Causes of cysts on cervix how to treat

Usually the woman feels discomfort due to gynecological problems. They lead her to a specialist. Certain diseases could occur and not be disturbed. A woman can learn about them quite by accident, when visiting the doctor. Such diseases include cysts of the cervix. Causes of cysts of the cervix may be several.

A cyst can vary in size — from a pea to the head of the baby

Cyst — a tumor of the pouch on the leg. It happens congenital and remains hidden in the period until the right moment to increase. It is filled with liquid with a greenish-yellow tint. The size can be from pea to the child’s head. It appears on the ovaries, the cervix and in the middle. Increasing causes severe pain in the sacral region and lower abdomen. When a lot of them, there is the urge to urinate, the swelling of the intestines and disturbed menstrual cycle.

Meshochnitsy the tumor can spontaneously burst, and its contents flow into the abdominal cavity, which leads to difficult consequences and difficult to treat.

Additional, grow to large sizes. To identify it during the inspection is not always possible. Often they are discovered on an ultrasound and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Types of tumors

There are two causes of cysts cervical. Lock glands and endometriosis. When blockage of the glands, no symptoms and the tumor rarely find. Inflammation is not a cause but only serves as an omen of illness. Because cyst cervical erosion are close by.

Причины возникновения кисты на шейке матки, как лечить

The cyst may arise from endometriosis

Education narodowych cysts

The cervix connects the uterus and vagina. It is inside the cervical canal with the glands through which allocated the cervical secret. If there is a blockage of these glands, it appears Nabatova cyst. There are two causes of the cysts.

  • Age. The epithelium, which is located in the vaginal portion of the uterus has no glands, therefore no changes in the period of the menstrual cycle. This layer of epithelium is in contact with cylindrical. With age, the frames are moved back, closer to the inside of the uterus. Another category of women, the border is shifted forward, thus ectopia. One type of epithelium is superimposed on the second, iron ducts are blocked, the output of cervical secretions is suspended and appears — endocervix.
  • Hormonal changes. Hormone levels is one of the few causes of cysts cervical. Endocervical glands secrete cervical mucus, which blocks the penetration of microbes and provides the penetration of sperm. When these two factors are a component of cervical secretions change from the first day of menstruation. Such changes are controlled by the level of hormones in the female body. In case of serious hormonal disruptions, mucus becomes thickened, and this leads to blocking of the ducts. Retention education, quite often every ninth women of childbearing age. Most doctors do not consider it a pathology. They do not affect women’s health.
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    The symptoms of retention tumors

    Cyst of the cervix is detected when visiting the gynecologist, rarely, complications occur. Symptoms include:

    • pain during intercourse;
    • there is an uncomfortable feeling.

    The less functioning of glands, the greater the dryness of the selection. The cyst suppuration occurs and enhances inflammation — cervicitis. In the cervical canal there is purulent Department, which penetrates into the vagina and inflammation adopt volumetric in nature.

    Причины возникновения кисты на шейке матки, как лечить

    Usually a cyst is detected during a routine inspection at the gynecologist

    Therapeutic measures

    Retention cysts — benign neoplasm with him she can live and give birth, and do not suspect about its existence. If on examination, the doctor will identify one, it can be open. Then, the gland secretion is released outside. If there are many that do not bother the woman, their doctor removes.

    Education endometrioid cysts

    Endometriosis is a very common disease. In different organs formed pockets within the layer of the epithelium of the uterus. If the layer is in order, it is delamination, which occurs when menstruation. These lesions appear on the ovaries, cervix and uterus thicker. A few days before menstruation, these parts of the peel and bleed. If the blood accumulates in the cervix, there endometrioid neoplasm. Symptoms of its occurrences are:

    • spotting before and after menstruation;
    • pain during intercourse;
    • pain in the pelvis during examination of a doctor;

    Причины возникновения кисты на шейке матки, как лечить

    Pelvic pain is one of the symptoms of endometriosis

    Diagnostic study

    Endometriosis is related to hormonal imbalance and endometrial tumors are rarely isolated. The diagnosis used common techniques. Examination of the cervix, carried out with the help of mirrors. A doctor can detect an abdominal tumor in a brown colour filled with liquid.

    Tumors rarely appear on the cervix mainly endometriosis. It takes the form of small affected areas of the brown colors that bleed during menstruation.

    Ultrasound study of the uterine cervix

    When ultrasound revealed:

    • cysts;
    • endometriosis;
    • in the ovaries of endometrial neoplasms.
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    This makes it possible to more accurately determine the diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

    Причины возникновения кисты на шейке матки, как лечить

    Ultrasound of the uterus gives the opportunity to make an accurate diagnosis


    Biopsy — accurate, and rarely used method of diagnosis. During the small piece is taken and sent to the lab for histology. If you find the contrast to endometriosis, it is re-biopsy to exclude or confirm cancer. Analysis of histology will determine further treatment.

    The main cause of endometriosis, increased estrogen in the blood. All the stages of treatment directed on normalization of hormone levels.

    Combined contraceptives

    They include: estrogen and progestogen. Estrogen in various drugs contain certain dose. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the minimum. Products containing this component, only help in the early stages of the disease. If there are other affected fate, except the cervix, then the COC will not help. Progestin lowers the level of estrogens and isolate the affected areas of endometriosis. Has side effects. Because it is assigned only in cases of severe pain syndromes and other ineffective treatment.

    Причины возникновения кисты на шейке матки, как лечить

    Combined contraceptives help in the early stages of the disease


    Isolated cysts are removed by mechanical means conization. If you have reached an enormous size, causing discomfort and prevent the onset of pregnancy, then remove the inner layer of the cervix. The procedure is quite painful. After a time the body recovers and can start to plan pregnancy.

    Laser removal is less painful and is definitely affecting the small foci.

    Cryosurgery and coagulation allow you to destroy and remove the foci. Necessary and medical treatment after the laser removal. Surgical intervention required if:

    • suppuration occurred;
    • it is similar with the malignancy;
    • women who have had dysplasia or cancer;
    • large cyst, indicates a possible infertility;
    • the patient cannot determine the condition of the cervix.
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    Причины возникновения кисты на шейке матки, как лечить

    Surgical intervention is indicated for suppuration of the cyst

    Lacanienne traditional medicine

    Many believe that herbal medicine can cure all diseases. Proven facts that there is. Therefore, those who can make a douche or drink infused broth upland uterus hurt themselves. As in inflammatory processes, herbs only increase the effect, not brewed correctly lead to disastrous consequences.