Can you go to physical education during menstruation

Sports activities during menstruation for women associated with additional difficulties and problems. Someone can simply use the strip with a high degree of protection or a tampon, and some pain symptoms forced to cancel training. Adult women, attending the gym or pool, usually just adjust the timing and level of loads in accordance with their health.

Difficult school-age girls and female students. In addition to the problems of the physical plane, they experience moral discomfort. 12 – 14 years old (and 18 too) is psychologically difficult to come to the physical education teacher to say about his “malaise”. How truly dangerous sports in the critical days, and whether you go to physical education during menstruation girls and women at the initial stage of puberty?

Reasons “for” and “against” of physical activity during menses

Throughout the menstrual cycle physiological indicators of women fluctuate. At the stage of bleeding endurance and muscular strength are greatly reduced, and too much exercise may actually trigger additional pain, increased discharge, dizziness or fainting. Especially dangerous are the overloads in the area press, under the action of which the inner layer of the uterus (endometrium) can exfoliate the wrong way, to get to the ovaries or the abdominal cavity.

If the pieces of the endometrium will remain there, it will begin to undergo a full hormonal cycle (up to menstruation). The blood in this case may not go away naturally through the fallopian tubes, it will accumulate in the surrounding tissues, and this leads to the formation of tumors.

On the other hand, the number of women involved in sport (including professionally) has recently significantly increased. Emerged and became popular a female-only sports: rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming and many others. The beautiful half of humanity has mastered Boxing and hockey. This allowed us to collect a sufficient number of medical facts, talking about the benefits of exercise during menstruation at any age.

According to medical statistics the majority of girls of all ages, having regular physical activity, are easier to tolerate the symptoms of menstruation, such as irritability, dizziness and cramping in the lower abdomen. Modern gynecologists recommend patients to reduce abdominal pain and improve mood regularly go Hiking and perform a special morning exercises. It usually includes breathing exercises and stretching.

Today, when almost half of young people suffering from overweight and addiction, the question of whether to engage in school physical education of girls during menstruation should be addressed in each specific case individually. Parents should not ignore the complaints of the daughter on the poor physical health during menstruation. Severe pain, heavy bleeding, nausea and dizziness can be signs of abnormalities in the development or initial stage of a serious illness.

In any case, it is necessary to show the child the doctor. If no abnormalities, and the girl continues to avoid physical education, mom and dad need to delicately find out what exactly prevents their daughters together with their peers to attend the school gym. Usually the problem occurs because adolescent shyness, and the duty of parents to help to overcome it.

Most of the physical education avoid children with excess weight and poor physical training. They are afraid of the ridicule of their peers and shouts of the teacher. A note about the release from classes solves the problem only partially. If parents want to really help in such a situation, it is necessary to change the attitude to sport in General:

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  • take a family pass to the pool or the gym;
  • Hiking on weekends in a nearby Park or outside the city;
  • to teach daughter a set of exercises to relieve spasms and tension in the abdomen during menstruation.

When additional physical exercise really contraindicated?

Impossible to find two women who are menstruating would be the same. One lucky almost not to notice the event, while others it comes to sick leave. Going to the gym is not worth it, if you are constantly in the critical days observed these symptoms:

  • strong cramping in the abdomen, which motion enhanced;
  • intense bleeding (gasket changed less than 1 – 2 hours);
  • General weakness in body and dizziness;
  • gynecological diseases and other diseases of internal organs.

When such symptoms should consult a doctor and possibly get tested. This is especially important for girls in early puberty, when the menstrual cycle has not been established. If the analyses and tests did not reveal any pathologies, and problems remain, the student (and Schoolgirls) can obtain exemption from physical education for medical reasons.

All those who like active lifestyle, be aware of safety precautions. If the monthly “bleeding” is easy, the gym can carry on as usual. The only limitation is that at the first sign of dizziness, nausea, or General weakness, you need to immediately pause the training and wait for the end of the attack.

When menstruation prolonged (5-7 days) and painful, it is better in the early days of the occupation miss and the next workout to avoid:

  • Of crunches, bends, twists. This is necessary in order not to provoke the penetration of the particles of the inner lining of the uterus in unusual sites (abdominal cavity, and ovaries).
  • Classes on strength training equipment, dumbbells, and a barbell. Training with additional weight, too much load and press the back, which leads to increased menstrual bleeding and pain in lower back and lower abdomen. All the same exercises can be done without weight Supplement, increasing the number of sit-UPS (Mach), if necessary.
  • Step aerobics, shaping, dancing. Endurance during menstruation is reduced by natural causes. Hard to control the breath and to sustain a high tempo of training. It is preferable to engage in Nordic walking and Pilates.
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What physical activity you can afford when you monthly?

So, it turns out that neither sport nor physical education classes when menstruation will not bring harm, if you observe moderation and to consider features of the organism. Types of exercises useful and harmful in this period of time shown in the table.

Not recommended physical activity Valid exercise
Exercises for abdominal Morning gymnastics
Strength training (lifting weights) Stretching (Pilates, yoga)
Intense aerobic exercise Walking, swimming

Many women are embarrassed to go to the gym in menstrual bleeding. There are many ways to burn calories and provide the necessary workout for all the muscles home remedies.

  1. Walking outdoors in vigorous pace. They saturate the lungs with oxygen, increases endurance, and just improve the mood. Simply go to the nearest Park or Park for 20 minutes or 30.
  2. Morning exercises (helps to get your blood flowing and stretch all muscle groups).
  3. Stretching (yoga, Pilates). Most recommended for critical days exercise. You can work out on their own, selecting the lowest load level. These relaxing exercises always give therapeutic effect: reduces anxiety, relaxes the abdominal muscles and lower back.

There is another sport that is very useful during menstruation: swimming. It is absolutely safe, suitable for women with any physical training. Classes relax the muscles of the back and belly at the same time toning the entire body. The ban on visits to swimming pools during menstruation does not exist, and the question of personal hygiene can be solved with the aid of tampons.

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