Candide — a solution for local application, instruction and reviews

The Candida — anti-fungal agent. Exists in the form of 1% solution or in the form of cream. The drug is produced by the manufacturer “Glenmark pharmaceuticals”. Used for the treatment of mucous membranes and skin.

Package contains:

  • instructions for use;
  • the solution for external use vial-dropper / cream in tube

The tightness is guaranteed by a screw-cap. Current component — manufactured on the basis of imidazole clotrimazole. Additionally, the drug are:

  1. propylene glycol;
  2. glycerin.

Properties of the drug

“Candide” is a tool created on the components extracted from the membranes of fungi. In gynecology used candidiasis, damaging mucous membranes and skin of the genital tract.


  • from thrush;
  • against dermatophyte;
  • with the defeat of the mold;
  • from the yeast-like fungi.

Application: solution for local application irrigates the mucosa, allowing the active ingredient penetrates deeply into the affected tissue. Absorption into the blood is minimal, but soft tissue accumulation of the active substance to a safe therapeutic dose. Cream applied in a thin layer on the affected skin.

Alternative forms of release

In addition to the solution there are following types of preparation:

  1. Candide powder;
  2. Candid vaginal gel;
  3. pills Candida.


Candide be granted if the disease affects the mucosa of the oral cavity.

Efficiency guaranteed a broad spectrum of action of the active substance clotrimazole.

Candide — a solution for local use, as shown in stomatitis.

The medication stops the development of the colony, inhibiting the growth of fungi.

The result is noticeable even with a weakened immune system.

“Candid B” is used in stomatitis and fungal infections among diabetics, HIV infected, cancer patients, including severe.


Solutions of the active active substance of which is clotrimazole, have a number of contraindications.

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It is unacceptable to use the Candida intolerance of any component.

Make Candide is dangerous for newborns, because the clotrimazole active and excess doses causes irritation, allergic reactions.

Intolerance of components is manifested by tingling, burning sensation in the tissue in contact with the composition. If symptoms occur, stop taking the drug. Remember, clotrimazole is effective with sores, so common practice of ingestion of drugs by children. Parents will have to carefully monitor the child, especially before the age of six months.

And during pregnancy?

While science has no evidence that Candide (tablets, drops, gel) dangerous for the expectant mother or the fetus. There is no information about the dangers for a woman and child during lactation, but not during this period, apply the solution to the breast. However, self-treatment drug is unacceptable. Solution, vaginal tablets, ointments appointed by the doctor when the diagnosis is confirmed. The doctor monitors the status of women the entire course of treatment for thrush, stomatitis.

Side effects

Choose a solution, tablets, Candide gel? Detailed instructions found in each pack, describes how to use the drug. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and treatment prescribed by a doctor, leads to side effects. When self-treatment often appear local irritation, as the man in the street doesn’t keep track of how much to take per day drops, ointments allowed. Overdose causes an allergic reaction of the body. Not enough attention is being paid and how many days is the course.

Vaginal pills:

  • headache;
  • swelling;
  • burning;
  • itching;
  • frequent urination;
  • atypical selection.
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The reviews about the drug to show that adverse events are recorded in the 1 – 2% of cases.

The current activity of a component inhibited joint appointment with drugs:

  1. Nystatin;
  2. Natamycin;
  3. Amphotericin B.

What to replace?

Candide is one of the best medicines for stomatitis, thrush and defeat fungi. Other manufacturers developed counterparts, but the effectiveness of solutions is not so high. It the following names:

  • Imidyl;
  • Amylon;
  • Candide-B6;
  • Clotrimazole.

A good result given medicines including beclomethasone.

A children’s version

Prevention, treatment of child candidiasis is impossible without the solution of Candide.

Medication treat mouth three times a day moisten in the solution pad and affect affected areas. The result is noticeable after 2 – 3 days.

For best effect use a similar powder. Look at the photo, looks like the mouth of the sick newborn and the same child after three days of regular treatment. The effect is obvious.

Self-treatment of a child with a solution of Candide forbidden!

In childhood the stomatitis Candida used strictly in accordance with doctor. At the pediatrician’s recommendations the drug is used for fungal infections, thrush in newborns.


Proof of efficacy of the drug — positive reviews found on the discussion forums moms. Parents report that the drug quickly cope with the infection from the mother and the child.

Good recommendations to drug induced give gynecologists. The tool is used in the world medical practice. Gels, creams for 3 – 4 days remove the symptoms of infection by fungi, and in a week or two to heal. The drug is easy to use in the treatment of adult, child.

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Candide not only restores microflora and destroy harmful microorganisms. Means a positive effect on the whole person: the best looking hair, nails, stops peeling. Due to the fact that Candide kills fungi, that is, eliminate the cause of intoxication. Gradual clearing of cells from the results of vital activity of colonies of parasites helps to improve the appearance.