Children’s gynecologist, pay gynecological consultation

To visit the gynecologist feared by many women, what to speak about children. Every mom needs from an early age to accustom your daughter to the culture of the visiting female doctor. You need to make it clear to the teenager that consultation in the pediatric gynecologist – it’s not scary, but very useful. The girl should know: from the state of her reproductive health depends on the future possibility of pregnancy and child birth.

Child gynecologist, as well as the adult, need to attend only for serious reasons that make life difficult. This doctor needed and as a preventive measure to avoid additional consumption of time and money in the future to detect the disease at an early stage, and not in the advanced form, to reproduce healthy offspring.

Pediatric gynecology is a healthcare services, specializing in diseases of the female girls to 18 years. The doctor involved in this kind of problems can take as the child clinic and antenatal clinic. Responsibilities of child gynecologist the following:

  • identify gynecological diseases;
  • treatment of the detected problems;
  • consultation on children’s intimate hygiene;
  • the selection of contraceptives.

Children’s bodies differ from adults in their physiological characteristics. Children are equally afraid of people who wear a white coat. Pediatrician must possess the psychological skills to establish close rapport with a young patient. Befriending the child, to show that the doctor’s don’t pose a danger, but only health care is should be able to all pediatricians, and gynecologists in particular.

Pediatric gynecology is different from adult and even used instruments. If necessary, use a small mirror, do not injure the hymen, and vaginoscopy.

How to prepare for your first visit

A young mother must show my baby girl the children’s gynecologist 1 year . The doctor will examine the vulva and give his opinion. Mom needs to bring a pen and Notepad to record all doctor’s recommendations, and answers to questions.

The key to fearlessly visiting the doctor is the attitude of the mother who knows about the intricacies of the consultation visit child gynecologist, time will tell about this important first visit, your girl will not feel fear. Because children feel the mood of the parents.

Also, the girl’s mother needs to teach her how to correctly say your name and age, to show the belly, back, armpit and chest, lie on your back or stand in the knee-elbow position for inspection, which will not give pain to the girl.

Before the visit to the doctor is necessary to follow some rules:

  1. You should not eat foods that can cause flatulence.
  2. You need to ensure that the child has had a bowel movement on the day of the doctor.
  3. Do not use hygienic products for cleaning girls, just water. It’s usually necessary to observe that the analysis for flora was reliable.
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Girls under 14 years the doctor examines on the couch, pushing aside the labia, and girls over that age with parental consent in the chair. If sex life is still not conducted, then looks around a teenage girl through the rectum (rectal).

Routine visit child gynecologist

In medical practice there are recommended time when parents need to show the girl the doctor regardless of whether there are problems or not. The table below shows the timing of the visit.

Age girls Reasons to visit
1 year Assessment of General condition and identify defects
2 – 4 years Admission to nursery
6 – 7 years Admission to the school
10 – 14 years The identification of gynecologic pathology

After 14 years the mother should teach the girl to visit a gynecologist once a year, since the onset of menstruation is a risk of contact with various microorganisms, which cause multiple diseases.

Also currently under the trend toward early sexual activity. To avoid unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, consult a doctor about the onset of sexual activity and the selection of contraceptives is a must.

Unscheduled visits to the doctor

To visit the doctor if symptoms appear early in the disease is the key to successful and rapid recovery from gynecological problems. Generally, mothers lead to admission to a pediatric gynecologist with the following complaints:

  • abnormal discharge, itching, burning;
  • previously, the appearance of secondary sex characteristics (age 8);
  • the absence of secondary sexual characteristics after 12 years;
  • previously, the appearance of menstruation to 8 years;
  • the absence of menstrual flow after 15 years;
  • abdominal pain acute and/or chronic in nature;
  • getting a foreign object in reproductive organs;
  • injuries of the reproductive system;
  • excess hair (appearance of hair on the face, back and chest);
  • unidentified cycle for a year or more;
  • very painful and heavy menstrual periods;
  • detection of tumors on the external genitals, such as papillomas or warts;
  • signs of inflammation (mucus and leukocytes in the urine, fever and pain in the lower abdomen);
  • contact a doctor should also, if in the close environment of the child there are people with STDs because these diseases can also be transmitted via household items.
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The most common reasons for a visit to the children’s gynecologist

Approximately 25% of girls in infancy or adolescence are the same diseases that concern women and adult women.

It can be:

  • Cysts (polycystic) ovarian cancer. The cysts are congenital and acquired. Congenital ovarian cysts can be seen during the pregnancy on the ultrasound. Some are even treatable in the womb. Other effectively treated immediately after birth. Acquired cysts in the non-running stage are treated with medication. Advanced cases of escalating tumor cysts require surgical treatment.
  • Sinehii. A very common problem in girls first year of life. It is a fusion of the labia. Formation of adhesions that prevent urination. This occurs from excessive or inadequate personal hygiene. Other reasons are diseases in ENT part, frequent viral respiratory infections, use of antibiotics for the treatment of certain diseases and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In most of the fusion is treated with the use of special ointments. If ointments don’t help to separate the labia can surgery.
  • Myoma of the uterus. Tumors in the uterine cavity in adolescents are rare, but are the place to be.
  • Anomalies of the female reproductive organs. Anomalies can be both external genitalia and internal.
  • Amenorrhea or other menstrual cycle. This is the most common reason for seeking consult a pediatric gynecologist. The data problems associated with adverse environmental conditions, improper nutrition and diet. Are not excluded other reasons of violations of the cycle.

  • Infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. Improper intimate hygiene of girls could be the reason of inclusion of E. coli in a sexual way. From this place of infection in the genitourinary system. A striking example – the cystitis. Often this disease occurs on the background of diseases of the genital organs.
  • Inflammatory disease. To inflammatory children’s gynecological diseases are:
    • Vulvity inflammation of the labia and clitoris.
    • Vulvovaginitis. Is an inflammatory disease that manifest on the vulva and vagina. The reasons can be: mechanical, thermal and chemical factors, as well as of a foreign body or infection. If this inflammation is not treated, the inflammation goes up higher to the uterus and appendages.
    • Colpitis, vaginitis or inflammation relating to the vaginal mucosa.
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For reproductive health, parents need to teach girls to visit child gynecologist not only for visible reasons, but also as prophylaxis. Important aspects of the normal development of the reproductive system girls are:

  • a rational hygiene;
  • wearing underwear made of natural fabrics and its daily change;
  • timely treatment to the doctor;
  • a trusting relationship between mother and daughter.

First visit to the doctor

What happens in the primary reception at the gynecologist?

  1. Conversation. The doctor asks the girl how the flow of menstruation, identify the complaints and problems. Be sure to inform your doctor of the presence of the sexual partner. Inspection of virgins and girls who have a sex life, is different.
  2. Inspection in the mirrors (only for girls who have a sex life). It is not painful and not scary, you just need to relax.
  3. Bimanual examination through the vagina or the anus (for virgins).
  4. The plan of examination and treatment (if necessary). Smear on flora and a few other tests the doctor can take immediately at the reception.
  5. The plan further management and observation of condition.
  6. Recommendations on personal hygiene, selection of contraception.

All data is entered into medical documentation. The patient card is stored in the registry. Visit to the gynecologist in a public health clinic free.

It is not recommended to visit a doctor during menstruation, the common cold or exacerbation of any chronic disease (if there are no direct indications for consultation). The best time for a visit to the gynecologist – 5 – 12 days of the cycle. Preventive medical examinations are held at the school regularly once a year.

All these things mom needs to name his daughter before visit to the doctor. Only then the girl will not have fear of the upcoming consultation.