Can you get pregnant during menopause: what are the odds

The menopause is perceived by each woman differently. For some, menopause means aging, for others – a new phase of life, which has a lot of positive sides. One of these positive factors, sex, unprotected, and not beremena. Can you get pregnant during menopause? A definitive answer to this question does not exist, because everything depends on the properties of the woman’s body and menopause.

During menopause there is a risk of unplanned pregnancy

The probability of pregnancy

Most women believe that with the onset of menopause there is no need to expect your period, take precautions and fear of pregnancy. But is it? Possible pregnancy at menopause? Because not every woman is ready to a young child in 50 years. However, to fully understand this question, you must know what are the circumstances that can serve as a step towards conception.

For a start the ovaries produce follicles, which act as a special storage, where the Mature cells.

In this period of time hormones begin active production. However, during menopause is loss of function of cells that contribute to reproduction. Besides a certain time for the beginning of menopause no. The process may begin at 47, 48 and 50. Sometimes menopause occurs at age 40 and is an early menopause. In the body slows down hormonal secretion, weakens the work of the ovaries and oocytes, reduced the number of follicles.

The result: the cessation of the menstrual cycle and the inability of conceiving a baby. However, not every woman realizes that the reproductive system is fading slowly. This process takes place over several years. If menopause has come in 43 years, the reproductive function completely fades away only to 50-55 years. So you can get pregnant during menopause or not? The answer is simple: Yes! Especially in periods of time conception is possible!

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Можно ли забеременеть при климаксе: какова вероятность

During menopause produced fertile eggs

The probability of pregnancy after menopause

Menopause can last for more than one year. All this time it will be possible to get pregnant because fertility decreases slowly. During menopause is difficult to determine pregnancy as irregular periods, there is fatigue, dizziness and fainting. To test for pregnancy using the test to fail. In the hours menopause tests are often wrong, because of the instability of a hormonal background.

There are several classifications of periods that will answer the question: can you get pregnant after menopause?

  • The premenopausal period is 40-45 years, when the health of the eggs has declined, but not completely. The first sign of the onset of the premenopausal is the irregularity of the menstrual cycle. Menstruation scanty or abundant, and the cycle is completely disrupted. In addition, the woman at this moment is experiencing irritation, frequent dizziness, sweating and nausea. One conclusion, in premenopausal women conceiving it is possible. To detect pregnancy is difficult, because the signs of menopause and pregnancy are very similar.
  • Menopause is a period which is determined only after the fact. In this case, the ovaries reduce their functionality, but not 100 percent. The process takes 12 months. During this time there is no menstruation. To get pregnant during menopause is possible, despite the impaired reproductive performance of the organism.
  • The menopause is the time when the menopause has fully passed. The body is not producing eggs, so there is no fear of getting pregnant. In postmenopausal women, the body begins to age rapidly. To accurately determine the onset of menopause is impossible. On average, the reproductive system is rebuilt about ten years, and finishing the conversion to 50 years.
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Можно ли забеременеть при климаксе: какова вероятность

Dizziness and nausea may be symptoms such as menopause and pregnancy

The probability of pregnancy after artificial menopause

Menopause, which is artificially induced, has the same symptoms as normal menopause:

  • the regular tides;
  • changeable mood;
  • nervous disorders;
  • the discomfort of the intimate area;
  • headaches and migraine.

Is it possible pregnancy after artificial menopause? Yes, it is possible! To start adjustment with a sedative and homeopathic medicines. Then appointed special therapy to prepare the body for pregnancy and for childbirth. The recovery process lasts at least two years.

In this period of time the menstrual cycle should improve, and with it the ability to give birth. However, there are cases that pregnancy occurs without the appearance of menstruation, in the recovery period.

Pregnancy test

Can you get pregnant during menopause? Today, quite often the female gender for whatever reason decide to carry and give birth to a child in 50 years. If you feel unusual condition, unusual for the menopause, you should immediately contact the doctor. It is worth remembering that the scoring result pregnancy test is not always true. The light bar on the test may be positive, but it will not mean pregnancy. Therefore, for greater reliability it is possible to run your test. For this Deposit in the urine, a pinch of soda. If soda precipitates, that you are pregnant, if it starts to sizzle, the answer is negative. The answer is this test reliable at 90%.

If a woman decided to give birth at the age of 45-50 years, it is necessary to carefully examine his body. To eat more milk, yogurt, vegetables and fruit also do not forget about walks in the fresh air.

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