Causes of pain in the ovaries in women and how to treat

Ovarian pain is often the reason for visiting the gynecologist. The reasons for this lie in the field of physiological or pathological disorders. Pain can be of different nature and may be signs of diseases of the reproductive system.

Often the doctor from girls and women to hear complaints of pain in the lower abdomen, in the right side, in the lumbar region or above the pubis. It hurt the ovaries. The reasons for this phenomenon can be very different. Given that this symptom is characteristic not only of diseases of the genital glands, it is necessary to pay close attention to their health.

To avoid transfer of disease into a chronic form and the development of complications, need to figure out why pain on my left ovary or right, and in time to see a doctor.

The etiology of pain in the ovaries

The majority of women believes that the discomfort in the gonads is a sign the inflammatory process. This is not always the case. Ovaries often suffer from ectopic pregnancy, torsion leg cysts or tumors of the prostate. Almost all of the women have pain in right ovary occur much more often than in the left.

Let’s analyze the most common causes of pain in ovaries:

  1. Physiological abnormalities of the uterus, the gonads and fallopian tubes.
  2. Inflammatory and infectious processes in the body.
  3. Benign or malignant neoplasms.
  4. Disorders of the menstrual cycle.
  5. The failure of hormonal background.

Such a variety of factors that can cause pain in the ovaries, requires mandatory and timely visits to the gynecologist.

Only competent and timely administered treatment can save a woman from complications and to ensure reproductive health in the future. Do not self medicate.


Often in certain periods of the menstrual cycle do women have pain in the gonads. Let us examine in more detail why pain in ovary right or left, before menstruation, during menstruation and after ovulation.

  • If the ovary before menstruation aches and colitis on the left side, this means that the left ovary this month, is responsible for the maturation of the egg.
  • The pain in my right ovary evidence of its activity in this period.

In addition to the discomfort in the abdomen, often there is an ache in the lumbar region and sacrum.

Do not be afraid, if the pain in my right ovary appears several times in a row. The reason for its greater activity.

Pain in the days of menstruation

Painful spasms that appear directly in the days of menstruation, depend on the production of prostaglandin. If the ovary ache during menstruation moderately and discomfort disappears after taking the analgesics, do not worry. In the case of increasing temperature, the appearance of nausea and a sharp, growing pain, an urgent need to visit a doctor. Such signs indicate the beginning of the inflammatory process in the uterus.

Pain during ovulation

Shortly before menstruation, during phase II of the menstrual cycle, appears dull and aching pain in the ovary, sometimes accompanied by a slight bloody discharge. Cause of discomfort becomes trapped in the abdomen of the blood. Note the following characteristics of the ovulatory syndrome:

  1. Painful sensations appear in the middle of the cycle.
  2. Often, in addition to pain, there are spotting.
  3. At the time of ovulation is starting to ache and tingle it an active ovary.
  4. Duration of ailments from 15 – 20 minutes to several hours.

If severe pain in my right ovary lasts more than a day, fever, you need to go to the gynecologist. The reason for the pain can be in the rupture of the gland.

Pain during sexual intercourse

In the normal state a woman should not feel pain at the time of sexual contact. The occurrence of pain often is a consequence of the pathology of the sexual sphere. There are many reasons due to which the sore ovaries after sex:

  • infectious and inflammatory conditions of the urogenital system;
  • strong and deep entry of a partner into the vagina;
  • spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the vagina before sex;
  • ovarian cysts, adhesions in the pelvic organs;
  • insufficient amount of vaginal secretion;
  • neoplasia of the reproductive glands;

Rarely cause pain become physical features of a woman.


During gestation the ovaries to get sick can not, because their function is completely disabled as unnecessary. If an interesting situation the woman suffered from pain in the gonads and during pregnancy they escalated, we can assume chronic adnexitis or ovarian cyst.


The cause of pain in ovaries in 90% is inflammation of the sex glands — oophoritis. If further inflamed fallopian tubes, oophoritis goes into oophoritis (adnexitis).

Adnexitis may be acute or chronic. In either case, for pathology characteristic throbbing pain, a burning sensation in the ovaries, the appearance of whiter and violation of the cycle.

Onset is always acute. Temperature rises, there was a sharp pain in the lower part of the abdomen. They can pulsate and radiate to the lower back. The woman notices the appearance of abundant whiter pain can occur during sex.

If not promptly consult a doctor, the acute form of disease becomes chronic. The clinical picture is less severe, the pain subsided, localizes in the vagina or groin. Can give anus.

In chronic adnexitis usually whines right ovary, much less pain in the left ovary. Discomfort increases during menstruation and in the process of urination.

The appearance of adnexitis and oophoritis contribute to a variety of infections, hypothermia, exhaustion, increased physical activity, especially during menstruation, poor immunity.


Cystic formation is usually not large, so the disease is hidden. During pathological growth of the tumor is compressed adjacent organs, causing constant pain on one side only:

  • If pain on my left ovary, pulling the lower abdomen on the right side, aching lower back and sacrum, it is urgent to do an ultrasound. Cause of discomfort can be right-sided inflammatory process.
  • When pain in right ovary you need to be wary and carefully monitor any changes in health. Such symptoms are characteristic not only for cystic tumors, but also for acute appendicitis or apoplexy, which require urgent surgical intervention.

Torsion legs cystic tumors

In some cases, the cystic cavity does not localize in the body of the ovary, and on its surface, and attached to it by a foot. If for any reason the leg of a twisted cyst, cause a local disruption of blood flow. See the following symptoms of pathology:

  1. Paroxysmal pain in lower abdomen acute.
  2. Accumulated gases in the digestive tract that leads to bloating.
  3. Pain syndrome is localized to one ovary, the pain experienced in leg, lower back.
  4. Rapidly deteriorating General health, there is nausea and vomiting.

Torsion legs can lead to rupture of cyst or necrosis, rupture of the contents into the abdominal cavity. In this case, perhaps the development of peritonitis.

The resulting severe pain often leads to the shock of sharply falling blood pressure, she faints. In this case, need immediate medical attention.

The gap of sexual glands

In the case of apoplexy is bleeding into the ovary, followed by its rupture and excessive bleeding into the abdominal cavity. At this point, the woman feels a sharp pain, sharply falling blood pressure, cold sweat appears, the weakness of cardiovascular activity, disturbed heart rhythm.

There are two forms of apoplexy:

  1. Pain. It is characterized by severe pain, sudden drop in blood pressure. Body temperature remains normal.
  2. Hemorrhagic. In this case, pain is not expressed as strongly as in the first case. There is heavy bleeding, drop in blood pressure, pallor and dryness of skin, weakness. Possible loss of consciousness.

Apoplexy of the ovaries usually sick young woman, not yet turned 40 years old.

If concerned about the ovaries, fever, deteriorated health, and it is unclear what to do, one way out — to urgently visit a gynecologist or call ambulance.

Self-treatment is permissible only in the case of the ovulatory syndrome. During this period it is advisable to avoid physical and emotional stress, not SuperCool, to comply with the regime. For example analgesics in case of pain of mild to moderate intensity.

If the pain during ovulation is quite strong, it is advisable to consult a gynecologist. It is not necessary to self-medicate. Only a specialist should diagnose and prescribe the correct treatment. The state of health of women depends primarily on her ability to conceive and carry a healthy baby.

And finally: too sensitive and insecure women ovarian pain might be the consequence of depression, depressed mental status, or excessive concerns about your health.

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