Crack on labia, treatment of the skin in the intimate area of women

If a woman feels discomfort, it suffers discomfort in the bikini area, one of the reasons can be cracks on labia. To confirm the diagnosis you need to consult a doctor. These symptoms indicate serious disease, which progresses in a woman’s body. Doctors strongly recommend not to ignore this condition, it can be triggered by various infections.

When the skin of the labia crack, we can not say that it is a separate disease, and occurs by itself. If you take care of yourself, and begin treatment at the appearance of first signals, you can quickly get rid of the problem. Otherwise, the location of cracks will appear calloused education, to treat which will be long.

Itching and peeling of the labia are also symptoms of this disease. Appear redness, skin peeling and it brings great discomfort to the girl.

The causes of cracks

There are many different causes of this kind of damage. They are divided into external and internal.

The external factors include:

  1. Hygienic – when a woman’s not watching over its purity.
  2. The use of cosmetic products for intimate areas. In reasonable quantities they help to care for the skin, but if you get carried away and continuously in large quantities to use them, it can hurt.
  3. Synthetic. Mucous membranes should not be in constant contact with synthetic materials. One such example may be the continuous use of panty liners. Despite their name, they are intended for use in the period before menstruation and after to their unexpected appearance, did not bring discomfort and problems. Doctors recommend to wear clothes made of natural fabrics.
  4. Mechanical impact. Cracks in the intimate area can occur during childbirth. During sex, if you use poor quality condoms and lubricants (there is a risk of allergies), when the partners simultaneously engaging in anal and vaginal sex, the bacteria in large quantities get into the vagina.
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Internal causes of cracks:

  1. Reaction to the medication. Cracks in the intimate area appear during the use of ointments or gels, hormonal or bacterial drugs. In this case, the problem disappears by itself if you stop using the tool.
  2. Different disease, not necessarily venereal. All diseases that provoke hormonal fluctuations, fungal infections on the body, ringworm, diabetes.
  3. Predisposition to the problem. Is the percentage of women who regularly suffer the disease for no apparent reason.
  4. Any disease due to which there is a dryness of the mucous membranes, can cause cracking.

Diagnosis and treatment of the disease

Test is conducted by a gynecologist. To put this diagnosis is easy, treatment is sufficient externally inspect the skin and to the comments of the patient.

To establish the reasons need to be tested for the presence of infection, to do a blood test to take the study of feces.

Treatment is aimed at improving the condition of the patient. This cropped symptoms and clean fissures of the labia.

In some cases, appoint a small operation to remove crazing (using the laser) under General or local anesthesia.

The doctor prescribes medication. It includes drugs to strengthen the immune system, enrich body with vitamins. Use of drugs local action, and different ointments. We must not forget about hygiene, during treatment it is important. Preferably this period of wearing underwear made of natural fibers, to monitor the purity of small and large labia, to completely abandon the chemicals they can irritate.

If the cause of genital cracks were infectious diseases, emphasis should be placed on elimination of the pathogen. After confirming the causes, the doctor will prescribe the necessary antibiotics. Need and antiseptics which disinfect wounds and promote healing, most often used vaginal suppositories.

The fungal nature of the cracks treated with a special antifungal drugs local action. At the same time, doctors recommend to restore and strengthen the intestinal flora and the immune system probiotics.

Vaginal dysbiosis is one of the reasons for the cracking of the labia. In this case, it is necessary to treat all the inflammation and get rid of pathogenic microorganisms that accumulate on the skin. This will help different drugs with beneficial bacteria.

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Traditional methods of treatment

Like other diseases, fractures treated with folk remedies. It is important to know and understand that without the advice of a doctor and medicine will be difficult to get rid of this problem, or this process can take a long time. But before visiting medical institutions, you can try yourself to relieve the pain and soften the crust, which was formed on the skin. This will help the ointment or any other means of local action, emollient and antiseptic effect. A remarkable effect is given a bath with various herbs.

Treatment is aimed at:

  • the strengthening of the immune system that the body it was easier to deal with pathogenic organisms;
  • getting rid of bad breath, which emerge from abundant vaginal discharges

Ointments on the basis of boron lubricate the small cracks. Make lotions and compresses on the basis of novocaine. Good help decoction of chamomile and calendula. Tincture of calendula women often use for the treatment of genital microtrauma.

To prepare the tincture easy. Have enough dried calendula flowers or infusion pharmacy. You need to mix a spoon of dried flowers with boiled water (70 ml), in the same proportions mixed in the plant extract. Then the mixture is poured with boiling water and simmer until half the liquid evaporates. The ready solution must be filtered and cooled. Lotions do 1 time a day.

Pretty good reviews received tincture of dandelion root and yarrow. The preparation of such funds be dried and powdered dandelion root to connect with a decoction of yarrow, which is prepared beforehand (1 tsp to 1 tbsp of boiling water). Drink this mixture half an hour before meals twice a day. If you are allergic to plants, take a decoction impossible.

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Preserve the beauty of the intimate zone!

Health and comfort are the important components of a happy and carefree life of every woman. If a woman has the discomfort associated with the peeling of the outer labia, this is poud to go to the doctor. Otherwise, the skin condition will deteriorate which will affect your mood and sex life.