Changes in the body during menopause: causes and symptoms

Menopause means joining the body to the stage of natural aging. Changes in the body during menopause occur under the influence of female hormones. Ovarian failure leads to inadequate hormone production and the development of irreversible changes in the body.

Changes during menopause affect the entire body women

Changes in the body during menopause. Causes and symptoms

Menopause is a natural process, which means the transition of the body to the stage when the reproductive function is no longer required. It can be marked by various symptoms, the most striking of which is the occurrence of tides. Against the background of these changes in the body, women may escalate a previously received disease, which until menopause was in remission.

The climacteric period can be divided into several stages, each of which is marked by specific symptoms. The usual age of menopause is from 45 to 60 years, and the change in the timing of onset depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

If a woman observed pathology of the reproductive system, menopause may occur much earlier than the natural time, and to worsen the severity of the symptoms.

Causes of menopause

The onset of menopausal changes in the body due to the decrease in the level of estrogen in your blood. The period is characterized by vascular disorders of the excretory system, the decrease in elasticity of the skin, the risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system, a deviation in the structure of bone tissue, disorders in psychological and cognitive sphere. The increase in the period of climacteric changes associated with the growth of life expectancy increases and the period of lack of estrogen in the blood, which leads to the appearance of persistent menopausal syndrome.

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Among the main reasons for menopause are:

  • Hormonal failure in the body. Reducing the level of sex hormones in the blood can cause the onset of early menopause.
  • Irregularities in the thyroid gland. Obesity, impaired metabolism and diabetes can disrupt thyroid function, leading to complications in the reproductive system.
  • Surgery. Removal of the uterus and appendages directly affects the level of hormones in the blood. This necessarily leads to the entry of the body into an artificial menopause.
  • The presence of tumors. Most tumors and cancers of the reproductive system can influence the level of sex hormones in the blood, which can trigger the onset of menopause.

Изменения в организме при климаксе: причины и симптомы

The thyroid gland is also responsible for the reproductive system

The symptoms of menopause

At the time of entry of the woman’s body into menopause, changes occur throughout the body:

  • There is a sharp decrease in the level of acquired and natural immunity. Increases the risk of recurrence of autoimmune and fungal infections, gradually decreasing the regenerative skin processes.
  • But the most obvious changes were made in the female reproductive system. In the period of climacteric changes in the epididymis is reduced to a minimum the formation of follicles, oocytes cease to Mature and gain a foothold on the wall of the uterus, endocrine activity is reduced to a minimum. The cells of the follicles in the ovaries are converted into connective cells, which leads to shrinkage of the ovaries to their minimum size.
  • During menopause, changes occur in hormonal, increases blood levels of gonadotropins (follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone) and estrogen levels are rapidly declining.
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All these changes lead to the appearance of symptoms:

  • Tides. After joining the body during menopause the body begins to react in response to reduced estrogen levels. The hypothalamus sends the body signals of the overheating of the body and the necessity of its hardening, and the body reacts to the tides. Short-term increase in body temperature with sweating and pressure surge — is the tide.
  • Dryness of mucous membranes. The decrease in the level of sex hormones, responsible for normal secretion of mucous, leads to thinning and drying. This causes various problems: the impossibility of sexual activity unchanged, the appearance of disorders in the excretory system, reduction of skin tone.
  • The development of complications in cardiovascular system.
  • Reduction of calcium in bone tissue and the risk of osteoporosis.
  • The failure of cognitive functions and the appearance of disorders in the psychoemotional sphere.

Изменения в организме при климаксе: причины и симптомы

Irritability and mood swings are typical symptoms of menopause

Sex life in menopause

After the entry of the body into menopause, women experience a number of complications, including in the sexual sphere. And most of the wonders — is it possible to get orgasm after menopause and its period?

The female body during menopause is not getting the proper amount of estrogen, which leads to dryness in the vagina. A woman experiences discomfort both during sexual intercourse and after it. In such a situation, the achievement of orgasm is impossible.

The situation may worsen and the presence of disorders:

  • In psychoemotional sphere. A woman is prone to depression and soul-searching that beats all libido to the partner in the period of menopause, and untreated after it.
  • Decreased libido. After the entry into menopause, most women have reduced the natural libido that provokes in women a persistent refusal to be sexually active.
  • The drop in estrogen levels reduces the production of secretion during intercourse, which leads to the appearance of pain during and after it. Most women is itching in the vagina, making it impossible to lead a normal sexual life.
  • Female body after the menopause can react with aggravation of previously obtained genital infections that will exclude all sex for a long time.
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    But all these symptoms can be avoided and the woman will once again be able to experience orgasm. For this, the appearance of the first symptom is pain after intercourse, should seek the help of a specialist. The doctor will prescribe a specialized hormone therapy, which will have a beneficial impact on the entire female body. But if the use of HRT is not required, then the problem can be solved using specialized gels, after which sexual life is fully restored.