Chinese tampons: reviews gynecologists about picocanoa

Relatively recently appeared on the market Chinese tampons, which according to reviews and manufacturers are able to cure a number of common women’s diseases. This herbal tampons into balls and wrapped in cheesecloth and associated exhaust thread for easier pulling after use. They are available in two types, Wedge point (Clean Point) and beautiful life (Beautiful Life), although fundamental differences except the names of them.

The list of diseases that can be cured Chinese tampons, includes both ordinary inflammation and infection of a catarrhal nature, and more complex disease, caused by hormonal disruptions.

The diseases that are treated a Chinese petitmoni

According to the manufacturer, the use of these fedotenkov improves the General condition of the body is rejuvenation and also works to fight such diseases:

  • bacterial infection and inflammation;
  • ovarian cyst;
  • candidiasis;
  • adhesions in the fallopian tubes;
  • cervical erosion;
  • endometriosis;
  • endometrial polyps and cervical canal;
  • vaginitis;
  • irregular menstrual cycle;
  • cystitis;
  • other diseases of the female reproductive system.

Chinese herbal tampons containing plants: Angelica, dracaena, safflower, ginseng, myrrh, core meadow, Roxburghe Japanese, tannins, acacia and others that can be attributed to a category of herbal remedies. We should not forget that allergic to certain types of plants has not been canceled. And since vital activities of modern man is far from nature (especially in the city), the woman may not know about the Allergy. So this caveat must be considered when deciding the use of such fedotenkov.

The therapeutic effect of Chinese tampons

The manufacturer claims that the Chinese Beautiful Life tampons act as a cleanser of the female reproductive organs, ranging from vaginal infections to more complex diseases in the form of polyps, cysts, fibroids and other entities. A lot of reviews talking about how these female herbal tampons really have a good impact on the condition of the body, causing a positive trend in the treatment of chronic infections and sores.

At the same time, there are reviews from both patients and gynecologists that the use of such remaining funds can be dangerous not only for health, but for life. So before you make a decision about using them must carefully weigh all pros, cons and evaluate the possible consequences. Consult a qualified gynecologist, specializes in homeopathic treatment is a must.

Chinese tampons Clean Point manufactured on modern equipment under strict quality control in a completely clean room that ensures sterility and safety of the product itself. Medicine in China since ancient times is famous for its efficiency, so the manufacture of tampons used its secrets and traditions.
Instructions for use of tampons Clean Point attached to each bundle, easy to use, there are some nuances that are important to review before your first appointment.

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Features of treatment of Chinese tampons

  • Do not take a tampon in your mouth – the manufacture and packaging of the products takes place in sterile conditions, and upon contact with saliva it may be contaminated with unwanted organisms that will result in the loss of sterility.
  • How to use tampons when excessive vaginal dryness? If the vagina is not wet enough for insertion, then drop the swab 5 – 10 seconds in boiled water a comfortable temperature.
  • Enter carefully to avoid damage to the mucosa of the vagina, not deeper than 5 – 7 cm, before the introduction of spread thread, which linked to the tampon, it is to remove it after use.
  • Chinese tampons Clean Point are entered on three days, all this time, they absorb the accumulated toxins and dead pathogens. If it has accumulated quite a large number of contaminants that may come prematurely, so do not be surprised.
  • The extraction procedure remedies are usually accompanied by profuse secretions, so it is best done in the bathroom after the procedure, lavage decoction of chamomile or furatsilina to cleanse the vagina from residual contamination.
  • The course of treatment of female gynecological treatment involves the use of tampons 6 pieces, between which you should take a break for a day, that is 3 days I go with one tampon, douching, a break for a day, again douching, the second swab.
  • Sexual contact during treatment, herbal tampons allowed only a few hours after their removal and irrigation.
  • Is strictly prohibited the use of alcohol beverages, since the interaction of alcohol and dangerous drugs with medicinal herbs may give unpredictable reactions and even lead to inflammation of internal organs.


The tampon acts immediately after injection. Three days of being inside the female body he actively fights harmful bacteria and absorbs the accumulated toxins.

After removing the swab is a large number of different discharge and frighten women. They not only blood clots but also various white pieces of skin, congestion of the masses, similar to fabric, even water. These precipitates should not be afraid as all the dead harmful bacteria and dead skin cells, and as soon as the internal organs will be cleansed of these contaminants, nutrients tampon will tend to old wounds and inflammatory changes to treat them.

The reproductive organs of women are very delicate, so when using the Clean Point may experience itching or burning sensation. Itching is usually associated with improvement of blood circulation to surface skin cells. In addition, tampons pull toxins from the organs, which may also cause itching. To alleviate this condition, it is recommended to douche decoction of chamomile – it has a calming effect if chamomile does not help, you can use a solution furatsilina.

Burning indicates the presence of open wounds and untreated inflammation, as useful substance in the tampon are in a very concentrated state, so their effect on inflammation may be accompanied by a similar reaction. Sometimes a burning sensation is caused by an allergic reaction to the drug components. In this case, you should take anti-Allergy agents or to opt out of this type of treatment.

To reduce the burning sensation caused by tampons, you can wash the vagina using a douche decoction of chamomile or pre-soak the swab for 30 seconds in sterile water (not hot). This procedure will reduce the concentration of active substances and their effect will not be as strong.

Nutrients tampons restore the disturbed circulation in the body, which could cause pain in the lumbar region or the pelvic organs, but most often, this symptom disappears after the first time of use.

Tampons Beautiful Life in the process of treatment normalize hormone levels, which is manifested in the form of chest pain and minor disruption of menstruation. The pain accompanying a woman in the critical days to disappear forever.

Thanks to the curative effect of Chinese herbal tampons for women not only disappeared have long tormented their diseases, infections and inflammations of different nature. Many get rid of infertility, which could not be cured for a long time, after one course of treatment. The herbs included in the composition of tampons that have a strong therapeutic effect.

The effect of tampons Clean Point Chinese production is based on cleansing of the female reproductive system from dead cells, and accumulations of menstrual blood and improving circulation, resulting in the improvement of the body and it normalizes a hormonal background, there is a narrowing of the vagina, fade fine lines and wrinkles and age pigmentation.

With an integrated approach to the treatment of diseases and the use of tampons along with drugs the effectiveness of treatment increases significantly and the recovery occurs much faster.

The Chinese manufacturing tampons Clean Point Beautiful Life or become a panacea for women in the treatment of different female diseases, but the instruction manual points out some precautions to use.

Contraindications to the use of Chinese fedotenkov

  • Do not use during menstruation, treatment should be suspended three days before the expected date of menstruation and continue for only three days after their graduation.
  • Absolutely can not use tampons during pregnancy, because in their composition are potent herbs which not only can adversely affect the fetus, but to provoke a miscarriage. Better during this period when there is inflammation and infection to use candles or other drugs on prescription.
  • Breast-feeding is also a contraindication to the use of tampons. Substances contained in herbs, get into breast milk, which can negatively affect the health of the child.
  • Not recommend the use of virgins, because as a rule, if girls have not had sexual intercourse, there is no such serious infections that should be treated with them. The use of tampons in this case is inappropriate.
  • After surgery or childbirth to use tampons you can not earlier than six months, as they stimulate blood circulation, resulting in damage to fragile body tissues.
  • It is not recommended to apply tampons for the Chinese poor blood clotting, as the removal of dead cells could open old wounds or scratches, thereby causing slight bleeding. For the same reason you cannot use tampons at elevated pressure.
  • Diabetes, allergic reactions are also contraindications to the use of tampons.

To treat the most common women’s disease, the manufacturers recommend the use of several courses of treatment depending on the complexity of the disease and its duration (1 course = 6 tampons).

The duration of treatment of tampons women’s diseases

Name The duration of treatment
Irregular and painful menstruation 1 – 3 course
Adhesions in the fallopian tubes 3 – 4 courses
Trichomonas vaginitis 2 – 3 courses
Candidiasis 1 – 2 years
Inflammation of the appendages 2 – 4 course
Chronic cervicitis 2 – 4 course
Uterine fibroids 3 – 5 courses
Endometriosis, endometrial polyps and cervical canal 3 – 4 courses
Cervical erosion 2 – 4 course

To get a positive result from treatment with these tampons, you need to buy them only from reliable sellers. This product is not sold in the drugstore, so it’s important to find an honest seller, implements a real product, not fake. Before ordering Chinese tampons should carefully examine the seller’s feedback, certificates and permits for the sale of similar products and only then make a purchase decision. Buying fake tampons, you may not get the desired effect, but you risk to harm your health.

Herbal tampons help to cure many diseases, their use requires caution and care to their own body. Before applying to consult a gynecologist who is objective and not biased against the treatment of Chinese production, in particular to tampons. Only after taking into account nuances we can begin treatment without fear of harm to the body.

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