Causes of menopause: hormonal changes

Nature has given woman the ability to produce offspring. However, this feature is fickle. It depends on the phase, which is the female body. Reproductive system is actively functioning since puberty to menopause. This time period is quite long. It is characterized by a gradual extinction of sexual function women and symbolizes the end of reproductive period. Menopause does not occur suddenly. His appearance is preceded by a number of internal changes in the female body.

A woman can determine the onset of menopause in many ways

Hormonal changes in the body during menopause

The onset of menopause does not have a clear time frame. Normal is its onset at the age of 45 to 50 years. There are deviations from the norm as early or late menopause.

The most obvious symptom of menopause is cessation of menstrual flow. It’s menopause. Monthly gradually become less regular, but female fertility for some time still. This process is controlled by hormone levels. Thus, the main reason for the onset of menopause — changes in the work of organs and glands that produce substances of hormonal nature.

The first changes relate to brain structures. The center of all the processes of reproductive activity is concentrated in the hypothalamus. In women of childbearing age of this part of the brain controls the processes of production and maturation of oocytes. The hypothalamus is inextricably linked with other structure – pituitary gland, which affects the ovaries. It is these two elements of the endocrine system affect the level of sex hormones in a woman’s blood.

Normal prior to menopause there is a certain balance of progesterone and estrogen. The first hormone to increase its concentration prior to ovulation. Then begin to increase the number of produced estrogen.

During menopause the pituitary gland rebuilds the activities of the ovaries in such a way that the concentration of sex hormones gradually decreases. Egg cease to Mature in each cycle, which entails the irregularity of menstrual flow. At a certain time the concentration of estrogen produced becomes so small that the synthesis of egg cells stops completely. That’s why with the onset of menopause quenched childbearing.

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Причины возникновения климакса: гормональные изменения

The pituitary gland women are responsible for the onset of menopause

The causes of startup changes

Menopause is an inevitable period for every woman. But it can occur at different times. Hormonal changes in the body are triggered under the influence of various factors. The most common are:

  • the presence of chronic diseases (endocrine disorders, diabetes mellitus);
  • hard work;
  • regular stress and emotional tension;
  • the woman’s life;
  • the presence of harmful habits;
  • psychological disorders;
  • region of residence;
  • genetic predisposition.

All these causes directly or indirectly, is able to adjust the start time of hormonal changes.

Women living in warm regions, according to statistics, menopause comes later. The same can be said about women leading a full sexual life and adhering to a healthy lifestyle. The important role played by working conditions. Hard physical labor brings the time of menopause, and mental activity in a comfortable environment allows to preserve reproductive function.

Причины возникновения климакса: гормональные изменения

Hard working woman enters menopause earlier than the rest

Causes of early menopause

In some cases, the first symptoms of menopause can occur earlier. Causes of premature hormonal changes can be a little. Early menopause is very often genetically determined. It is caused by a defect in one of their pair of X chromosomes. The essence of this disease is reduced compared to the normal ovarian reserve. That is, women with a similar defect in chromosome the nature of programmed fewer menstrual cycles.

Future of the oocyte at the stage of prenatal development, influence the process impossible. The average time of onset of menopause in women with a genetic predisposition is shifted by 5-7 years.

Another cause of early menopause is a fast puberty. The first menstrual bleeding are increasing in the age of 10-11 years old, not 14 as it was a few decades ago. The stock of oocytes is still limited at the genetic level, therefore, the menstrual cycles will stop for 3-4 years before.

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To provoke early arrival of menopause may other factors. Experts

  • endocrine disorders;
  • autoimmune disorders;
  • obesity;
  • Smoking;
  • an unbalanced diet (strict diet, malnutrition);
  • wrong selection of hormonal contraceptives;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • a weak immune system;
  • contamination of the environment.

Причины возникновения климакса: гормональные изменения

Junk food may lead to early menopause

The reasons for late menopause

There is also the opposite situation, also beyond the boundaries of the norm, when the time of the arrival of menopause is strongly shifted backward. Symptoms of menopause begin to appear only after the age of 55.

Often this feature of the female body is inherited. In this case, later than the arrival time of the menopause will not be a serious pathology. On the other hand, menopause is a result of hormonal changes. If menstruation in women are ongoing, and regularly Mature new eggs, the body is supported by sufficient estrogen level. It’s worth examination, since sex hormones can be synthesized by tumors: tumors of the mammary glands or reproductive organs. Antibiotics are also able to push back the time of menopause. That’s why the women receiving prolonged courses of treatment such drugs, may take more time to save fertility.

Причины возникновения климакса: гормональные изменения

Breast screening is a mandatory procedure in case of late menopause

The causes of pathological menopause

Not in all cases the woman is entering a new phase of bee difficulties. Sometimes there is pathological course of menopause complicated by additional symptoms. Except for lack of menstruation, you experience hot flashes, frequent urination, itching in the vagina. These symptoms are strong enough and in the end leads to disease of the urinary and reproductive systems. As a rule, pathological course of menopause typical of women with reduced immunity, as well as with a lack of some vitamins.

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Domestic, financial or any other difficulties also is able to increase the severity of menopause symptoms. A severe form of menopause is peculiar to women with hormonal and metabolic disorders.

High stress and emotional disorders, as well as the individual characteristics of the organism can provoke pathological menopause. Plays the role of hereditary factors.

With the advent of menopause, a woman’s life is changing. With the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, early or late onset of menopause should consult a doctor. You need to eat right, reduce physical exertion, to protect themselves from the stress. Then the time of hormonal changes will be less noticeable to women, and did not provoke serious health problems.