Cystitis in menopause treatment drugs, ways of dealing with illness

Over time, the body of any person undergoing restructuring, slow metabolism. Women middle-aged peculiar to the extinction of reproductive functions. In medicine this period is called the menopause. All is good, but sometimes the wrong observance of basic rules can lead to problems, including not rare is cystitis during menopause. Drugs designed to eliminate such unpleasant symptoms exist, only need to choose the right.

Cystitis in menopause can be overcome with medication

Basic terminology

In science, cystitis refers to the inflammation of the urinary tract caused by a certain kind of infection. Infection by bacteria may occur as a result of:

  • non-observance of rules of hygiene;
  • using the wrong underwear;
  • sexual intercourse;
  • previously suffering ureoplazmoz, gonorrhoea, etc.

The main thing you need to pay attention to is the fact that inflammatory processes in the body begin to occur during the weakening of the immune system. This is because the antibodies do not have time to attack the bacteria, and those, getting into a favorable environment, begin to proliferate, releasing toxins. They cause damage to the mucous membranes of the organs, discomfort and pain, including:

  • frequent urge for evacuation;
  • painful urination;
  • burning sensation in the genital area;
  • specific, cloudy urine color and pungent smell;
  • pain in the lower abdomen and lower back.

To make a diagnosis and prescribe drugs that can cure the illness, only the attending physician based on medical evaluation and test results.

Цистит при климаксе лечение препараты, способы борьбы с недугом

Abdominal pain may indicate cystitis

Terrible cystitis

Some diseases are able to progress, to go on the running stage, becomes chronic. Cystitis is no exception. It is therefore important to identify such changes in the early stages, passing periodic examinations to complete treatment. Some people take drugs only partially (until the burning subsides). This is not true, because addressing the symptoms – not the solution.

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To understand how ugly or cystitis, it is necessary to determine its stage. If you have time to bethink and to carry out a full treatment, then fear is not necessary, but in the case of an acute and chronic form, will need a thorough examination. The fact that such a small irritation of the bladder mucosa caused by bacteria, can provoke an extensive inflammatory process, to eliminate that it is sometimes quite difficult.

It should be noted that cystitis can be avoided. For this you just need to follow the rules of personal hygiene (especially for women), manipulations, cleansing of the genitals after using the toilet to produce in the right way to choose comfortable underwear breathable materials timely change sanitary facilities.

Цистит при климаксе лечение препараты, способы борьбы с недугом

Underwear made of natural fabrics — a good prevention of cystitis

Cystitis, and menopause – true friends

Menopause is the period of fading of reproductive function of the female body. Scientists have proved that in this period the beautiful half of humanity experiencing stress, notes the decline in immunity. This explains why diseases caused by various bacteria, persecuted ladies in such a delicate period.

Menopause is marked by the depletion of hormones, weakening of the protective functions of the organism. This is a great time to bacteriological attack.

A weak man cannot control the number of microorganisms that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract. Their number is growing and is spreading to other vital organs.

First, prevalence of intestinal parasites is of the genitourinary system (especially in women). This is caused by the anatomical feature of the body. Fact: «…the urogenital system and anus, located close to each other, this means that improper hygiene procedures, can be entered parasitic bacteria of the digestive tract to the urethra. The causative agent, getting into a favorable environment begins to actively Express their activities…». And so there is a cystitis during menopause.

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Цистит при климаксе лечение препараты, способы борьбы с недугом

The scheme of emergence of cystitis: bacteria from the rectum to fall into the bladder, where are washed at each urination

Stage of cystitis

Depending on what period has passed since the ingress of bacteria into the body, there are three stages of cystitis:

  • Catarrhal. This period is characterized by frequent urging, occur even in the absence of liquid, rare the unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen, burning during urination, lower part of the bladder becomes thin, becomes reddish, visible with careful examination. Early treatment can eliminate to bring and not allow the disease to move to the next stage.
  • Interstitial. Advanced stage, to identify which is quite simple: in the urine increased content of leukocytes, the color of the liquid is turbid, there is a sharp smell, genitals sore, bruised. The pain of a permanent nature, with rare stitching spasms. The treatment started at this stage, will help to ease the condition, to resolve discomfort and keep working the urogenital system.
  • Chronic. During this period, is the destruction of the bladder mucosa, a violation of its structure, the extinction of the functions, therefore the incontinence is the main symptom indicating the onset of this stage.
  • Цистит при климаксе лечение препараты, способы борьбы с недугом

    Chronic cystitis characterized by constant incontinence

    Ways of elimination of the disease

    Cystitis during menopause and not just be treated by using special hormonal medicines, the choice of which depends on the stage of neglect of the disease. The easiest treatment is in identifying the catarrhal form. In this case, the specialist offers the use of creams, suppositories, ointments, incorporating the estrogen.

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    Slightly more complicated is the case more neglected inflammation. Once at the interstitial stage there is a partial destruction of the mucous membrane, it is necessary to connect the hormonal, analgesic, antispasmodic. Treatment may appoint a doctor, because he knows the cause of the disease, causative agent and characteristics of the patient (the likelihood of allergic reactions to components of the therapeutic material).

    The threat – the approach of the last stage, because there is the destruction of important elements of the whole system, failures in its work. Hormonal substances in this case will not help, so the treatment of incontinence is surgical and to eliminate discomfort and control of pathogens of suitable antibacterial agents.

    The result is obvious: the climax – not an easy period in a woman’s life. In addition to hormonal changes, mood swings is the weakening of protective functions of the body, the consequence of which may become inflammation, including cystitis. If you have any symptoms or discomfort, you should immediately contact the clinic and proceed to the designated procedures.