Cough medicine during pregnancy

Progesterone is a very important hormone involved in conception of the child. If the female body produces enough, you ovulate, fertilization could not occur. During pregnancy the amount of progesterone in your blood increases, this is the main factor in the maintenance of pregnancy. With a shortage of this hormone are prescribed a progestogen analogues of natural progesterone.

General information

Cough medicine is a drug of plant origin. When applied correctly, utrozhestan will fix the stalemate in infertility and speed up the process of conception.

The doctor decides to accept utrozhestan during pregnancy. It is necessary to confirm the lack of progesterone laboratory studies.

Cough medicine is not only involved in the conception of a child, but are appointed with the support of an already existing pregnancy. The drug is assigned when threatened and the beginning of the miscarriage, and allows to prolong the pregnancy until 14 – 16 weeks until production of progesterone in the placenta.

Cough medicine is appointed:

  1. in the absence of a yellow body;
  2. at deficiency of progesterone for infertility;
  3. to support fertilization IVF (in vitro fertilization);
  4. with infertility on the background of endocrine disorders;
  5. when fibrocystic mastopathy;
  6. with the threat of interruption of pregnancy;
  7. at the onset of miscarriage;
  8. in severe PMS and menstrual irregularities;
  9. as HRT (hormone replacement therapy) in premenopause.

The use of the drug in premenopausal women is given in conjunction with estrogen therapy.

  • Observed lethargy and dizziness (may appear immediately after ingestion).
  • Shortened or lengthened menstrual cycle.
  • Spotting between periods.
  • Developing amenorrhea (absence of menstruation).
  • The problems come from the digestive tract and other internal organs.
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Candles are less likely to cause such side effects, they are very soft on the body, quickly absorbed into the bloodstream without disrupting vital organs.

You should read the contraindications of this drug, ignoring them may lead to unintended consequences:

  • allergic reaction;
  • uterine bleeding of unknown origin;
  • lactation;
  • III trimester of pregnancy;
  • malignant tumors of the mammary glands, uterus or appendages;
  • thrombosis and inclination to them;
  • abortion in the course and incomplete abortion.

Cough medicine may be designated in parallel with other progestogen preparations. Overdose is not currently identified.

Special instructions

Apply utrozhestan during pregnancy and possible only under a doctor’s supervision. The self is not to achieve the expected results, spend time, or even worsen the present condition.

Cough medicine has the ability to depress the nervous system and, thereby, reduces the concentration, while taking doctors strongly recommend to give up driving a car.

From the reproductive system a side effect may be bleeding.

Release form

  1. Rounded, the dosage is 100 mg.
  2. Oval, a dosage of 200 mg.


Application of utrozhestane when planning and during pregnancy, depending on the duration and severity of the pathological process. The dosage prescribed by a doctor, as the instruction manual only shows General rules of application.

  1. Premenstrual syndrome, mastopathy in premenopausal women require the appointment of the drug per day 200 – 300 mg 16 to 25 days cycle.
  2. For the luteal phase, when conducting in vitro fertilization, the capsules are prescribed to drink on 200 mg 4 times a day until the twentieth week of pregnancy.
  3. If there is insufficient progesterone utrozhestan assigned to 200 mg once a day until day 14 of the menstrual cycle, 15 to 25 day dose is administered in double dosage, candles are early morning and late evening. 26th day in the presence of pregnancy, the dose is 3 suppositories per day. The course of treatment lasts up to 14 – 16 weeks.
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Tablets are taken inside, washed down with water. In the event of toxemia method of admission change in vaginal. Candles are introduced in the supine position for the night.

To cancel utrozhestan during pregnancy should be gradually. The dose every 3 days, reduce by 50 mg. Abrupt cessation of hormonal drugs can lead to miscarriage.

The antiseptic and cough medicine

Duphaston and cough medicine are hormone drugs are analogues. The active ingredient of each drug is progesterone. Both drugs have disadvantages. The main during pregnancy and isolated due to the lack of such side effects as drowsiness or weakness. Utrozhestan convenient form of output: candles and pills.

What to assign the main or utrozhestan solves only a professional doctor. Correct dosage and dosage regimen allows to achieve maximum efficiency and reduces the risk of serious side effects. The abolition of the drug appoint a doctor, based on the General condition of the patient.