Diet for women over 60

The dream of a beautiful and slim figure, the fairer sex can become a reality if you follow certain rules and guidelines that without harm for health will help to get rid of unwanted pounds. To engage their body and to decide what diet is after 60 years a woman will bring it back to normal, it’s never too late. Proper nutrition will help to keep the femininity and attractiveness is not based on age.

Changes in a woman’s body in old age

The woman’s body closer to old age undergoes several changes. It becomes impossible to stop the aging process, the intensity of which is directly connected with life’s: absence of harmful habits, physical activity, a competent skin care face and body. The fundamental point is the daily mood, amount of stress and depressivnyj States.

A woman’s body after age 60 is subject to the following modifications:

  • Cleansing of the body happens slowly, disturbed digestion and metabolism.
  • Increases the risk of chronic pathology of the digestive tract.
  • Body weight increases due to a buildup of fatty deposits, eliminate which is quite difficult.
  • A fundamental change in lifestyle leads to less activity, the result of a woman’s body undergoes diverse diseases.
  • Is the accumulation of visceral fat.
  • Network of the connective tissue becomes less strong.
  • Decreases the activity of the processes occurring in the body.
  • Hormonal disruptions affect overall health.
  • To get rid of excess weight is not as easy as in younger years.

The main provisions of proper nutrition

After 60 years, there comes an important time in life when every woman can pay attention to how your state of health and appearance. Choosing the best option a healthy diet requires specific knowledge and capabilities.

For cooking the desired dishes must take into account the needs of the organism, but such a process takes time. You can love to eat something tasty, but exclusion from the diet of certain foods or their replacement – based diet after 60 years female:

  • To limit the consumption of confectionery and to eliminate from the diet soda and sweet drinks.
  • It is recommended to do without flour products: bread, pasta.
  • Replace fatty and fried meat with fish and seafood. As a side dish is perfect steamed vegetables, salad of fresh vegetables or fruit.
  • Strengthen bones promote dairy products, protein and curd.
  • Fiber helps to improve digestion, so diet it is advisable to include cereals, nuts and dried fruits.
  • The human body constantly feels the lack of vitamins and nutrients, so you should consume fruits and vegetables in large quantities.
  • Easy digestion of food will help the principle of fractional power.
  • At the age of 60 years should monitor the calories and reduce portions.

To bring the body to the feeling of hunger is not recommended. Any such diet can harm the health of women and lead to negative consequences.

Approximate nutrition for women after 60 years:

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Attempts to improve the condition can result in the development of serious diseases. Therefore, when choosing a diet special attention should be paid after 60 years old woman eat the following foods:

  • Fruits, berries, fresh vegetables, nuts and dried fruits.
  • Green tea with lemon or lime juice, coffee substitute natural juice and compote.
  • During snacks instead of sandwiches to cook light and healthy salad.
  • Dinner should consist of foods that contain protein.
  • The daily rate is about 2000 calories.
  • To drink a sufficient amount of vegetable fats.
  • Be aware of the necessary quantity of water consumed per day – about 2 liters.

The basis for normalization of most processes in the body is the movement. Jogging, exercises and yoga will allow you to forget about stress, speed up metabolism and increase metabolism.

Approximate daily menu

Breakfast Lunch Afternoon tea Dinner
Salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, dressed with olive oil Steamed vegetables Carrot salad Curd, cheese
Boiled eggs Greek salad Fruit salad, filled with low-fat yogurt A serving of chicken or cod steamed broccoli
Curd with low-fat, sour cream, natural yoghurt Chicken breast baked in the oven or serving of grilled salmon Green Apple, orange A serving of nonfat yogurt
Green Apple Boiled rice and a side of fish Nuts Apple, grapefruit
Bread Citrus fruits Dried fruits Carrot salad
Green tea, lemon juice, coffee with milk, broth hips Orange juice, natural compote Mineral water, black tea with lemon A glass of clean water, herbal tea

Between meals must be a break, during which you should drink a glass of pure non-carbonated water to improve digestion.

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Exercise to help weight loss

An active lifestyle is an integral part of the process of losing weight for all ages. To expose the human body stress in the elderly requires special care. Go to the gym or to do fitness I agree not all women at the age of 60 years, therefore it is necessary beforehand to consult a specialist before taking serious measures to get rid of excess weight.

To maintain control of each step done by many nutritionists recommend to make the choice to walk with the pedometer. The load has its own rules and set limits that you need to ask the experts and to discuss in advance how much you must do steps a day.

In the summer, perfect for a walk or a light jog in the Park. Jogging workout helps burn excess calories that could accumulate during the previous day. The main thing, correctly to learn to combine diet with similar loads.

Yoga and morning gymnastics will only benefit the woman’s body during weight loss. When sparing mode power supply, be sure to remember that a positive mood in all endeavors is the key to a positive result. Inner state of a person largely affects his health and physical attitude improves tone and activation of most processes in the body.

Effective tips on losing weight without harm to health

Not much to say about the right approach to getting rid of body fat, to achieve the maximum effect happens when there is motivation and compliance with the following guidelines:

  • Completely revise the food included in the daily menu.
  • The process of weight loss needs to be slow.
  • For the training of the heart, maintain vision and memory necessary for regular walks in the fresh air.
  • Stick to low-calorie food, and eliminating the consumption of flour products, sweets and fatty foods.
  • Due to the fact that many older people are psychologically difficult to tolerate the process of losing weight, you should be careful of fasting days.
  • Daily drink daily intake of water and consume adequate amounts of fruits, vegetables, whole grains.
  • Before you follow the diet menu, it is strongly recommended to consult a dietitian.
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