Climaxed application instruction: composition, analogues of the drug

Menopause is a tough period in every woman’s life, which need to survive with dignity. But what if it’s not strong enough and persistent symptoms do not give to their way of life. You need to use drugs that will relieve climacteric symptoms and allow you to enter this period in a wonderful mood.

Klimasan — preparation based on plant components

Climaxed instructions for use of the drug. Its properties and substitutes

Drug Climaxin contains in its composition 3 the active component of plant origin:

  • The root of black cohosh.
  • Cimifuga is a perennial plant that belongs to the family Ranunculaceae. Cimifuga is widely used in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as during disturbances in the body during menopause. She practically has no contraindications and has a sedative antispasmodic properties. Cimifuga has a preventive effect in the prevention of mastitis and complications of the cardiovascular system. This plant is a natural phytoestrogen that completely replaces the human with prolonged use.
  • Lachesis mutus.
  • This component is a drug developed from the venom of the Brazilian Viper. Medication can reduce the frequency of hot flashes and to remove the feeling of heat. Good fights migraines.
  • APIs mellifica.

The drug produced from the venom of the honey bee and has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

These components have no side effects and are used as an effective homeopathic remedy.

Климаксан инструкция по применению: состав, аналоги препарата

Cimifuga widely used in gynecology

Indications and contraindications

Treatment for menopause there are three approaches:

  • Etiologic.
  • Symptomatic.
  • Complex.

Each of these approaches equally designed to relieve women from menopausal changes in the body and to alleviate her condition.

Instructions for use of the drug Climaxin says that this drug belongs to the group of drugs symptomatic treatment. And it is used to eliminate the symptoms:

  • Emotional disorders. Menopause in women is observed not only changes in the hormonal sphere, but also the Central nervous system. The woman becomes more irritable, appear mood swings, there is often depression. Drug Climaxin applied for elimination of symptoms of emotional changes and disturbances in the body associated with them.
  • Climaxed effectively used for the treatment of sleep disorders.
  • Application instructions describes what the drug is struggling with the tides and of the consequences. Eliminating excessive sweating and facial flushing.
  • Climaxed and eliminates problems associated with cardiovascular changes. Reduce the heartbeat and restores the pressure.

In addition to the indications for use statement contains the list of contraindications, after reading that you will be able to decide for yourself whether your medication or not:

If you suffer from allergic reactions, the drug Climaxin can cause severe allergies. Due to the fact that the preparation consists of members from the poison of a bee , the drug can cause severe allergic reactions. Therefore, before applying, you should do Allergy tests.

Климаксан инструкция по применению: состав, аналоги препарата

Climaxed helps to relieve symptoms of depression

Release form of the drug and how to apply

Drug Climaxin is homeopathic and is produced for 20 tablets in blister, Packed in cardboard box original.

Like all homeopathic medicines, Climaxin should be kept in the mouth until dissolved, and drink water.

You should not use the medicine longer than 6 months and not to exceed the daily norm of 4 tablets. If the symptoms development of menopause is not pronounced, it is necessary to drink 1 tablet 2 times a day. The drug is not depends of food intake.

Analogues of the drug Climaxed and their application

As stated in the instructions for use, complex Climaxed contains in its composition of natural phytoestrogens. A large number of them, so choose the counterparts, knowing the composition described in the instructions for use and properties is not difficult. All phytoestrogen drugs can be divided into several large groups at the active class of components. The best known phytoestrogens are isoflavones and contained in such medicinal plants as red clover and calamus. If to select analogs, it is necessary to carefully study the composition, and to exclude any possible contraindications. Otherwise you risk to aggravate the situation. Apply Climaxed and its analogues is only after consultation with a gynecologist.

If the doctor offered you a choice of counterparts, pick up some that suit you at a price. Among the most popular remedies to eliminate symptoms of menopause, on the shelves of pharmacies you can find analogues Climaxin:

  • Was feminal.
  • Estravel.
  • Inokom.
  • Femicaps.

But most of them have a greater value unlike Climaxin. In addition to the drugs described above, the woman needs to take vitamins. This combination will help to get rid of all the negative manifestations of menopause.

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