Candles Hexicon — instructions for use, contraindications

Any woman can face different diseases have only one cause is poor hygiene, especially after intercourse. Often there is the problem of gynaecology, in this case, experts prescribe their patients Hexicon candles.

Candles Hexicon – instructions for use of the drug is quite simple. The active ingredient of Hexicon is chlorhexidine. Thanks to its bactericidal properties, patients receive positive results within a short time. Therefore, Hexicon has been widely used in gynecology.

How to apply anti-inflammatory candles?

They are used for the treatment of diseases of the urinary system, and infections that are transmitted sexually. To use candles should vaginally.

Hexicon is a suppositories are torpedo shape. The colors have a yellow or pale yellow. Candles can disrupt the normal vaginal flora, so that after their application requires a mandatory correction of the vaginal flora with probiotics.

The indications for use include:

  • prevention of diseases that can be transmitted sexually transmitted infections (including syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and ureaplasmosis);
  • treatment of vaginitis and cervicitis (mixed infection).

But in addition, suppositories are appointed by the gynaecologists as a prophylactic measures in the following cases:

  • before birth;
  • before abortion;
  • before installing the intrauterine device;
  • before gynecological operations;
  • before the examination of the uterine cavity.

Hexicon candles – instructions for use States that it is better to use at night. If you are prescribing medication twice a day, after the introduction, you need to lie down for hours.
Meet vaginal tablets Hexicon, which have the same composition and mechanism of action.

Mechanism of action

The drug quickly reduces swelling, relieves itching, burning and other unpleasant symptoms of inflammation. The effect of the use of the drug occurs 2 – 3 days of starting therapy. If after 3 days, the condition does not improve, it is necessary to change the drug.

The main point in the prevention of the above diseases is efficiency. Use of candles should be within two hours after unprotected intercourse. If it happens later, then the drug will not give the desired result, and infectious agents can penetrate the vaginal mucosa.


Hexicon perfectly copes with different kinds of diseases which occur in adult women and young girls. Therefore, most doctors prescribe it candles because of the ease of use and the following advantages:

  • prevention of various infectious diseases;
  • emergency in infections of the genital tract;
  • fast action;
  • can be used during pregnancy and lactation;
  • the minimum percentage of occurrence of side effects;
  • security for the entire body;
  • a minimum of contraindications.
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According to the instructions of the candles are used twice a day 1 thing for 10 days. In severe infection, the gynecologist may prescribe a course of treatment to 20 days.

In order to prevent Hexicon used 1 time no later than 120 minutes after intercourse. The drug does not protect against unwanted pregnancy, but only can prevent transmission of some infections.

It is important to consider when it comes to menstruation and when it is better to use suppositories. If the treatment coincided with the arrival of menstruation, the time course should be postponed, and then resume again.

The fight against yeast infection

The majority of patients who used the Hexicon during the yeast infection, said a good therapeutic effect. But you should know that suppositories are not able to completely rid the patient of the fungus that causes thrush. Why doctors recommend them in the treatment of candidiasis? A yeast infection in women, often combined with bacterial infection of the genital tract. In this case, some antifungal drugs are not enough, and then comes to the aid of Hexicon. The manual says that the drug is used for thrush only in the complex therapy simultaneously with anti-fungal remedies.

The use cystitis

Cystitis inconvenience to any woman, and thanks to the suppositories Geksikon all the unpleasant symptoms pass quickly. The drug does not eliminate the cause of the disease, but helps with burning and discomfort in the vagina during urination, and also allows you to get rid of collateral vaginitis. In acute and chronic cystitis candles quickly and effectively remove the pathological changes occurring in the body. They affect the infection locally, so pronounced symptoms start to fade. Then the use of drugs from cystitis completely relieves the patient from disease. Thus candles Hexicon great help in cystitis in combination with other drugs.

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Contraindications and adverse reactions

Contraindications to the use of candles is important to know the category of people who have a sensitivity to the ingredients entering into its composition. Manifestations of contraindications can be given by the following reactions:

  • itching after Hexicon candles during the contact;
  • burning after Hexicon candles during the period of absorption of the suppository.

That is manifest allergic reactions to components of the candle. After discontinuation of the drug all the unpleasant symptoms disappear on their own without additional treatment.

The use of Hexicon in pregnancy is permitted at any time, including the first trimester. The drug acts topically, not absorbed into the bloodstream and does not affect pregnancy and embryo development. Suppositories allowed and breastfeeding. With a safe way to apply Hexicon candles are recommended for children, but in a smaller dosage. These candles are available in 8 mg instead of the usual 16 mg and have a special designation – Hexicon D.

Sometimes, during treatment, patients can increase vaginal discharge. It is considered normal. But if the discharge or bleeding cause significant discomfort, it is necessary to consult a specialist. The doctor will pick up another drug that would free women from the problems in the shortest possible time.


It is not recommended to use soap during treatment. It is able to slow down the work of chlorhexidine, therefore, before to use candles you need to wash your hands without soap. If the fabric that has been treated chlorhexidinum substance, get soap, then place a brown spot.

According to the method of application Hexicon candles they should not be combined with medications which contain anionic group:

  • saponins;
  • sodium carboxymethylcellulose;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate.

Rules when using

To achieve the effectiveness of treatment in the short term should adhere to some important rules, because it is often in women before use, many questions arise, for example, is it possible to have sex during treatment and how to observe personal hygiene? Thanks to the following rules patient will feel the results almost immediately:

  1. It is necessary to refrain from sexual intercourse during treatment.
  2. To exclude from the application of all the means of intimate hygiene, soap.
  3. During menstruation it is advisable to stop the treatment.
  4. Hypersensitive people should proceed with caution. If an allergic reaction should stop taking the drug and consult a doctor.
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Patient testimonials

If you collect all the reviews of women, it can be concluded that the drug actually copes with its function. The patient has tested the effect of the candles and came to this opinion. But most have noted that high efficiency was achieved during the preventive treatment, because at this moment there are no reports of infection of at least one of the patient after the candles were just introduced into the vagina.

As for treatment, currently in medicine are more effective drugs that can for the short period of time to eliminate disease and alleviate all of his symptoms. Despite mixed reviews, candles Hexicon not always do their job. So sometimes it turns out that patients have to change the scheme due to the lack of improvements. Despite this, the drug is worthy of attention as a complex treatment and are primarily preventive measures.


Lexicologie candles are affordable and effective tool in the fight against infectious diseases, but mostly they are considered a convenient method of prevention. Antiseptic suppositories for complex treatment will help to get rid of a large number of reproductive disease.