk in this period.

As during menstruation to maintain good hygiene if the bath is contraindicated? There are standard recommendations on this issue:

  1. Do not take a bath during the first three days of menstruation. It is better to use a shower.
  2. Before water treatments to wash bath special cleaning products. Thus you can protect the body from bacteria.
  3. It is impossible to take a hot bath: the temperature should not exceed 37 degrees.
  4. It is impossible to bathe in the bathroom more than once a day. Additionally, you can use the shower and wash under the tap.
  5. You can’t sit in a bathtub more than 20 minutes.
  6. Not to wash with water from the bath.
  7. For cleaning you can use decoctions of herbs (chamomile and calendula). A little sea salt in the water will help to cope with stress, give strength and vigor.
  8. After cleaning you need to wipe dry with a clean cloth. After each bath need to wear clean underwear.
  9. If any unpleasant sensations need to stop bathing.
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If the female body is so vulnerable, do you really need to give up baths completely? Of course not, because only during menstruation, sex organs are not protected. That’s why you can’t bathe during menstruation.

What to do if it is very difficult to refuse the bath?

You can afford for long to sit in the bath and relax, but not until the fourth day of menstruation. To take a warm shower these days can and should be. Overheating the body and even to warm your feet in hot water can not.

Refusal to bath for a couple of days not talking about what you need these days to go dirty. The alternative will be a warm shower. Regular visits to the gynecologist will help to prevent and identify dangerous diseases. Take care of yourself and your health!