Cosmetics for women after 50 years

The choice of decorative cosmetics for the age makeup should be approached with great responsibility, because what suits a young girl, a Mature woman will look out of place. The use of corrective means, as well as competent selection of Foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick will help cover skin imperfections and look much younger. Moderation and naturalness – the basic rule of makeup for women over 50.

Cosmetics for women after 50 years

The desire to look beautiful, stylish and young is the natural desire of every women, regardless of age and social status. Unfortunately, over the years on skin care persons have to spend more and more time, but the result does not always justify the expectations.

Well-executed age makeup will not only help to visually emphasize the advantages of appearance, but also to look younger for several years. Consider what properties should have a decorative and skin care as well as basic rules of make-up for women after 50 years.

Skin care face

The skin condition most strongly betrays a woman’s age. To combat sagging, dryness, and deep wrinkles need not only to regularly visit the beauty parlor, but every day to care for themselves at home.

Correctly selected day and night creams, serums and masks will help significantly improve the condition of aging of the epidermis and keep the formation of new wrinkles.

Remember that anti-aging face cream should contain in its structure at least one of the following components:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • lactic and glycolic AHA;
  • coenzyme Q10;
  • collagen;
  • vitamins a, C, E;
  • antioxidants;
  • lanolin;
  • adenosine.

To choose the right means of all presented in the stores of variety will help to consult a beautician. For the greatest effect it is recommended to use skin makeup, belonging to one product line.

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Requirements for decorative cosmetics

All decorative cosmetics for those over fifty, should have a strong moisturizing effect, persisting for a long time. To apply that dry the skin or cause irritation, is strictly prohibited, as they not only emphasize the imperfections of age, but irreversibly accelerates the aging process of the epidermal cells.

Makeup for women over 50 years should be as natural and natural. Stylists and beauticians recommend to abandon the use of pearlescent and shiny, and too bright shades of eye shadow and lipstick.

Not to be mistaken with the choice of tone color and corrective means, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of makeup artists:

  • purple shades help to neutralize the yellowness and semlitsch of the skin;
  • green tones down redness (irritation, allergic spots, dilated blood vessels);
  • peach concealer disguises dark bags under my eyes and pigmentation on the skin.

The ladies of Mature years should not be abused pink, yellow and brown shades of Foundation, because, when badly applied, they emphasize the age and visually reinforce the existing defects. Unlike shadow and powder, concealer and correctors always applied to motions down to slightly noticeable on Mature hair.

Do not skimp on cosmetics, especially to use products with expired shelf life. Confidence in the quality of the means used – the key to a perfect women’s makeup.

The order of applying makeup

Applying makeup should begin in daylight and only after the preliminary cleansing and moisturizing of the skin. The main stages of the makeover includes step-by-step using:

  1. Concealers and corrective tools. They should be spot applied to problem areas using a fine brush and spread on the skin with patting movements of the fingers.
  2. Foundation. Coverage tone needs to capture not only the Central part of the face, but also spread to the neck, the area around the ears, the upper part of the neckline.
    Careful feathering of the borders of application of the cream – the basic rule of a successful makeup.
  3. Powder. It is preferable to use a light loose powder, which can be sculpted face, achieving amazing lifting effect. To visually tighten up loose skin, it is recommended to slightly lighten the nose, center of forehead, chin and lower eyelids. Using the powder on a darker tone is necessary to put light accents under the cheekbones and on the sides of the cheeks.
  4. Eyebrow contour. Cosmetologists recommend to use special shade or dust, but not a pencil. Using a thin brush, you need to dial a small amount, the maximum coinciding with natural eyebrow color, and to gently emphasize their natural shape, without going over the outlines and painting the visible gaps between hairs.
  5. Eyeliner. Using dark gray, black or brown contour it is necessary to fine arrow along the lash line, at the same time painting migracyjne space. The tip of the arrow must look upward and sideways. From eyeliner of the lower eyelid should be abandoned completely or restricted to a small balance of emphasis from the outer corners of the eyes.
  6. Eyeshadow. Right casual and festive makeup for women after 50 years is impossible without use matte shadows in neutral colors: beige, peach, coffee or grey. The inner area and the Central part of the upper eyelid should slightly brighten, and the external circuit – dimming, shading the shadows in the direction of the temples.
  7. Mascara. Dyeing eyelashes, preferably in a single layer, giving preference to brown or graphite colors.
  8. Blush. For age makeup makeup artists recommend to use blush pinkish-beige or light peach color. On the face of the round and triangular forms it is recommended to apply under the cheekbones and on the sides of the forehead. To disguise a heavy lower part of the face or droopy on the sides of the skin, the blush is to shift the center of the cheeks and lower boundaries.
  9. Lip liner and lipstick. The use of the pencil is necessary because with age, the lip border becomes blurred and fuzzy. The lipstick and the contour must be identical in color and possess easy texture.
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In the pursuit of beauty and youth do not get involved in decorative cosmetics, as its excessive use can get the opposite effect. It must be remembered that only light and natural make-up into adulthood is a sign of good taste.