Dangerous ovarian cyst: causes, treatment

A cyst is a neoplasm which is a thin bubble object filled with liquids of different etiology. Cysts are formed in place of the degeneration of the follicle and more often than not reaches the size of fifteen centimeters.

A cyst is a frequent cause of treatment to the gynecologist

The reasons for the formation of ovarian cysts

Monthly healthy women of reproductive age are menstruating and ovulation occurs. During ovulation in the right or left ovary swells the follicle, which subsequently needs to form progesterone, necessary for the movement of the egg from the ovary into the uterine space.

If the follicle becomes overripe and no time to burst, it is reborn as a cyst filled with follicular fluid. How dangerous is ovarian cyst and how to treat this disease will be able to identify only a doctor. Therapy program is made individually, taking into account all characteristics of the organism of the patient.

Опасна ли киста яичника: причины возникновения, лечение

Not the bursting of the follicle are transformed into a cyst

Types of tumors

Ovarian cysts can be of different etiology and be divided into:

  • Follicular formed during the maturation of the follicle on the body right or left ovary during ovulation. The cyst increases, and can create a barrier to the release of the egg, but also it may spontaneously disappear during the next menstrual period.
  • A functional cyst. If we are talking about functional cyst, then much more complicated. The functional cyst is formed on the same principle as the follicular, but its development there is an increase of the follicle and proliferation of the corpus luteum. In this case, the cyst is called «yellow body.»
  • Hemorrhagic cyst. This neoplasm is said about its contents in the title. Of over ripeness of the follicle and the formation of the yellow body color, inside of bubble formation torn blood vessels. Which leads to the appearance of blood in cysts, and the tumor looks like a red or brown bag. Symptoms of such cysts in women, characterized by sharp pains in lower abdomen and lower back.
  • Dizontogeneticheskie tumor. A cyst of this type is formed during the period when the ovaries have their greatest activity — puberty.
  • The tumor, which has grown into a tumor. This cyst leads to the formation of cancer cells and subsequent occurrence of ovarian cancer.
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Опасна ли киста яичника: причины возникновения, лечение

The functional cyst, also called a cyst of the corpus luteum

The reasons for the formation of cysts on the surface of the ovaries

Scientists agree that one of the main reasons affecting the formation of cysts on the surface of the ovaries in women is hormonal changes. Hormonal failure could provoke a large number of diseases, and often these diseases are reproductive system women.

Another reason for the occurrence of cysts is the body’s programmed cell death (apoptosis).

Most often the occurrence of ovarian cyst (right or left) associated with menstruation, therefore, occurs in women in reproductive age. But in spite of this, perhaps the manifestation of tumors and menopause.

Therefore, there were several reasons for the appearance of tumors in a woman’s body:

  • Stress. He is able not only to destroy the nervous system of women, but to provoke the emergence of complicated gynecological diseases.
  • Violation of the menstrual cycle. Irregular periods can be a cause of the disease and indicate occurrence of reproductive disorders.
  • Hormonal disruptions. Any violation in the production of sex hormones cause an immediate response of the body. The appearance of tumors evidence.
  • The tumor in the stage of relapse.
  • The use of antagonists of estrogen to treat breast cancer or other diseases of the reproductive function in women.
  • The inability to become pregnant for a long period.
  • Smoking and excessive consumption of toxic substances.
  • Obesity any stage.
  • Inflammatory disease.
  • Опасна ли киста яичника: причины возникновения, лечение

    Obesity and overeating provoke the development of cysts

    Causes of cysts of the left and right ovary

    In addition to the known causes of cysts of the ovary, their localization in the left or right ovary is dependent on certain conditions.

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    The ovarian cyst in women of reproductive age and in menopause may be due to inflammation of the intestine is completely or its separate segments, the cause of the inflammation can be unclear. Colitis can cause the tumor on the left ovary, in view of the proximity to the pelvic organs, they have the histological influence on each other. The distribution of pathology is possible in both directions, so you should consider this factor in the differential diagnosis of the left or right ovary.

    If to learn more about the mechanisms of occurrence of tumors of the right ovary, they can arise as a consequence of surgery. Appendectomy is one of the main contributing factors in the formation of the cyst the right ovary.

    Опасна ли киста яичника: причины возникновения, лечение

    Colitis can be a cause of ovarian cysts

    Symptoms and signs of tumors

    Causes of ovarian neoplasms may be different, in most cases, if the tumors they appeared asymptomatic. But if these bubbles cause discomfort to the woman, the symptoms may be the following:

    • Acute pain in the abdomen. Pain can be both acute and very strong, violate the habitual course of a woman’s life.
    • The strong gravity and the clenching sensation in the region of the lower abdomen.
    • Irregular periods.
    • During bowel movements a woman may feel severe pain.
    • Pain in the vagina during intercourse and spotting between periods.

    There are symptoms that indicate that you should immediately consult a doctor:

    • Heavy bleeding during menstruation and uterine bleeding.
    • Fatigue and dizziness. General weakness.
    • A high body temperature.

    Remember, if a woman has manifested any symptoms of the presence of tumors in the body, you should immediately consult a doctor. After all, any tumor, the symptoms of which you are trying to stop local, can lead to serious consequences. Appeal to professionals in this case, may be the only correct way.

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    Опасна ли киста яичника: причины возникновения, лечение

    High temperature and fatigue can be caused by a cyst


    Treatment of tumors is performed in several ways, the most effective of them is the method of laparoscopy.

    Laparoscopy combined with medication, is able to fully arrest the symptoms of the disease and to help the woman again to feel good.

    Drug treatment is the use of drugs aimed at restoring hormonal levels that allow follicular neoplasm disappear naturally after a few cycles.

    Laparoscopy is used as in the case of emergency intervention and planned. When you break the bag with the liquid, the use of laparoscopy can help to prevent the development of peritonitis and further complications.

    Surgical treatment is required if the tumors are multiple and threaten the woman’s ability to conceive.

    If you have symptoms of having ovarian cysts, you should immediately consult a specialist. The doctor, having examined you, primarily, will be able to prescribe an appropriate treatment. Sometimes, the use of medication treatment is enough. If you want surgical treatment, the patient can prescribe preoperative hormonal therapy.

    Without the help of qualified professionals, treatment, which you assign yourself will only bring you harm. Keep this in mind and do not delay a visit to the doctor.