Cysts of the endocervix of the uterus cervix: symptoms, treatment

A cyst formed in endocervix, like any other cyst is a bubble round a body, filled with liquid with different etymology. Endocervix is the internal surface of the uterus, and its mucous membrane, malfunction of the glands of the cervical canal leads to the formation of cysts on its surface.

Cyst in endocervix inside fluid-filled

Education, research cysts of the endocervix of the uterus cervix

Gynecological tumors, to a greater extent asymptomatic, which makes them hidden enemies of the female body. A cyst is a disease caused by a specific failure in a woman’s body, and depending on the source of localization of the disease, it is possible to determine what was the cause of the failure and determine the appropriate treatment.


The formation of cysts of the endocervix and its development are asymptomatic for most patients, but some differences from the normal functioning of the body can help in the early diagnosis of the disease:

  • the feeling of pressure and fullness, heaviness lower abdomen and the vagina-a sense of presence of a foreign body;
  • pain of the lower abdomen, nagging and dull pain;
  • spotting not related to menstruation, the cause of which is not clear;
  • when narrowing of the cervical canal observed changes in the menstrual cycle, as well as the nature and amount of menstrual flow.

Кисты эндоцервикса на шейке матки: симптомы, лечение

The cyst provokes a failure of the menstrual cycle

The reasons for the formation

The reasons for the occurrence of cysts in the uterine epithelium may be several:

  • after surgical healing and pokerside recovery cervical;
  • multiple proliferation of endometrial cells and their penetration into the uterine cavity;
  • inflammation of the appendages, ovaries and cervix;
  • the obstruction of the fallopian ducts;
  • the use of the spiral, complicated by a viral disease (which leads to the ingress of infection in the uterus).
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The manifestation of any signs of endocervicosis, and any discomfort in the pelvic organs, a woman should immediately seek help from a qualified technician. Only an experienced gynecologist will be able to prescribe the right treatment and avoid possible complications.

Кисты эндоцервикса на шейке матки: симптомы, лечение

Diagnosis of cyst starts with a full inspection at the gynecologist

Diagnostics for determining the presence of cysts of the endocervix into the uterine cavity is performed in several stages:

  • the doctor will conduct a comprehensive gynecological examination with the use of gynecological mirrors (if more detailed research is required, the inspection is carried out using a colposcope);
  • not to manage and without ultrasound, only study of this type is able to show a clear clinical picture of the disease and to give an idea about the exact size and characteristics of the structure of organs of small pelvis of the patient;
  • the purpose of the tests on the tumor and cancer markers;
  • smear test Papanicolaou (PAP);
  • smear for the presence of fungal and infectious diseases.
  • If a detailed examination revealed cysts of the endocervix is lined with the entire surface of the uterus, and do not bring discomfort to the woman, surgical and medical intervention is not required.

    Such multiple presence allows the woman to not only live life to the fullest, but to carry the child without risk of harm to the fetus.

    Кисты эндоцервикса на шейке матки: симптомы, лечение

    To diagnose cysts need to take a swab for fungal infection

    Treatment of cysts of the endocervix

    If the patient has a single tumor is observed in the layer of the endocervix cervix, and does not interfere with the normal rhythm of life, in this case the treatment is not assigned.

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    After a thorough examination, the doctor may decide to remove a cyst from cervical canal of the cervix if:

    • the tumor is multiple in nature;
    • if the lesion is localized in the vaginal portion of the cervix;
    • if there is a degeneration of the tumors into malignant;
    • the tumor interferes with the normal flow of life of the patient, discomfort, disrupts the menstrual cycle and has a pronounced pain syndrome with localization of the pelvic organs, hormonal treatment does not give results.

    Кисты эндоцервикса на шейке матки: симптомы, лечение

    Surgery is reserved in rare cases

    There are several methods of removing the endocervix of the uterus cervix:

    • radiosurgical method in which the puncture of the bubble of the cyst and drainage (outflow) of fluid through the drainage tube. With this method of removal, a shell pierced the cyst remains in the tissue of the endocervix of the uterus and is not output to the outside;
    • cryotherapy. If the localization of the cyst is found in the deep tissues of the cervical canal of the cervix, the method of cryotherapy is most effective. Treatment consists of removing the cyst with liquid nitrogen. With the help of special instrument the cyst is the impact of low temperatures;
    • surgery, is appointed in rare cases, and only if the disease is aggravated by the presence of inflammation or tumors;
    • the method of removing moles with a laser. This type is used in the presence of cysts on the cervix closer to the vagina. Tumors are well detected during a gynecological examination with mirrors;
    • the RF type. This type is used for complete removal of the cyst. The treatment of such type is performed under local anesthesia.
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    Upon successful completion of any of these methods, the doctor prescribes further medication, which should prevent a relapse.

    Treatment of folk remedies is not recommended, as it can lead to rupture of tumors and peritonitis.