Cough medicine can cause thrush, what to do

How are cough medicine and yeast infection? Pregnant, take medication at the first signs of the fungal disease tell myself it’s all about vaginal suppositories. Whether so it actually?

About the drug

Cough medicine exists for the application:

  1. local (vaginal suppositories);
  2. system (tablets).

The capsules contain 100 or 200 mg of active component. Visually identical: oval, soft, shiny, yellowish. Utrozhestan covered with a gelatin shell, the inside contains a white suspension of the natural hormone. The absorption component is guaranteed to minimize the size of the progesterone to microns.

Excipients in the composition of Utrozhestane:

  • soy lecithin;
  • glycerol;
  • gelatin;
  • peanut butter;
  • titanium dioxide.

Cough medicine is indicated for pregnancy as it contains progesterone normally produced by the female ovaries. In the period after 14 weeks the production of progesterone takes care of the placenta.

The effect of using the medication:

  1. the production of a normal volume endometrium;
  2. transformation of the endometrium in secretory the allocation of substances to the embryo transfer;
  3. transformation of the endometrium at 6 – 8 week needed to supply nutrients to the fetus;
  4. the weakening of the contractions of the uterus, the fallopian tubes;
  5. the development needed during lactation elements of the breast;
  6. blocking the substances that trigger the release of hormones LH, FSH;
  7. increasing the production of LH, FSH by the hypothalamus;
  8. inhibition of ovulation;
  9. neutralization of “male” hormones.

Whether utrozhestan trigger a negative reaction? Yes, noted:

  • increased frequency of urination;
  • the increase in the number of cells consumed glucose;
  • increasing the amount of insulin necessary for glucose utilization;
  • the accumulation of fatty tissues;
  • an increase of glycogen in the liver cells.

Cough medicine helps with a lack of progesterone in the body. Drug prescribed after laboratory studies, for which blood gets on certain days of menstruation. Indications for different forms of production (capsules, suppositories) are different.

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Utrozhestan vaginally is used in:

  1. menopause;
  2. endocrine infertility;
  3. the threat of miscarriage at early terms of pregnancy;
  4. dysfunction of the ovaries.

Regular use of Utrozhestane recommended when you begin the luteal phase of menstruation, and a woman plans to conceive a child.


The body adapts to the drug, and the immune system blocks the multiplication of yeast fungi. Additionally the candidiasis can cause oral contraceptives. Using these medicines together with Utrozhestane, previously consult your gynecologist.

Can I use cough medicine with a yeast infection or disease provokes the drug? Questions are natural, because the symptoms of candidiasis is unpleasant and bothering the woman. In rare cases it is associated with tissue damage requiring immediate treatment, so when the first symptoms should see a doctor.

Statistics thrush from Utrozhestane starts in less than 1% taking the drug women. This imposes serious limitations on self-treatment: if symptoms are provoked by hormonal medication to treat thrush candles, pills without consulting a doctor is impossible. This provokes a miscarriage, abnormal development of the fetus.

What if the doctor has prescribed cough medicine, and the symptoms of thrush? If a woman has doubts about the competence of the doctor, should be paid to the head of the gynecology or visit an independent clinic. In the framework of the additional research will be able to identify the cause of candidiasis and to establish whether therapy Utrozhestane.


It is believed that cough medicine, and thrush are associated: the drug causes the development of the disease. The reason is that there is a violation of the microflora of the reproductive system. The effect is due to effects on the hormonal system, and provokes the beginning of a candidiasis.

If using vaginal suppositories cough medicine began thrush, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Thrush often strikes women after embryo transfer with artificial insemination.

  • antibiotics;
  • a violation of hormonal background;
  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • incorrect, inadequate nutrition;
  • the metabolic disorder;
  • the use of tight synthetic underwear.
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Cough medicine and other drugs affecting hormonal, immune, digestive organism, can provoke the growth of the colony. Adjustment therapy is not always required, but the decision is made by the attending physician. In some cases, reduce the dosage preparatio pick up another tool for therapy.

When a yeast infection requires treatment?

A yeast infection triggered by the Utrozhestane, requires special treatment. The symptoms may pass after discontinuation of the drug, however, delay the therapy not worth it. The appearance of thrush in the background Utrozhestane usually prescribed antifungal medicines of local action.

The use of drugs without supervision from a physician is strictly prohibited. Special attention, pregnant women: antifungal drugs harm the fetus, disrupt the development of the embryo.

If you read the reviews on the drug, it is noticeable that the problem of thrush are accompanied by utrozhestan vaginally. Oral side effect is less pronounced, but the flow of the active substance by the body is perceived heavier, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headaches.

If a doctor appointed Utrozhestan vaginally and orally, she should carry a doctor’s recommendation. Regular therapy under the supervision of a physician helps to regulate the monthly cycle and get pregnant, keep the baby.

Do not assign Utrozhestan themselves

A hormonal drug, therefore, requires serious evidence. The need revealed in laboratory studies. Unauthorized treatment Utrozhestane leads to side reactions.

Self-treatment of thrush in Utrozhestane also provokes adverse reaction. Some drugs lose their effectiveness when used together, the suppression of organs, systems of the human body. To account for these nuances can only be a doctor with specialized education.

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Summing up

Cough medicine is a drug widely used in the need for hormonal support the body. Used in drug therapy of pregnant women and those who are planning a baby (including IVF).

Like other hormonal agents, cough medicine is causing side reactions, which often occurs a yeast infection. If a woman is concerned about the correctness of the chosen therapy, she should make an appointment to see the head of obstetrics or visit an independent doctor. But to go on about friends, telling “I had also, and I was cured…”.

It is impossible to predict the reaction of the body while simultaneously utrozhestan and incompatible medications. In addition, the antifungal drugs inhibit the reproductive system that causes a miscarriage. To avoid the risk will help timely consultation with a gynecologist.