Cyst of the cervix: symptoms, how to treat, the causes of

On the background of hormonal imbalance in women on the cervix can occur cyst. Differently it is called Nabatova or retention. Statistics show that one in five women aged 23-45 years of suffering from this disease, and the disease is often diagnosed in giving birth.

Statistics show that one in five women aged 23-45 years of suffering from this disease

Features of the disease

The cervix has a cylindrical shape. In the center is the entrance that leads to the cervical canal. Inside it is covered with a single layer of cylindrical epithelium, containing a huge amount of glands. Thanks to them, there is a development of special secret. The outside of the cervix covered with stratified squamous epithelium but without glands. Near the cervical canal, closer to the entrance, is the transformation zone, which is centered between the two types of epithelium. Here is the formation of precancerous and cancerous diseases.

The main factor which causes the development of cysts of the cervix is the presence of an inflammatory process. Its occurrence is usually associated with infection and the consequence of injuries during childbirth, abortion, and in the process of conducting gynecological examinations using special tools.

Despite the fact that this cyst is not dangerous for women and almost gives her discomfort, this pathology cannot be ignored. Education cystic nature – a perfect breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms. As a result, women may experience recurrent inflammatory processes not only in the region of the cervix but also in other reproductive organs. And this often leads to ectopic pregnancy and infertility. That is why treatment should start as early as possible.

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Киста шейки матки: симптомы, как лечиться, причины возникновения

The presence of cysts sometimes cause ectopic pregnancy or infertility


Symptoms if the cyst of the cervix is not observed. The existence of such entities does not lead to the menstrual cycle and does not cause bleeding in the period that does not coincide with menstruation.

A cyst is usually detected during a pelvic examination. In some cases to confirm the diagnosis and for the sake of completeness of pathology requires ultrasound or colposcopy.

In identifying Nabatova cysts, additionally appointed testing that will help to understand whether there has been infection of the cervix or vagina. If confirmed the assumption on account of infection, microscopy is carried out for a study of the vaginal smear is taken.

Despite the fact that the symptoms of the cysts occur infrequently, yet some violations must be alerted:

  • bleeding that is not associated with menstruation;
  • periodic pain in the groin area for no reason;
  • soreness and discomfort during intercourse.

Киста шейки матки: симптомы, как лечиться, причины возникновения

Periodic pain in the groin for no reason can indicate the presence of cysts

Externally, the cyst of the cervix has the appearance of a compacted circular formation of white or yellow. Usually its diameter is less than 2 cm most Often it are diagnosed with multiple cysts.

Clear symptoms of the disease may occur only in the secondary phase of its existence. And such signs as vomiting, fever and bleeding should not be ignored. Timely treatment will prevent undesirable consequences.

There are cases when the cyst gets too large. Here the symptoms do not play a special role. A characteristic feature of the running of the cyst is symmetrical or asymmetrical enlargement of the abdomen. And inaction in this case may lead to malfunctioning of other organs.

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To prevent such problems, you should be aware of preventive measures, which consist in personal hygiene and periodic gynecological examinations. If worrying symptoms, it is better to share your feelings with your doctor. A qualified technician will help to understand the current situation and determine the cause of the problem in the female body. In accordance with the received data he will select the appropriate treatment.

Киста шейки матки: симптомы, как лечиться, причины возникновения

If worrying symptoms, it is better to share your feelings with your doctor

In identifying cysts treatment is based on the standard approach, which consists of two stages:

  • the emptying of the cavity of the cyst from the secret by perforation with subsequent drainage;
  • moxibustion devastated cystic cavity by laser, liquid nitrogen, radio-wave apparatus.
  • The treatment is carried out at any convenient day, but three days before and after menstruation it is better to cancel all therapeutic measures. Cryosurgery, which involves the use of liquid nitrogen is the most preferred procedure. This treatment avoids scarring on the cervix.

    If we are talking about laser therapy, this procedure is very painful. This is due to the fact that during the operation to stop the bleeding prizhivayutsya vessels. This treatment is suitable only for nulliparous women.

    If the cyst was discovered during pregnancy, treatment by surgery is not possible. And there are a few reasons:

    • cystic education does not prevent pregnancy;
    • the disease usually proceeds without complications.

    Киста шейки матки: симптомы, как лечиться, причины возникновения

    Cystic formation does not prevent carrying a child

    Removal of tumors is carried out in the period, when finally stops to stand out from the vagina so-called lochia. Treatment is usually carried out after the fortieth day after birth.

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    After the surgery may experience symptoms such as pain in the lower abdomen or highlight yellow. Not to worry, because this is a normal reaction of the body. Similar phenomena disappear on their own within 1-2 months.